sore feet How often, when coming home and taking off our shoes, wewe complain to relatives that their feet "ache, hoot and fall off"! More often unpleasant sensations and a pain in legs happen because of the raised or increased physical strain - because of weariness, easier speaking. And this is quite understandable - it is on our feet that the entire basic load falls. And if the body weight of a person is excessive? Man's legs are even harder. However, to great regret, not always fatigue is the only reason leading to the development of pain in the legs. Sometimes the reasons for their occurrence are much more serious and directly related to the presence of a person in certain diseases. It is about these diseases that will be discussed in this article. After all, if a person knows what can cause pain in the legs, he has the opportunity to notice this or that problem in time, and do not let it go by itself, and in time to seek medical help from a doctor who will perform the examination, clarify the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment, which will bring relief to the sick person. Physicians treat such diseases as:

Atherosclerosis of blood vessels and arteries

In the event that a person has pain in thecalves, and often convulsions, especially often occurring, or when walking on the stairs, or at night, we can assume that a person has atherosclerosis of blood vessels and arteries. In addition, another additional sign of arteriosclerosis of the vessels and arteries is constantly cold feet, regardless of the season and ambient temperature. In addition, men on toes do not grow hair, and there may be some problems with sexual function. Ignore this problem in no case it is impossible, since the lack of necessary treatment often leads to the development of quite serious complications, for example, stroke of the brain. When the above symptoms appear, the sick person should as soon as possible seek medical help from a therapist or a vascular surgeon. The doctor will give the patient a necessary examination: magnetic resonance contrast angiography, ultrasound. And already based on the findings, the doctor will clarify the diagnosis, and also prescribe the treatment that will bring relief to the person. Particular attention to this problem should pay attention to smokers. Nicotine greatly aggravates the course of the disease, as a result, even gangrene may develop. Therefore, in the event that the patient smokes, he should especially go to the doctor as soon as possible, and also part with the harmful habit of smoking.


In the event that a person is availableinflammatory process that affects arterial tissues, doctors say about such a disease as endarteritis. With this disease, a person complains of the occurrence of extremely acute pain that is localized either in the area of ​​the feet or in the calf muscles. And the pain makes you know about yourself very quickly, and not in the evening, as is usually the case with fatigue. It's enough for a person to go through only 50 - 100 steps, so that he feels that his legs ache, and even the feeling of numbness of his legs below his knees. In this case, the person should rest a little, make a small stop, ideally sit a little. However, unfortunately, this will ease the condition of the sick person only for a very short time, after which the pain will return again. And in this situation, a person should as soon as possible seek help from a doctor - therapist, or to a vascular surgeon. The doctor will appoint the patient a necessary complex of studies - magnetic resonance contrast angiography, ultrasound examination of blood vessels and arteries, examination of the blood of a sick person, necessary to confirm or deny the presence of inflammatory processes in the human body. After all the results of the study are ready, the doctor will accurately establish the diagnosis and prescribe the most optimal treatment, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the person and the nature of the course of the disease and its stage. However, such a disease is extremely insidious. If a sick person feels extremely sharp and very severe pain in the legs, it is necessary to call an ambulance team as soon as possible. Perhaps a person will need surgical treatment, and immediate.

Osteoarthritis, arthritis

In the event that when walking a person feelsjoints sharp pain, a doctor may suspect that he has one of two diseases - either arthritis or arthrosis. A person suffering from such a disease can not only walk a lot, but simply stand for a long time - he starts complaining that his joints begin to "twist" and his legs hurt. If you look closely at the legs of a person suffering from these diseases, you can see that the skin in the affected joint is swollen, reddened. And one more characteristic distinguishing feature of these diseases is meteorology - when the weather changes, the intensity of pain sensations is greatly strengthened. To clarify the diagnosis should a doctor - rheumatologist. In order to determine whether a person has arthritis or arthrosis, it is necessary to perform a blood test, as well as a radiology examination of the joints. Based on the findings, the doctor prescribes a special course of treatment.


Another reason why your legs hurt,is thrombophlebitis. The sick person experiences rather strong pulsating painful sensations in the calf muscles. In addition, the calves of a sick person can blush and swell, a person can complain about the burning sensation in the calf muscles, the veins mutate - become denser and become very noticeable. Treatment should appoint a doctor - a surgeon, who specializes in the treatment of venous diseases. Treatment can be both conservative and operative, with the product of surgical intervention. As a rule, everything depends on the degree of neglect of the disease and on how great the risk of a thrombus is.


There is a very high probability that a person is illlegs due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis develops if there is an acute calcium deficiency in the body for some reason in the human body. Painful sensations in the event that a person suffers from osteoporosis, are quite acute, and in addition, it is also often the development of seizures. Most often this disease affects women who have already reached the age of forty, especially those with blue eyes, fair skin and hair. This disease entails a huge number of very diverse negative consequences. That's why a sick person should seek help from a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will select the optimal treatment regimen that will allow to get rid of this disease, or, at least, reduce its manifestation to the possible minimum.


Also, often a man's legs hurtbecause of his flat feet. The most important characteristic sign that a man has a flat feet, he very quickly experiences fatigue when walking. As the disease develops, painful sensations appear in the area of ​​the feet and legs. Treatment of flatfoot is mandatory. The doctor will show you the necessary exercises that you have to do daily, and also help you choose orthopedic insoles. Also, women suffering from flat feet should give up high heels and excessively narrow shoes. If you do not ignore the pain in your legs, and if you contact your doctor in a timely manner and follow all his instructions, your former feeling of ease will soon return to your legs! We advise you to read: