How to fall in love with a man Today we talk a lot about how to fall in lovea man, what ways to do this, how to behave, talk, dress, and so on. And we lose sight of one very important fact - men are not the same. They have different tastes, inclinations and characters. The difference is due not only to heredity and upbringing, but also to the Zodiac that controls the birth of a person. Therefore, if we think about how to fall in love with a man, it is worth to learn his sign of the Zodiac, which can tell a lot about. Now we will do it. So….

How to fall in love with Aries?

Aries are unusually stubborn and arrogant. A woman who fell in love with a man of this sign must be ready for his constant desire to rule over her. Aries will control all actions of his girlfriend and always express dissatisfaction with what has been done. If the girl intends to build serious relations with him, she will either have to accept this state of affairs, or wait patiently until Aries in something will not let it go. And then tactfully offer him his own version of the solution to the problem. But it should be remembered that next to Aries always have to be on the sidelines. In sex, Aries always intend to get what they want. For them, intimacy is a physiological necessity, not connected only with a love relationship. Aries are demanding in bed and are not inclined to compromise. They need to satisfy only their own aspirations.

How to fall in love with Taurus?

A woman who thought about how to fall in lovea man-Taurus, we must sympathize. Relations with him are a constant struggle, vigilance in which one must not lose for a moment. If Taurus suddenly showed obedience, courtesy and tenderness, he can not be trusted. He in the blink of an eye can turn from a tender calf into a formidable bull. To behave with Taurus should be gentle, but persevering and exacting. He does not like weak-willed women, ready to fulfill any of his wishes. To such young ladies Taurus quickly loses interest. In sex, he is incredibly inventive and tireless. In this affectionate words from Taurus will not wait. He would rather call obnoxious than say: "Sunny is my favorite!". It's not worth taking offense - for Taurus, abuse is an expression of tenderness. how to fall in love with a male body

How to fall in love with Gemini?

Gemini is very romantic, so it seemsthoughtless. These men are idealists, and prefer to see the princess in the girl. If it does not correspond in some way to that image, the Twin is alarmed. However, he is unstable, and when the young lady behaves all the time in accordance with the ideal of this man, he loses interest in it. So how to fall in love with a man - Gemini? Yes, just one day, suddenly throw it at least for a while. Only in this case Gemini will start and fall in love with the ears. Then it remains only to explain that the princesses are only in fairy tales. In sex, Gemini is gentle, but not particularly temperamental. He prefers in the period of intimacy to say a lot of kind words and wants the partner to answer the same. If everything goes as it should, the Gemini becomes open, willing to experiment. But still adhere to behavior similar to what appears in their romantic dreams.

How to fall in love with Cancer?

Cancers are secretive people. They will not openly express their displeasure with the behavior of the girl and can long tolerate what they do not like. And then, without explaining anything, suddenly disappear from her life. Therefore, dealing with a man-Cancer, you must be careful and attentive, especially if you are thinking how to fall in love with a man of this sign. He is very vulnerable and sharply reacts even to insignificant tactlessness. If you behave with Cancer roughly, arrogantly, provocatively, he will climb into his shell and close. Knocking then to Cancer will be extremely difficult. Cancers can forgive a woman for careless attire, sloppy hair, lack of manicure, inability to cook, and so on. But they will never forgive her lack of culture. In a young lady who does not know how to behave and says anything, the Cancer man is quickly disappointed. He will not comment on her and try to re-educate her. Just will silently look around and draw conclusions. In sex, Cancers are enthusiastic experimenters. Therefore, one must be ready for the fact that intimacy with them can shock. But it is not necessary to be frightened. Crayfish are gentle, attentive and will not allow in bed what one does not like the partner.

How to fall in love with Leo?

In order to know how to fall in love with a man - Leo,should remember: Lions categorically do not accept any criticism. In no event can you tell them that they are not so dressed or do something wrong. The lion explodes and is rude. But at the same time he will take note of what the woman said and will try to improve. Therefore, in order not to run into rudeness, remarks Leo need to do very delicately. In order for the Lion to respect the girl, she must be extremely honest with him in all respects. If a woman behaves openly and frankly, he will forgive her angry scandals. But if she tries to be submissive and silently swallows tears of resentment - will be alert and cease to trust. Although Lions really appreciate the ability of a woman to control herself. But at the same time they prefer that she does not remain silent, but she explains her complaints with sense and calmness. Lions are very fond of tenderness, but they can not stand sucking. With them you need to be serious. In sex, a man of this sign of the Zodiac prefers the open emotionality of his partner. If she is constrained and does not allow herself to moan or scream, the Lion begins to get bored. how to fall in love with any man

How to fall in love with a Virgin?

The Virgo Men are extremely scrupulous and loveimpeccability in everything. In order to win their heart, you should be picky and demanding. In such a woman's behavior, the male Virgo will see the desire to improve it and readily accept all the requirements. Praise the Virgin is very rare. And to the achievements of this man - treat with a pronounced skepticism, as if making it clear that he can become much better. Then he decides that the girl has the same high scale of values, and will become attached to her with all her heart. But in order for a man -Dev really loved, you need to give him the opportunity to at least feel something superior to a woman. To the representatives of the weaker sex, in all giving the odds to the Virgins, they are wary. In sex, the Virgins are puritans. Initially, they need to be very tactful and reserved. However, if you offer the man of this sign something more relaxed under the slogan "You can do much better!", It will start and go to the embodiment of any sexual fantasy of your partner.

How to fall in love with Libra?

Libra - adherents of rules of decency, to violatewhich they are not that they do not like - they just do not know how. Therefore, in order to conquer their heart, one must behave in accordance with these rules. If a woman is relaxed and freely uses frivolous words in conversation, this can shock a man-Libra. He needs to submit himself dosed, carefully, little by little convincing that he is loved. When a representative of Libra believes this, he is touched and will be revealed to the end. By sex Libra is scrupulous. It is unlikely that they will admit it before the stamp in the passport appears. But even after that, they will not risk experimenting in bed, preferring one or two traditional poses.

How to fall in love with Scorpio?

Scorpios - creating impulsive, capricious andalways complaining that no one likes them. To find the way to the heart of such a man, he needs to be a little one, calm down and always compliment. God forbid, even with the slightest hint of letting this big child know that he is in something imperfect! It will offend, pout and can disappear for a long time, and even for ever. If Scorpio is convinced that he is infinitely loved, he is fully revealed and tries to do for the loved one as much as possible. But at the same time there will be a lot to demand not only from yourself, but also from your partner. These requirements must be met, otherwise Scorpio can be disappointed in his beloved. To fall in love with Scorpio, you must always look amazing. In addition, a woman must have an external and internal discipline and do not let anything go. As for the intimate life, then Scorpio prefers to give the initiative to the partner and is ready to accept everything that she will offer him. Communicating with a man of this sign of the Zodiac, you must let him sometimes be weak. And then he will be very generous with love, emotions and tenderness.

How to fall in love with Sagittarius?

Before thinking about how to fall in love with a Sagittarius man,should be aware that these are people who do not take any help from the outside. They can not be sympathetic, they can not be forced to talk about their difficulties and problems. Sagittarius prefers to deal with everything himself. A girl, in order to attract his attention, it is necessary that in a conversation with someone she loudly praised a man. And Sagittarius heard. He will certainly after that look closely at the girl. If Sagittarius trusts the girl, he will look for her sympathy during difficult periods of life. However, once opened, then he again climbs into the sink and begins to behave somewhat alienated. Therefore, Sagittarius will have to be tamed again and again. In sex, he is affectionate, soft and loves tenderness from the partner. To provoke Sagittarius to spontaneous intimacy is useless. He needs preliminary training. how quickly to fall in love with any man

How to fall in love with Capricorn?

Capricorns are secretive and do their best not toto show what is really experienced. They are extremely vulnerable, tender and passionate people, but outwardly they appear to be detached and cold. Capricorns are very loyal to those they love, but this is the object of their love to learn only under some critical circumstances. Male-Capricorn painfully difficult to pronounce the words of love. Therefore, a woman thinking about how to fall in love with a man of this sign, you should not pull out of him the recognition of ticks. Even if he utters it, then for a while will avoid meeting with the beloved. In general, to love relationships Capricorns are extremely serious. They do not take small intrigues and frivolous connections. Love carries Capricorns completely. Everything they do is dedicated only to her. Therefore, if the girl is not ready for a serious novel, it's better to give up Capricorn's seduction. He is stubborn and will not go to rapprochement, until he realizes that the young lady does not play, but really wants a long and lasting relationship. In sex, Capricorn initially seems almost a saint. However, he does not allow piquancy until he completely trusts his partner. Then the man of this sign of the Zodiac becomes passionate, inventive, extraordinarily affectionate and tireless.

How to fall in love with Aquarius?

Aquarius is very suspicious and with suspicionrefer to the fact that they can be loved just like that, and not for some special merit. Therefore, even the hottest assurances of love for Aquarius are unconvincing and are the reason for suspicion of some kind of self-interest. In order to convince Aquarius, it is necessary to throw him a scandal with reproaches in mistrust of himself. However, the effect of such a scandal will still be temporary. Then Aquarius will once again become skeptical and close. In order for a man of this sign of the Zodiac to finally make sure of the woman's love, she needs to show him her tormentingly. You can even start a rumor that you are ready to commit suicide. He comes running with a guilty look, but until the end of the love of the girl still does not believe. In general, these people in the relationship torture themselves and those for whom they are really expensive. Therefore, if a woman reflects on how to fall in love with a man, if he is an Aquarius, she needs to be ready for a constant struggle. In sex Aquarians are passionate, but they are ashamed of their passions. After an unusual night, they can close and somewhat move away from the partner. She needs to hug her beloved and tell her about the magic night. Then Aquarius wakes up, cheers, and in the future will not be so worried because of his incontinence in intimacy.

How to fall in love with Pisces?

In order to know how to fall in love with anythe man of the sign of the Zodiac of Pisces, it should be remembered - they can not stand when a woman admits rough expressions in a conversation. She should say something like "He's a fool," that's all! The man will immediately lose interest in his companion. In order that this does not happen, you need to watch your speech. You can bribe a man of this sign by telling him something intimate and a little mystical. For example, left alone with him, to report: "I sometimes see what happens tomorrow, and I do not know what to do about it." The man-fish will certainly be interested. He is fascinated by everything connected with mysticism. Pisces prefer to deal with women prone to philosophy. Extremists who destroy the boundaries of traditional values, they do not trust. Pisces needs a sober mind in women, allowing the existence of psychics, predictors, telepaths, and those who want to understand these phenomena. If this girl looks great and is not a spender, Pisces' deep affection for her is assured. In sex, Pisces loves sincerity, passion and unbeaten praise. Irony and laughter in bed, they do not accept - Pisces treat intimacy very seriously. For them, sex is always associated only with love relationships, and its physiology is perceived only through the prism of the chosen partner. Fish are not corrupted and prefer not to have casual connections. Therefore, first with such a man it is necessary to establish close relations, and then to decide on sex. Otherwise, after sex, he just disappears. We advise you to read: