my husband had a girlfriend The question is whether there is a friendship between a woman andman, is analogous to the question of what was born before - a chicken or an egg. We are trying hard to solve it unequivocally. Does not work. There are many examples of the fact that representatives of different sexes, having strong marriages, are friends for many years. However, one can not guarantee that in such relations there is not even the slightest hint of a desire for intimacy. It is possible that one of the friends has no-no, and even a frivolous thought flashes. In any case, the probability of it is permissible. Therefore, women, whose spouses constantly maintain a relationship with some representative of the weaker sex, often raises the question: what if the husband had a girlfriend or was she already? And in fact, what to do and how to behave?

Married man and his girlfriends

Friendly relations between husband and anothera woman often cause us bewilderment. He, you see, constantly communicates with his unmarried girlfriend, goes with her to some events, takes with him, going with his family to a picnic, invites to anniversaries and holidays, helps her. In a word, behaves as if a friend is a close friend. And, one thing, when a faithful regularly maintains contact with his classmates or classmates. And quite another, when he is friends with the one with whom he met, being still free. In the first case, eternal conversations about Masha, Tanya, Katyusha, Lena and her presence in her house can still be understood and justified. And in the second it's a little more difficult. After all, our half was earlier in this Masha, Tanya, Katyusha or Lena in love! Even worse, when my husband suddenly had a girlfriend after the wedding. Sudden craving for communication with another young lady, of course, causes discontent and suspicion. Yes, my beloved says that this is just friendship. And that is not burdened by a family friend of his, like a woman, absolutely not interested. And he's her, like a man, too. But somehow such statements are not very hard to believe. And not because the husband is able to sleep with anyone. And because the representatives of the stronger sex are often quite naive. And representatives of the weak half of humanity often use this. No self-respecting man can refuse a woman if she asks for help. Of course, he will agree to move her furniture, to spend home late at night, to teach him how to handle a computer and so on. It's worth the lady just to ask. And how do we usually ask? Right. We use, consciously or unconsciously, the full power of our charm. A normal male reaction in this case is to render service to the poor thing, who so charmingly begs for it! And now he helped for the first time, helped a second time, helped in the third. And then it already became a habit and became almost an obligation. As a result, a man begins to perceive a woman as part of his circle of close people. He worries about what is happening in the life of a friend and how it affects herself. As for the lady, this state of affairs quite suits her. A friend is always at hand and ready to respond at the first call. Often in the depths of her soul she cherishes the hope for closer relations. Maybe it is not so. But who knows, who knows ... Well, and how to be a wife, if a husband has a girlfriend, whom he pays sometimes a considerable part of his time? The situation, I must say, is not easy. You can, of course, make scandals and put ultimatums like: "Or I, or she!" But will it work out as it should? I think no. Rather, it will. Spouse will avoid quarrels, and it is likely that one day he will decide to take a break from the conflicts with a girlfriend. She, of course, will understand, regret, warm up. And there and to a sin nearby. How can one behave in order not to let a family boat out of a friend of the blessed to the bottom? husband changed with a girlfriend

When a friend of her husband is dangerous

In general, the fact that her husband had a girlfriend orShe was already before the wedding, nothing catastrophic. Usually men do not think that by marrying, they should avoid friendship with the opposite sex. And they do not see anything wrong with maintaining friendly relations with their representatives, helping them, supporting, advising something. Therefore, it is so very nervous because of her husband's friend at once is not worth it. First you need to look at their relationship and determine their features. If there is an invisible connection between a man and a woman, it will be difficult to hide it. Such intimacy can be seen in their views on each other, in inadvertently abandoned words, in the desire even for a few minutes to remain alone, in touch. When there is something else mixed up with friendships, people have a timbre of voice when I talk. In it there are intimate intonations. No matter how carefully the husband and his girlfriend conspire, the wife will always intuitively feel that they, apart from friendship, have something else in common. The risk of such a connection between our life companion and his friend is especially great when a man has a girlfriend after his marriage. Relations with those with whom he met before the wedding, less dangerous. Such friends have known each other for a long time and know each other very well. The amorous stage is usually already passed by them and there is no return to it. If the love has passed and transformed into friendship, it is unlikely that it will ever come to life again. But still keep your hand on the pulse is necessary. Is it not enough? Sometimes, women complain that the husband has changed with a friend, with whom they are together almost from diapers. And there were no prerequisites for that ... But it happened. Well, anyway, with longtime friends of her husband still back and forth. They need to be accepted more as a vital baggage, and not as rivals. But when the faithful suddenly got a friend in the period of family life, it is alarming and makes you think. It may very well be that this woman appeared in his life for good. No, the faithful does not necessarily dream of basking in her arms. It is likely that his thoughts are pure and kind. But what ideas and goals nest in the head of a lady - is unknown. Not every young lady decides to maintain friendship with a married man without first getting to know his wife. Somehow this is not comme il faut for a lonely person - to have a friendly relationship with a family man and regularly call him and meet, not trying to get close to his wife. A woman who has nothing criminal on her mind is unlikely to behave this way. Initially, such a lady may be for a faithful likeness of a waistcoat. She will demonstrate a full understanding of his experiences and deep sympathy, which for any man is a very valuable factor. As a result, instead of sharing the most painful with his half, he will talk heart to heart with a "vest". Because the "waistcoat" is trying its best to look wiser and more benevolent than his wife. Having established a lasting spiritual contact with her still-different friend, she herself will start complaining about her unhappy life. Well, how can a man not show compassion and responsiveness to the one that has always supported in a difficult moment, not to reassure her and not to patronize? He's a strong sex! In principle, this, if viewed from the point of view of humanity, is absolutely normal. Until the lady begins to speculate by her position and does not cry too often because of every little thing and ask for help. Well, if a man is tired of it one day and he stops with the "poor lamb" close communication. And if not, then friendship with her can become a threat to family well-being. Because sympathy from a man often turns into affection for a woman and generates a desire to take care of her all the time. And maybe, he will begin to give his girlfriend even more time than his wife. About what usually happens in such cases, there is hardly much to argue. Even if the "poor sheep" does not break the family, the relationship between the spouses will certainly ruin for a long time. So how to treat your husband's girlfriends, and what method of behavior to choose when they threaten to turn into rivals? husband and girlfriend quarreled

Methods of influencing a husband's friendship with another woman

Strictly speaking, his wife is trying to influence friendshipfaithful with some lady is needed only when this person is not very eager for rapprochement with her. And if the husband's girlfriend willingly and amicably communicates with all members of his friend's family, congratulates them on the holidays, prepares birthday gifts and tries to help solve some family issues, why should you be very nervous? Let her be friends with her husband as long as she likes. But in front of the whole family. As for those individuals who call a man about and without reason, he is constantly being asked for something and invited somewhere, avoiding communication with his wife - you need to take some measures. The easiest way is to establish friendly relations with a friend of her husband. You can answer her call to the faithful and chat for a few minutes about trifles. And if she is somewhere calling a man, go with him and grab a cake for tea on the way. But in the end, so that the lady did not have illusions, call her and complain about the fact that this ungrateful type has got herself some chicken and sends her tender SMS. In a word, you should include imagination and try to neutralize the obsessive person and make the husband and girlfriend quarrel. You look, and poumerit your ardor. In general, if a husband got a girlfriend, you should hit your brain and look for that reason. It's just that nothing happens. Probably, when communicating with her a man gets what he lacks in family relationships. Most likely, he experiences spiritual hunger and reaches out to the one that is capable of satisfying this hunger. Such a connection can be discontinued if one becomes a friend of yours even more than her. This means that one must sincerely be interested in his experiences, support in hard times, treat with understanding for hobbies or divide them and often talk heart to heart. And then the need for a man in a friend disappears. He will begin to communicate with her less and less often, and then he will call at all on holidays only. In general, oddly enough, her husband's friends are even useful in the family. First, from them you can learn a lot about your faithful. Secondly, the type of character of a friend of the spouse makes it possible to understand what he lacks in communicating with his mate. Thirdly, if a woman is really just a girlfriend, she is able to help a man better understand the family relationship and give good advice. So let them be friends. But in the presence of his wife! We advise you to read: