diet with erosive gastritis Gastritis is a disease that occursvery often - both in children and adults. And most often there is an erosive form of gastritis - the mucous membrane of the stomach is affected too much and ulcers are formed. They can be localized throughout the mucous membrane of the stomach, and can be grouped together in one place. For the time being gastritis can be asymptomatic, but in the end it will still make itself felt. Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, pain - this is not a complete list of all the "delights" of erosive gastritis. But in order to accurately diagnose the disease, be sure to familiarize yourself with such a concept as a diet with erosive gastritis. And also visit the doctor-gastroenterologist. First, it is possible to make a mistake on your own with a diagnosis, and this can be fraught with very serious consequences. Secondly, the doctor, taking into account your condition, will select the most appropriate course of treatment. erosive gastritis diet

Prohibited products

As mentioned above, a diet with erosivegastritis is simply necessary, and it must be very, very strict. Of course, no one says that a sick person should starve himself to death - on the contrary, nutrition should be balanced. But fractional - portions should be small, like a break between meals - not more than three hours. However, it is very important to remember the list of foods that must be strictly excluded from the diet:

  • Fatty foods

Fatty foods should be strictly prohibited. And this applies to fatty varieties of meat, and fatty fish. And no matter how small a portion was.

  • Seasonings and spices, sauces

No sharp spices and seasonings - maximum, thisdill and parsley. All the rest very much irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach, and this worsens the condition of the sick person. The same applies not only to spicy seasonings, but also to all sharp foods. Also you will have to give up all sauces, including mayonnaise. At best, you can leave sour cream.

  • Canned food

Under strict prohibition, all without exceptioncanned food - meat, vegetable, fish. Preservatives in them are a very serious strain for the already weakened gastric mucosa.

  • Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits, of course, are very useful fororganism. But only not if the person has gastritis. Fruit and vegetable acids at times will worsen the condition of your stomach. Therefore, all fruits and vegetables must be heat treated.

  • Some drinks

Any carbonated drinks, even mineral water, alcohol and coffee from the diet should be excluded. By the way, any juices with erosion are also strictly contraindicated. correct diet with erosive gastritis

List of allowed products

Many can protest violently - they say, than whatthen eat? Believe me, you do not have such a small choice. Soups, ideally mucous consistency, various porridges - semolina, rice, buckwheat, oatmeal. Of course, empty porridge to eat is very difficult - as a filling suitable butter or cream. Once a day you can include in your diet low-fat meat, steamed meatballs and cutlets, meat soufflé, low-fat fish. It's not worth to give up meat products at all, as you can develop anemia and other very unpleasant complications. Several times a week, the menu of a sick person can include low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt - this will help to avoid calcium deficiency. In addition, twice a week you can eat a steam omelet. Do not be superfluous will be home-made compotes and kissels - most importantly, not from sour berries and fruits. In addition, you can drink a weak black and green tea, only with sugar do not overdo it. Remember that all food should be crushed thoroughly, and ideally even completely frayed. Take your food slowly, chewing it carefully - despite the fact that it is already grated. Typically, a similar diet should be observed for some time after the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease. How much - your doctor-gastroenterologist will tell you. We advise you to read: