wedding hats with a veil At all times, a classic headgear forThe wedding dress of the bride was veil. In our time, wedding fashion is very capricious and changeable. But no matter how it's changed, all modern designers and famous brands try to adhere to the classics when creating fashionable wedding accessories. This applies to the traditional veil, which still plays an important role in the wedding rituals and traditions. However, today every modern girl getting married can transform this traditional wedding hat a little to this or that style or even replace it with a hat, wreath or diadem. Bold and bright personalities designers offer to try on the image of the bride in the new season of stylish and original wedding hats with a veil that will become a kind of alternative to an air wedding veil. We'll talk about them today. Fashion for hats came to us from France. Once this stylish accessory was considered a luxury and was not available to every woman. In Europe, this headgear, in which only the chosen ladies could afford to appear in society, attached great importance. Nowadays, everything is much simpler: every woman has the opportunity to buy herself a fashion accessory for every taste. True in everyday life, few of the fair sex adorn themselves with hats, but in vain! Fashion designers often resort to using this stylish headdress solely for the sake of beauty and for giving perfection to this or that image.

Wedding headgear: the most current models of the current season

wedding headgear Today not every bride dreams aboutair white snow veil. However, it is still necessary to decorate the hair. Let's stop on the bonnets, which every year become more popular wedding accessories, replacing the traditional traditional veil. As for choosing a hat as a wedding headgear for a girl, on this special day you can afford to shock and surprise others. If you are dreaming on your wedding day to make indelible impressions on your relatives, friends and loved ones, and at the same time are not afraid of condemnation and misunderstanding from the older generation, you can easily choose a wedding hat with a veil, photo of different styles from new designer collections will help you to choose the most suitable model for your wedding dress. Fata, as is known, since ancient times symbolizes the purity and integrity of the newlywed. Therefore, if a girl marries a second time or is pregnant, it is better to abandon the traditional wedding headgear in 2011 in favor of a charming charming wedding hat. So, what wedding caps 2011 offer us brands with world names? Looking at the photos, the wedding headgear in the collections this year is a huge variety of fashionable hats of various shapes and styles for every taste. Which of them give your preference depends only on you. It can be like a wedding cap tablet, and an exquisite original model with a veil. In any case, in order to choose the most suitable variant of a fashionable wedding accessory, which will harmoniously be combined not only with the wedding dress, but with all manner of bride, you will have to try on not one but at least a dozen different styles of hats.

Wedding headgear: choosing a fashion accessory

The usual wedding image of the bride - a weddingdress and air veil - today is not as relevant as before. Brides increasingly prefer modern and creative wedding accessories. And the choice of such a universal wedding headgear, like a wedding hat with a veil, is not accidental: strict and coquettish, romantic and feminine at the same time, it is able to emphasize the individuality and give the bride the image of her own. Do not forget that a properly and tastefully selected wedding accessory is able to turn any girl into a real queen of the ball. How to choose the right wedding headgear for a girl? This issue on the eve of the wedding is relevant for every bride. And as practice shows, the choice of wedding accessories is not an easy task, which can mislead even the most elegant and confident women of fashion. To prevent this from happening, listen to the advice of stylists. The wedding hat 2011 must be selected taking into account several important factors: the growth and age of the girl, the style of the wedding dress and even the face shape. So, for example, brides of high growth go more wide-brimmed wedding hats with a veil: a photo of such models from the podium just proves it once again. Then, as miniature and fragile girls, it is better to choose a nice bonnet with small fields. Such a style as a wedding tablet is not for every woman. Avoid small hats should first of all owners of magnificent shapes. Girls with a thin type of face are mostly flat hats with wide margins. On full-face female representatives, wide-bridal wedding hats look very good, photos also show that the fields are often bent upwards. wedding hats photo

Wedding Hats 2011: fashion trends of the season

Choosing wedding headgear 2011, notforget to pay attention to the decor and materials from which they are made. The choice of finishes and fabrics today is very large. How not to get lost in all this splendor: mesh and lace, organza, taffeta and satin, ribbons, flowers, feathers and down, rhinestones, crystals, beads and pearls? First of all, you should not forget about the season of your wedding. If the wedding ceremony is in the cold season, a better option than a luxurious bridal hat of their fur can not be imagined. To the summer image of the bride is better to try on wedding hats with a veil, photos of the most relevant for the current season styles of stylish accessories you can find in catalogs and fashion magazines, as well as on our website. If the chosen style of the wedding hat with a veil, the photo is illustrated, will perfectly blend in with the overall image of the bride, you can not even doubt - with her help you will make a real sensation. A hat in combination with a veil always looks chic. Hat and veil are able to add elegance to the hairstyle, and at the same time give some mystery and romantic character to the image of the bride. Moreover, wedding hats: the photos you see on our website, fully fits in the folk traditions of closing the bride's face on the wedding day. Agree, wedding hats - the photo is proved - with a veil look much more interesting than without it. We advise you to read: