wedding dress tags Every girl from the very childhood dreams aboutprince and about the wedding dress. Initially, the main criterion of the ideal chosen is his appearance - the guy should have a pleasant appearance and sense of humor. As they grow older, naturally, more mundane needs arise: girls already want their future husband to be not only beautiful (this becomes less important), but also clever, educated, gallant, well educated, and most importantly in demand in the profession, not constrained in the means, full of great love and respect for his second half. And when a girl meets him, relationships are fixed, love breaks out and offers of the hand and heart come, the most interesting begins - preparation for the wedding. The event is usually planned very carefully. After all, this is one of the main events in the life of the young, so everything - from choosing a toastmaster, restaurant, rings, wedding car cortege and so on - should be thought through to the smallest detail. If men treat it quite calmly, then ladies experience any failure as a tragedy of universal scale. Especially it concerns the purchase of a wedding dress (its color, style, and so on are carefully selected). After all, every bride wants to find a perfect and different from the other wedding dress, in which she will look just stunning. However, do not spend on all your strength and nerve cells - you are already the most beautiful! Psychologists recommend simply to relax and enjoy the process of preparing for the wedding, and to make it much quieter, make a list of all the necessary things in advance (where to go, with whom to talk, what to buy and so on) and distribute the tasks between your friends and relatives. Thus, you remove from your shoulders some of the worries and save time, which can be spent on more important and pleasant little things. Some especially superstitious brides, besides organizing a wedding event, manage to still worry about observing different beliefs. To get too hung up on this, of course, it is not worth it, but to know some signs will not hurt. We will tell you about what color dresses are best to pick, what to do with your outfit before and after the wedding and much more. Believe it or not - it's your business, and our task, as they say, is to warn! wedding dress gowns

Signs about a wedding dress

Signs for modern brides are sovarious, that sometimes, if you think about it, beliefs begin to contradict each other. Most of them concern such moments as the color of a wedding dress, a model of shoes, a bouquet, a veil and the like. Let's talk about this in more detail. So, many know that the signs do not recommend taking a wedding dress for rent. The fact that this clothing, like any other element of the wardrobe, is able to adopt and store the energy of the person who put it on before. Of course, not all people have such strong abilities, but some biofields are so powerful that their fluids can harm another person. So, if the bride takes a dress in the wedding salon, "charged" with negative energy, with which her inner protection can not cope, then the girl can feel bad. Sometimes there is weakness, fatigue, headaches, nausea. Therefore, signs recommend to wear only a new dress, not worn by anyone. In addition, its color and style are of great importance, but we will talk about this below. If you are superstitious by nature, then take note of another fact - signs advise you to use a borrowed thing in a wedding dress. In ancient times, the bride's mother gave her daughter a handkerchief embroidered with special symbols. His color and ornament protected the girl from the evil eye and other misfortunes, serving as a kind of amulet. With this handkerchief the bride wiped tears of joy, mourning her transition from maidenhood to adulthood, then he returned back to his mother. Often, this thing was transferred from one generation to another. Today, when the wedding signs are known and observed by far not all, many ladies borrow from the girl-friends brooches or other ornaments, but it is better if it is a family jewel. So, there is even an English tradition, according to which at the wedding must necessarily be something new, old, as well as blue and borrowed. The first and second symbolizes the connection of the bride with the family, peace and wisdom in marriage, as well as the forthcoming success in the new life. Taken from friends or relatives, the thing reminds the girl that close people will always be there, and blue means warm love, modesty and loyalty. If you observe wedding signs, be sure to borrow a married friend or relative, happy in marriage, some personal thing (for example, a scarf or an ornament) for a while. In this way, you will receive a blessing for a happy family life. Some ignorant people advise lending handbags, tiaras or veils. The last element of the wedding wardrobe is never transferred to anyone! Since the signs say that this headdress is a symbol of the transition of a girl to a new life. In addition, it is believed that he will protect her future child from all adversities. Therefore, many women wrap a sick kid in a veil, which, if you believe the beliefs, should help him recover. In addition, it can be hung over a crib or baby stroller, which, as people's signs assure, will save it from the evil eye. Let's go back to the conversation about the wedding dress. It is believed that his color can affect the future of the bride, clouding him or making the marriage happy. Signs categorically prohibit the use of all shades of yellow in the wardrobe, and if you want to avoid conflicts with your spouse, do not buy a red dress. But the presence of scarlet elements in jewelry or bouquet, on the contrary, is welcomed. Therefore, stopping your choice on this or that outfit, consider its color. The ideal is white, as it symbolizes God's grace and prosperity. When buying wedding jewelry, go around the side where there are stones or pearls. The former have strong energy, which can not always be positive. And as for pearls, it is believed that it provokes memories, so to enter a new life follows without it. In ancient times, girls generally did not wear such ornaments, they were worn only by mature women. Therefore, if you observe the signs, choose to your side beautiful and high-quality jewelry, while always consider the color and style of the wedding dress. Ornaments should be combined with a wardrobe and complete your image. In the old days, particular importance was attached to knots - all kinds of weaving and lacing on clothes symbolized a confused life full of problems, falls and adversities. Therefore, it is believed that the bride's dress should not contain any laces, or other weaves.

Briefly about the main

Not all people are superstitious, so somebodyobserves wedding signs, and some do not - this is a private matter for everyone. However, when a person finds his happiness, truly falls in love and wants to retain feelings for many years, then naturally, there is an acute desire to protect his treasure from any bad eye, caustic and other troubles. After all, whether you believe it or not, some people do have negative energy that can harm others. Surely you noticed that next to one person you feel easy, and the other affects negatively: there is a feeling of heaviness in your soul, dizziness, blood pours to your face and you want to leave as quickly as possible. Such people are called "energy vampires", and they should stay away from them. At a wedding event, a large number of people with a different character and with their thoughts always gather (and not always they are good). Some relatives on the part of the groom may not know the bride. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of the evil eye, signs are recommended not to allow guests to touch their side. It is believed that a person who has a bad energy, who specifically touches the bride's dress, can lead to spoilage or to cause trouble. But if someone from the good people accidentally touched the skirt, then he will soon be very lucky in something. Since it symbolizes good luck and prosperity in the future. Signs about the wedding dress are quite diverse. It takes into account its color, as well as the model of dresses, jewelry and things that must necessarily be with each bride. We decided to compose all the superstitions and made a list. What happened, read below:

  • As already mentioned, the attire of the bride is compulsoryshould be new and not worn, and after marriage it can not be given to any friends, relatives, or even a sister. The same goes for veils.
  • To marry was long and happy,it is recommended to buy a long dress, and its color should be white. A short skirt symbolizes a short marriage, but you do not want it? In addition, it is believed that it is necessary to select necessarily one-piece outfit, then the bride will live hand in hand with her chosen one more than one year. But the girls who give preference to the corset and skirt, according to the signs, this can not boast.
  • If during the holiday the bride brokeA wedding dress is for an evil mother-in-law. But if a wedding dress has flipped off a button, sew it with two tight stitches - so you connect your life with your spouse.
  • To avoid minor troubles, before the wedding do not look in the mirror and in any case do not show off to the future husband. The groom should not see his bride in the dress before the wedding.
  • Some girls like to walk around in the weddinga dress for the apartment, flaunting in front of the mirror and showing off his acquisitions to her friends. According to the signs, this should not be done. Since it is believed that if the bride has put on a dress, then she has already married. Therefore, the marriage may not take place.
  • Dressing up a wedding dress is also specialprocedure: this should be done solely through the head. In addition, the dress must contain only an even number of buttons, if, of course, there are any. In addition, the color of underwear is of great importance. Pick up white panties, bra, stockings or pantyhose. Accordingly, the dress itself needs to buy the same tone.

color wedding dress

What is the bride hiding under the dress?

For overly superstitious brides, not only the style andThe color of the dress does matter, but what's under it. If you believe in signs, then the girl must prepare for the full program, hiding under his attire such things:

  • The safety pin is fastened head down on the hem of the wedding skirt from its inside. This will help to protect yourself from the evil eye.
  • In order not to be badly influenced by the energy of a bad person, it is recommended to make a few stitches from inside the dress (for example, at the bottom of the skirt). In this case, the thread color should be blue.
  • In order that a spouse spend his life around his chosen one with attention, care and love, signs are advised to sew in the dress of the leaf lovers.
  • You can protect yourself from the evil eye not only with a thread from a thread or an English pin, there is another way: hide it in your attire, so that no one sees it, the icon of the Virgin Mary.
  • If a girl gets married while pregnant,to protect your unborn child from envious glances, you need to tie around the waist a red wide ribbon or belt, and only then wear a wedding dress.

We have already told you that the color of a wedding dress is of great importance. This is what the folkloric signs say:

  • White dress is a symbol of God's Grace, integrity and faithfulness. And pink promises a long love.
  • If you want money in the house, buy a shade of gold. Green, on the contrary, promises lack of money.
  • The most negative colors of the wedding wardrobeare considered gray (or silver), red, blue, blue and yellow. They portend a short-term and full of conflicts of marriage, the rapid cooling of feelings and betrayal of the spouse. Of course, brides do not buy a black dress, but if you suddenly get this idea in your head, immediately throw it away. Since according to the signs, such tones promise widowhood.

Other signs - about shoes

To a beautiful dress you should choose suitable shoes. And people did not forget about them:

  • To happiness did not flow away from your house, buy shoes with a closed toe and heel.
  • If during a stormy festivities the bride broke his heel, then family life will also "limp".
  • For a marriage to be strong and cloudless, it is recommended to give preference to shoes without laces and without fasteners; the latter, by the way, guarantee in the future mild labor.
  • It is believed that the shoes should be worn, as this will bring happiness to the young. Therefore, just a few days before the wedding, resemble in new shoes on the apartment.

Today it has become fashionable to celebrate the wedding of twodays. If you also decided to hold your celebration in this way, then keep in mind that the next day after the painting according to the signs the bride must appear before the guests in scarlet attire. Since after the night with her husband she could conceive, and in all cultures the shades of red symbolize life and wealth, so they are often used in various amulets. Thus, dressed in a dress like this, a woman protects herself from unpleasantness as her future baby, and, as a whole, her entire family. We told you about the signs that relate to the wedding dress of the bride. You can observe them or not, but, as they say, who is warned, he is armed. Remember that the main thing is not following the traditions and superstitions - they will not make your life happy, but you yourself. So just love, trust and protect each other, and then no evil eye or bad energy will be in your way. Be happy! We advise you to read: