waffles with condensed milk Time passes, people first grow up, and thengrow old. Only their tastes do not age, and the most favorite dishes for everyone are usually the favorite foods for all. Interestingly, each generation has such favorite recipes from childhood. The generation of modern adults has something to remember and to eat, what to love in the field of culinary attractions of their childhood. To such delicacies can safely be referred wafers with condensed milk. The taste of this dessert is remembered by every adult whose childhood passed in the USSR, but unfortunately, the recipe is not known to many. Therefore, we suggest you choose a recipe, prepare such wafers with condensed milk and make an excursion into childhood.

Wafer horn with boiled condensed milk

We will not vouch for the originality of taste, butthat the recipe is easy and quick to prepare, you can be sure. This recipe is designed for ten wafer horns. Ingredients:

  • Eggs - 2 pieces;
  • Margarine - 100 g;
  • Sugar - 100 g;
  • Flour - 100 g;
  • A can of boiled condensed milk.

Preparation: Eggs beat up with sugar with a mixer - so faster, and sugar will dissolve more easily. When the mass becomes homogeneous and white, add the melted and cooled margarine and pour the sifted flour and knead the dough. Pour one or two tablespoons of dough into the waffle iron, press and press hard until golden. Hot wafers curl the cone immediately after baking - the cooled wafers become hard and crispy. We fill the prepared horns with boiled condensed milk. To recreate the true taste of this delicacy, do not use the finished boiled condensed milk, but do it yourself. To do this, simply lower the jar of condensed milk into a saucepan of water and cook for two hours. Completely cool the condensed milk, and then open the jar. And further. Buy condensed milk only with the inscription "whole". waffles with condensed milk

Wafer tubules with condensed milk

Another recipe from childhood. It differs from the previous filling, which is prepared from boiled condensed milk and butter. Ingredients:

  • A glass of flour;
  • A packet of butter (margarine);
  • A glass of sugar;
  • 5 eggs.

For filling:

  • 400 g of boiled condensed milk;
  • 200 g of butter.

Preparation: Butter melt and slightly cool. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and pour the same melted butter, stir and add sugar and flour. As a result, not very liquid, but not thick dough should turn out. Wafers are baked in a heated waffle iron until they are browned. Hot wafers are rolled into tubes so that there is room for filling inside. Cream beat from softened butter and boiled condensed milk. First, lightly beat the butter, and then gradually add the condensed milk. We fill the wafer tubes with a confectionery syringe or cornet. Important! The cream can be placed only in the cooled tubules, otherwise it will melt. Note: If such wafers with boiled condensed milk leave for a day, they will become soft. Well, lovers of crispy wafers with condensed milk can not wait and start to eat at once. As you can see, the principle of preparing this wonderful dessert does not depend on which recipe you prefer. And the composition of the test has no fundamental differences: margarine, eggs, sugar and flour. So choose a recipe, boil condensed milk, bake waffles and enjoy not only this delicacy, but also the cooking process. Enjoy your appetite and no less pleasant memories! We advise you to read: