valgus deformation of foot Valgus foot deformity rathera common disease that is diagnosed in a large part of the able-bodied population (according to various sources, from 17% to 60% of adults suffer from varying degrees of disease). There is a flattening of the front part of the foot, the fingers are deformed. A person suffers from severe pain, because of which he can not wear ordinary shoes and is suffering from walking. If the disease is not treated, it progresses and can lead to complete disability.

Causes of foot deformation

Why the feet are deformed? There are several reasons for this disease. Sometimes it is caused by a genetic predisposition: a person from birth has a weakness of bone and connective tissues. As a result, there is a so-called transverse flatfoot, from which women who wear high-heeled shoes with a narrow toe often suffer. In this case, the main load falls on the front of the foot, leading eventually to its deformation and arthrosis of the thumb. Negatively affect the ligaments hormonal changes that are inevitable in the pubertal period, with menopause, during pregnancy. Accordingly, women are more likely to suffer from this disease. deformation of foot

Prevention and treatment

We are not told that it is easier to prevent illness,than to treat. This fully applies to valgus deformation of the foot. It is very important to wear properly selected shoes. This means, first of all, the lack of too high heels (they should not be more than 7 cm), narrowed socks. In addition, shoes, boots, boots should be made only of natural materials (leather, suede). Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the right footwear for those who have to spend a lot of time on their feet. In this situation, you must definitely rest your feet. With the onset of symptoms, it is necessary to contact a specialized specialist who will conduct the examination and give the necessary recommendations, will select orthopedic insoles. Thus, it is possible to suspend the development of the disease. In treating the deformity of the foot, it is necessary to take into account how far the disease has gone. It is clear that the sooner the treatment begins, the better the result. If medical care is provided at the earliest stage, then it is quite realistic to slow down its development. Special orthopedic footwear significantly reduces pain and helps to reduce the deformation of the feet. With a significant curvature, conservative treatment can only alleviate the pain in the area of ​​the affected joint. Usually prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as physiotherapy procedures. With severe pain, steroid medications that are used topically help. Of course, all this is done exclusively for the purpose and under the supervision of a doctor. In advanced cases, there is only one way out - surgical intervention. Before this, a thorough examination, including X-ray (in three projections), is performed. Osteotomy is a rather complicated operation, which consists in the reconstruction of several foot bones. It is aimed at bringing the deformed joints into a normal position. I must say that there are many different methods of surgical correction of foot deformities, some of them doctors themselves call barbarian. After such intervention, first, there is a very long recovery period, and secondly, there may be adverse consequences. Therefore, if you decide to surgical intervention, choose a proven clinic, whose doctors own modern techniques. With a properly performed operation, a person literally within a week or two can lead a habitual way of life and start working. And the most important plus is the almost zero possibility of relapse. We advise you to read: