Choosing a wedding dress The choice of a wedding dress is only half the battle withorganization of the celebration. The matter though is not that, supernatural, but how much this process is bewitched and pleasant with the excitement. After all, every girl wants to be the most charming, most charming and most beautiful on such an important holiday as her own wedding, and wants to the most beautiful and the best. But, the ovchinka is worth making, therefore without a guide to choosing dresses - not to do. Let's look at the basic styles of wedding dresses, the "Empire" style has a slightly raised waist, a cut off top and a light streaming bottom. These three qualities, united in a single whole, give the opportunity to girls of any composition, to put on this kind of creativity. An indispensable option for full ladies, as well as expectant mothers who are long term and cover the bulging tummy they just need. The presence of bulky decorations and details is an unacceptable element on the dress of the Empire style. Wedding dress "Romance". This copy refers to the traditional types of wedding dresses. It is made of a lush skirt and a top part in the form of a corset. The second name of this dress is a ball dress, received for signs of external similarity. Dresses style "romance" is an excellent option for women with slender figures of high growth. Girls of low growth are not recommended to wear it, as the appearance will be devoid of all sorts of elegance. Wedding dress in the style of "Elegant". The dress implies a combination of a narrow and long format that will fit tightly around the figure and emphasize the dignity of its possessor. But, this type is very demanding and cunning, so it requires an ideal figure, without a single flaw. It looks great with a deep neckline and a neckline on the back. The style of "Princess". This is one of the popular types of wedding dresses. For a style of this type, you need a proportional figure and a pronounced chest. A smooth bodice emphasizes the gentle image of the bride, and the flared bottom adds a touch of comfort. A special silhouette is achieved due to vertical seams, extending from the shoulders to the very bottom. A solemn outfit without frills is an ideal option for recreating a fairy-tale image. "Corset dress" - the composition includes a corset and a separate skirt. Which tightly fits the figure of a woman, thereby creating the effect of a narrow waist and a raised chest. This option will have a magnificent view of the slender brides, who have a large bust. "Practitioner". Recently, this style of wedding toilets becomes relevant for some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. "Practitioner" - absolutely universal style, it can be as a trouser suit, and any other dress. The most important thing is the correspondence to your taste and figure, the main goal, as in any other outfit, is to be the lusty beauty of all those present. Now you are aware of the information on all styles of wedding dresses, and can proceed directly to the choice of your wedding dress. We advise you to read: