short wedding dresses 2012 A long wedding dress is a tribute to traditions,come down to us from the past centuries, nowadays it is not an obligatory wedding attribute. And this can not fail to please modern brides, who increasingly prefer short wedding dresses. Given this, fashion designers and designers for each new season include in their collections a lot of interesting models. That's 2016 was no exception - for spring and summer brides of such outfits presented more than enough. In the new fashionable season of 2016, unusual short wedding dresses will more and more recapture the positions of traditional wedding dresses, pushing them to the background. Vivid, impressive, memorable at first sight, they emphasize the beauty of the wedding ceremony and, of course, the individuality of the "culprit" of the celebration, while ensuring the maximum attention from the guests. Every woman likes stylish and beautiful things that bring joy and cheer up. Wedding dresses of short models in 2016 will please you not only with innovation, but with a variety of choices for every taste. You will be pleasantly surprised by bold design decisions and a non-standard approach to a seemingly conservative thing, like a wedding dress. Hundreds of different models of this festive attire will not leave disappointed any future bride. The styles of short wedding dresses 2016 are so diverse that the future bride will have to spend a lot of time before she can choose her favorite model she likes. Which one should they give their preference to be irresistible at their own wedding? After all, every girl who has received the status of a bride dreams of being irresistible! That is why, on the threshold of the happiest and most exciting event in their lives, the representatives of the weaker sex so carefully and with such trepidation choose their wedding attire. short wedding dress 2012

Wedding Dresses 2016 - Beautiful Variety

Every girl wants her wedding to bespecial. Here, an individual approach and bold decisions are needed as never before. Short models of wedding dresses, designed for stylish and bold modern brides, will help to emphasize the nature of the bride and bring out the scope of everyday boredom and monotony. Short-length wedding dresses are in abundance present in the shows of famous world wedding designers. In our opinion, many of them will be able to attract the attention of brides. We offer you today a review of the most relevant styles of the spring-summer season 2016:

  • Perhaps the most interesting and unusualoptions in the coming season will be wedding dresses with a short lush skirt-tulip. In most cases, such models are made with an incredible amount of all kinds of ruches and flounces, on some of them there can be bulk flowers from the fabric.
  • No less relevant and fluffy skirt is the sun. Especially elegant and elegant look short models, decorated with folds and draperies.
  • Another popular trend of the season is shortDresses with effectively overstated waistline, with a skirt of medium length diverging from it. Such a dress can be an ideal option for a wedding for the bride in an "interesting position."
  • Also they will be able to find their admirers and fitted models - both mini and long to the knees.
  • Do not lose popularity - in any case, thisin the summer, - wedding dresses with a train. A short skirt in the front, turning into a long tail at the back - an excellent option for a bride with beautiful slender legs.
  • And one more bright trend of the wedding fashion of 2016 - dresses decorated with feathers. Today such models are very popular all over the world.

short dress for the wedding 2012

How to choose a veil and a hairstyle for a short dress?

How to behave to the brides chosen for the ceremonya short dress - to put on a veil, a diadem or make a fashionable hairstyle? With a short dress is appropriate for any of these options - it will not only beautify the hair, but also give a complete look to the image of the bride. The long veil is a traditional bridal wedding accessory - especially it looks great in combination with a short wedding dress and a beautiful long train. If you prefer a short dress with a lush skirt-tulip, then in this case you can not put on a veil. In an ensemble with such a dress, both a diadem and a coquettish hat with a veil, and a hairstyle with upturned hair or simply loose long curls look equally good. We advise you to read: