fragrances for home The world of smells for man is no less important than the worldsounds and visual images. Smells affect our state of health and our mood, our relationships with people around us, and even our attitude towards life. Smells accompany us everywhere: on the street, in transport, at home. By the way, home fragrances create a unique atmosphere of the house, making it cozy and loved. Of course, every house (like every person) has its own smell. But in our power to model the aura of your living space, using different flavors for the house. Fumigation with fragrant smoke, the spreading of fragrant grasses and other methods used for this by our ancestors. Modern man is no exception. We also strive to make our home better with the help of odors. True, sometimes we forget that the aromas for the house are different.

Types of fragrances

  • Refreshing aromas lift the mood and givecheerfulness. Such smells are citrus and coniferous plants, as well as vanilla. These flavors are quite suitable for the hallway, since directly "from the threshold" will create a positive mood for everyone entering the house.
  • Warm and cozy smells are aromas of bergamot,mint, grapefruit, lemon, vanilla and rosewood. They should smell like the main room in the house. For the living room also smells of cinnamon, fresh wood and verbena.
  • Soothing odors should be in the bedroom. Suitable fragrances in this room will remove nervousness and irritation and create an atmosphere conducive to rest and sleep. The best possible for these purposes are the flavors of lavender, anise, jasmine, rose, sandalwood.
  • Toning scents are tuned to the working mode,concentrate attention and stimulate the "work of thought". Such smells are appropriate, of course, in the office. Therefore, a study should smell of coffee, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, sage.
  • Festive smells create an atmospheresolemnity. They have oranges, tangerines, rosewood. These smells can be used, so to speak, "on occasion" and applied in any rooms in your home.
  • Aphrodisiacs are the scents of love. Create a playful, sexy and even passionate mood capable fragrances of sandalwood, myrrh, ginger, cloves, geranium, patchouli.
  • As you can see, it is very important what the house smells: the aromas of your home will help create the right atmosphere, both for the general mood, and for a specific event. They can be used for each room, and you can create real bouquets of smells for the entire living space. than the house smells of the scents of your home

    Ways of aromatization

    The oldest (and most environmentally friendly) wayaromatize your home - use dry herbs and flower petals. Naturally, the herbal bundles hung around the house are no longer relevant. Therefore, aromatic herbs are filled with sachets (aromatic pads). These pads, by the way, are very easy to make by yourself. And you can buy ready-made sachets not only in the form of pillows, but in the form of decorative balls. Essential oils are also used to fill the sachet. They are added to salt and clay, they impregnate paper and skin. Essential oils, like the aromas for home use in special aromatic lamps. And as an express aromatization, you can put a few drops of this oil on a conventional light bulb in the lamp. When it is heated, the aroma of the oil will spread throughout the room. Another popular and affordable way - scented candles. By the way, they can also be made with their own hands, using essential oils and ready-made candles. And the easiest way to aromatize is sprays (air fresheners). Candles are convenient to use for aromatherapy (for example, in the bathroom). And sprays are more suitable for neutralizing unpleasant odors than for creating a fragrant atmosphere. But, using all sorts of flavors, do not forget about the aroma of the house, like the smell of baking. We genetically perceive it as a fragrance of comfort and comfort. As they say in the famous proverb, the cottage is not red with corners, but is red with pies. But in general, whatever the fragrance of the house, the main thing is that it should smell of joy, pleasure and happiness! We advise you to read: