condyloma treatment with folk remedies There are a lot of skin diseases. And one of such troubles are condylomas - neoplasms that appear on the surface of the skin and to some extent resemble warts. Only the size of them is usually smaller - not more than one centimeter in diameter. Very often, if the condyloma is not in a conspicuous place, the person simply does not pay any attention to it. And very vain - sooner or later will start to appear more and more new warts, which is unlikely to please you. Therefore, the problem must begin to fight as early as possible - with the appearance of the first condyloma. But for victory to remain for you, you must be fully armed - to know with which kind of genital warts you have encountered and how to get rid of them. Of course, it is most reasonable to seek help from a dermatologist - only he can accurately diagnose the disease and find the right treatment. By the way about treatment - antiviral therapy is very important, which can be prescribed only by a doctor. What does the virus have to do with it, you ask? And you will learn about this a little later - let's talk about everything in order.

Genital Warts

There are several types of genital warts - depending on their shape and location of localization. Doctors distinguish several main groups:

  • Condyloma vulgaris

The most common condyloma is more commonin all - about 85% of all cases. This condyloma is very dense, rough to the touch, it appears above the surface of the skin for about half a centimeter. Most often it occurs on the back of the hands, on the fingers, as well as on the scalp. More rarely, such condyloma can be found on the face - a very unpleasant surprise.

  • Plantar warts

The most unpleasant type of neoplasm -plantar warts. As it is easy to guess, it is located on the sole - very often it is confused with the callus. And it is not surprising, because condyloma in appearance looks very much like a common corn. Yes, and soreness when touched by plantar warts is not less than with corn.

  • Flat condyloma

Flat warts are also most often locatedon the back of the hands and on the face, but they - in contrast to conventional condylomas - are absolutely smooth to the touch and flat. Such flat condyloma protrudes over the surface of the skin no more than a few millimeters, and in diameter more than one centimeter does not usually increase.

  • Pointed Condyloma

Genital warts are the second mostpopularity after the usual - they suffer about 40% of the entire adult population. Agree, the figures make you alert ... These condylomata are quite long and pointed, but they are located around the genitals, the anus and on the inner surfaces of the thighs. Very rarely genital warts occur singly - most often they are formed in large quantities. It's easy to guess that this gives a lot of inconvenience to a person - both from the aesthetic and from the physical side. By the way, the fair sex is trapped by another danger - genital warts can occur on the cervix and on the mucous membranes of the vagina. By the way, gynecologists are sounding the alarm - it is the genital warts formed on the cervix, which increase the risk of cancer. Of course, cervical cancer. The prospect is not just unpleasant, but rather frightening, so treatment should begin in time and be conducted only under the strict supervision of a doctor. And it is for this reason that genital warts are in no way to be treated by folk methods. The warts themselves need to be removed from the doctor - there are a lot of safe ways to forget about the tumor in a few minutes. And regardless of the type of genital warts, antiviral therapy will be needed. After all, the culprit of the appearance of condyloma is nothing else than the human papillomavirus. condyloma treatment folk remedy for a long time

Where can I get a virus?

All the same unforgettable Madame statistics speak ofThe fact that 8 out of 10 people are infected with the human papilloma virus by the age of 30. What explains this widespread spread of the virus? It's very simple - it is unpretentious and survives even under the most unfavorable conditions. Therefore, you can get infected almost anywhere. It is especially necessary to be in the following cases:

  • Swimming pools, gyms

A healthy way of life steps with a loud tread - andit's great. But we must not forget that public locker rooms, showers, pools are a zone of high risk - always remember the rules of personal hygiene. Do not go barefoot, use only your towel - enough of the slightest damage to the skin, so that the virus penetrated the body.

  • Manicure salons

It is no less responsible to approachthe issue of choosing a nail salon, because the tools that were not processed after the previous client can also become a source of infection of the human papillomavirus.

  • Sexual relations

Safe sex is a blessing and we all talk about it.know. But, unfortunately, sometimes we get carried away, we give in to passions and forget about this very security. Of course, we are choosing our partners in a thoughtful way, so we will not talk about serious diseases - although AIDS can not be forgotten in any case. But the probability of picking up a human papilloma virus is very high.

  • Generic pathways

Another very common method of infectionpapilloma virus - during labor. Especially natural, during which the baby passes the birth canal. That is why it is so important during the preparation for pregnancy to undergo a complete examination and, if necessary, undergo a course of treatment. This measure is mandatory if you want to become a happy mummy charming baby. The insidiousness of the virus lies in the fact that it does not appear immediately after infection - sometimes it sleeps peacefully in the body for many years before it makes itself felt. And this happens, as a rule, during the weakening of the immune system - during pregnancy, any diseases, just banal beriberi. By the way, no happy couple broke up because of the banal papilloma virus - partners accused each other of infidelity. But if they knew that the virus can be in the human body from birth and make itself known only after a couple of decades, not one cell of society could be saved. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, do not rush to blame your faithful for all mortal sins. Better think about the fact that you could become a source of infection for a man. condyloma treatment folk remedies forever

Treatment with folk methods

The need to go to a dermatologist does not evenit is discussed - without antiviral therapy you will struggle with condylomas all your life. And here already existing condylomas, if they are not pointed, you can try to remove it with the help of folk recipes, which are tested in the best way - time. But remember that the treatment of folk remedies must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, it is important to make sure that this treatment does not harm you - you have to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to one or another component of the prescription that you have chosen. To do this, apply a small amount of the preparation to the ear or wrist and leave it for three minutes. If a rash or redness does not appear, you can safely begin treatment with folk remedies.

  • Garlic juice

The most simple and effective remedy for treatmentgenital warts are garlic. If the condylomas are not yet large, try lubricating them with freshly squeezed garlic juice - about three times a day. After about a week, condylomas begin to decrease in size, and by the end of the second and completely disappear. If this does not happen, you can try a more radical treatment - pass through the garlic paste a few cloves of garlic, mix with half a teaspoon of honey and attach to the condyloma, from above attach a small gauze napkin and secure with adhesive plaster. Such garlic applique should be on condyloma for at least two hours. After this, rinse the garlic with water, and grease the skin around the neoplasm with any fat cream. This procedure should be done every evening for 10 days. If necessary, the course of treatment can be continued, but only after a five-day break.

  • Lemon infusion

If we are talking about treatment folkmeans, it is impossible not to remember about the miraculous lemon tincture. For its preparation you will need half a large lemon, two cloves of garlic, 50 grams of freshly squeezed juice and 100 grams of red wine. Wash lemon, grate along with the peel, chop the garlic, mix, add the juice and wine. Place the mixture in a glass container with a lid and refrigerate for 10 days. Do not forget to shake the container periodically - once a day. Before applying, strain the infusion and store it only in the refrigerator. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink one tablespoon of infusion. Do not worry about garlic - there will not be any smell at all. Treatment should last exactly one week - this time is enough to strengthen immunity. Yes, and condylomas will begin to disappear just before our eyes.

  • Soterapiya

If you want to conduct treatment for genital wartsfolk remedies, pay your attention to sokoterapiyu. Already thousands of people have got rid of unpleasant neoplasms precisely by these conservative means. The most effective treatment is complex treatment - both internal and external. For external use, the celandine juice is the best. Of course, it is best to heal it in the summer - it is enough to disrupt the twig of the plant and to lubricate every condyloma with the juice that has come out. It is enough two such procedures a day, that already in 10 days to say goodbye to bothersome condylomas. In winter, you can replace the juice celandine alcohol tincture - though, you'll have to wipe a little more often, at least three times a day. If the alcohol tincture you do not like, replace it with a compress of fresh apples. Rub on a small grater half of the sour apple, the resulting gruel is applied to the condyloma, from above attach a plastic wrap and attach with adhesive plaster. Apple wrap should be left overnight, and washed off with cool water in the morning. The duration of such treatment is 14 days. For internal use, the potato juice is best suited, which must be taken in half a glass in the morning and in the evening, 30 minutes before eating. Best for these purposes is the red potato - clean a few medium-sized tubers, grate on a small grater and squeeze the juice with gauze. All is ready and it's up to the little one to drink this miracle cure. The full course of treatment is 14 days.

  • Egg white

Practically a universal remedy for all typescondyloma - a simple egg white. Do you prepare lunch or dinner? Do not rush to throw eggshells - use a cotton swab to collect the remaining raw protein from the walls and lubricate all warts thoroughly. The protein will dry very quickly, but do not flush it for at least three hours. This procedure should be repeated regularly - the more often, the faster you will get rid of genital warts - at least 6 times a day. But remember that egg white can provoke the development of an allergic reaction. Therefore, give up this remedy, if earlier you already noticed for your body a similar reaction to chicken eggs. In most cases, all of the above methods help to get rid of genital warts. But alas - not always, so if the month of intensive treatment does not bring any result, do not continue to experiment - go to a dermatologist. Otherwise, you risk to earn a lot of health problems - until the degeneration of a benign tumor into a malignant one. So is the game worth the candle? Of course not! Be healthy!