Until now, debate about the effectiveness ofDiets that allow conceiving a child of the right sex. The majority of doctors are of the opinion that there is no doubt that there is a link between the possibility of becoming pregnant and the style of nutrition. The ability to acquire a progeny, as a rule, is affected by many factors. And not the last role in this is the nutrition of future parents. It is important that their diet contains a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins, and in the first place - calcium, iron, iodine and folic acid. Having listened to the advice of Mariana Vukovich, a Dutch researcher and analyst, you can increase your chances by about 40%. However, before blindly following these recommendations, be sure to consult your doctor.

General principles for it:

By and large, concepts such as "conception" and"Diet" are incompatible. Before becoming pregnant, doctors recommend first to get as close to their ideal weight. In their opinion, deviations from the norm in one direction or another can adversely affect the course of pregnancy. "Diet of Aphrodite", or the so-called Mediterranean diet, which is a balanced healthy diet, is ideal for the future mother's diet. The main products of the diet:

  • boiled or steamed fish and seafood
  • fresh, boiled or steamed vegetables
  • beans
  • vegetable oils
  • low-fat dairy products
  • lean boiled meat
  • whole wheat bread

General principles for him:

The diet of the future pope should be based on the following products:

  • meat (cooked in a double boiler or on a grill)
  • vegetables in any form
  • wholemeal products
  • fresh vegetables
  • potatoes (boiled or cooked in the oven)

In addition, it is worth including in your dietproducts rich in vitamin C and zinc, which is found in large quantities in white beans and lean beef, as well as in dark chicken. And from alcohol it is necessary to refuse for a while or to reduce to a minimum. In addition to the fact that alcoholic beverages reduce the level of testosterone, as well as the amount of sperm produced, they also increase the number of abnormal seed cells. If you do not want to waste time on inefficient methods and simply exhaust yourself, we recommend a tested guide to the . We advise you to read: