wedding dress transformer The choice of wedding dresses today is soit is various that each girl can get a dress of her dreams. Every season fashion designers create more and more new models of wedding dresses, delighting the brides of the whole world with their innovations. The wedding dress is not easy to wear, because it is very easy to stain or tear. You want to preserve its original appearance, because in it the girl has so much to do in one day: a trip to the REGISTRY OFFICE, a romantic walk and photo session after the solemn registration of marriage, dances and competitions at the banquet. What wedding attire can worthily survive all this? To pleasantly surprise the numerous guests and turn the wedding into an unforgettable celebration, designers and stylists propose to try on a wedding dress-transformer - it's so beautiful, fashionable and stylish!

Advantages of this style

Dress-transformer, whose pattern provides a detachable hem, has some solid pluses:

  • Such a style as no other allows onewith an easy gesture of the hand to turn a long wedding dress into an elegant shortened model that gives freedom of movement, allowing the bride to dance and have fun without fear of ruining her outfit.
  • A wedding dress-transformer is very practical and profitable, since there is no need to spend two expensive wedding dresses.
  • In any of the options - both "before" and "after"removal of the train - the bride looks simply amazing. Each version is good in its own way. A long dress is appropriate both at the wedding and the solemn ceremony of marriage in the registry office. In addition, this option looks great on wedding photos made in vintage style. A short version after the wedding banquet can be used as a summer sundress.
  • Modifications of outfits: choosing the most suitable style

    Strange at first glance dress-transformersmost recently appeared on sale, but despite this, they have already conquered the hearts of many modern women of fashion. Today on the catwalks wedding dress-transformer you can meet different styles:

    • hem mini + train;
    • hem knee + lower skirt.

    We are used to the image of the bride in a longThe wedding toilet, which hides not only the feet, but also the shoes. However, times change, and many modern girls do not want to go under the crown in a traditional dress. The wedding dress-transformer is a kind of challenge to the traditional wedding fashion. An unusual model of a wedding dress is created primarily for bold modern brides who like to surprise others and at the same time prefer comfort and mobility. We advise you to read: