women's wedding shoes Wedding day, probably the most important day in lifeevery girl. From this day begins the life stage, which can be called the most important in life. That's why everything should be perfect, starting with hairstyles, outfits, rings, flowers and ending with a solemn mood. Women's wedding shoes are perhaps very important for creating your image, and if in the past they were hidden under a long dress, today they please us with their infinite variety - they are not ashamed to show all around. Unfortunately, wedding shoes - this is not an area in which you can show infinite imagination. The dress can be anything, but when choosing shoes, you must first think about your comfort, because you have to walk in it all day. women's wedding shoes

Fashionable wedding shoes

  • If you are planning your wedding on the seashore, which is now very fashionable, then, choosing a women's wedding shoes, it is worth considering this circumstance. On a high stud on the sand, you will not pass gracefully and beautifully, but will pull along these shoes that will not decorate you. It is best to wear ballet flats or sandals of white color, decorated with rhinestones.
  • Very fashionable this year is women's shoeswedding satin. Its only disadvantage is that it is not suitable for daily hikes or walks, as well as for work in the office, but is designed specifically for weddings or other solemn days. But having passed in such shoes from the wedding limousine to the place of your registration, you will look like a princess!
  • Not less fashionable material is lace. Perhaps due to the fact that Kate Middleton walked under the crown in lacy shoes from fashion designer Alexander McQueen, such material is today at the peak of popularity.
  • Luxurious and insanely fashionable this year -velvet aristocratic shoes. This material is today at the height of popularity and "strides" in all world collections and podiums. And why not walk in such shoes to the music of Mendelssohn, because these shoes - the most luxurious accessory that does not require any additions.
  • The novelty in the wedding fashion will be the lacquershoes in the style of the 60's and 80's of the last century. But the wedding image does not tolerate insolence and debauchery, so the styles of such shoes should be as simple as possible, light colors and are minimally decorated, because the shiny skin in itself is a smart material and perfectly complements your image.

wedding shoes

Fashionable accessories for your shoes

The most fashionable additions to wedding shoesare, of course, rhinestones. They can cover the entire surface of the shoe or be placed on straps and heels. Not less hit novelty can be considered lace, with both the main and complementary material to your shoes. Very nice additions in the form of bows, as well as various decorative flowers that will give your legs elegance and gentle femininity. Vintage has returned to fashion, so wedding shoes can be supplemented with a decoration in this style. High positions of popularity are occupied by peacock feathers, so they will be happy to add to the bouquet, hair or shoes. I would like to note that recently a fashion trend is considered to be a tandem of white wedding dress with shoes of any bright color. The most important rule that should be remembered is that shoes must necessarily be combined in color with a bouquet or ribbon on your dress, and a combination with a tie or socks of the groom is allowed. But do not choose a too-causing color, because you should look bright and extravagant, and not vulgar. The wedding day should be remembered for ever, and therefore you should try as much as possible during the preparation for the celebration. Shoes perform a very important role, because it depends on the comfort of the bride, so your shoes must be comfortable and flawless. We advise you to read: