How to choose a wedding bouquet No no! It's not just a bouquet! This is a bouquet in the hands of the bride! The one with whom she will meet one of the most beautiful days in her life. The one with which she will be captured in all wedding photos. The one that will diligently catch her friends after the traditional throw. It must be perfect. He must match the style of the dress, the hairstyle decorations, the color range of makeup and even the horoscope of the newlyweds. So, what it should be - a wedding bouquet? There are several simple rules, which are strictly adhered to by the organizers of wedding celebrations and wedding stylists. If the bride differs in magnificent forms, a round bouquet is preferable. If the bride is an elegant body, it is better to choose a narrow or elongated bouquet. The use of similar colors when making a hairdo is considered irrelevant, although it is still often used. As a rule, the tone of the bouquet coincides with the shade of lipstick. Finally, the scent of the floral composition should not irritate the bride and groom, moreover, it must be combined with the perfume of their spirits - keep in mind that pleasantly fragrances can give an unexpected effect when mixed together. In addition to the classic bouquet forms, there are original, more sophisticated in performance. So, the falling bouquet is made up of flowers with curly stems, which are fixed with a special wire in the form of a waterfall. A classic round bouquet can also impress the imagination, having been in the hands of an experienced florist. There are bouquets in which small flowers make up the initials of the bride and groom or patterns in the form of hearts. Very popular now is a globular bouquet, which the bride holds for a silk ribbon. The original, but not widely spread option, is a flower arrangement in the form of a muff, where the bride hides her hands or a bouquet in the form of an elegant handbag. Do not be frightened of such diversity, Now it's not a problem, and experts from the Studiofloristry themselves you will be able to offer any option, just what you want. Astrologers advise choosing a bouquet for a wedding in accordance with the sign of the horoscope of the bride. For landmarks, scarlet roses, tulips, aromatic inflorescences are preferable. Tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, pink roses are suitable for signs of water. Light shades and compositions of small colors are suitable for signs of fire. And for air signs it is best to choose bouquets with dark, large flowers, which have rich aromas. They also go exotic plants perfectly. When choosing flowers to make a composition, pay attention to the fact that callas and lilies are not advised to use for a wedding ceremony, they are often presented in moments of sadness. In addition, some varieties of lilies leave noticeable marks on clothing. Be sure to ask how warm and frost-resistant the flowers are, because the bouquet will have to withstand all the tests intended for him by the weather, keeping the fresh look until the end of the day. We advise you to read: