causes of thrush during breastfeeding Often the joy of motherhood can cloudvarious diseases. Some mothers experience greater fatigue, lower immunity, apathy, lack of sleep. In addition to these symptoms, a common disease after childbirth is thrush. The disease is not only in the form of a vaginal form. Sometimes with breastfeeding on the nipples there is a yeast infection. This ailment greatly complicates the feeding of the baby. After all, in the early stages of motherhood, you do not want to interrupt the lactation period.

Symptoms of thrush in a nursing mother

Fungi affect the mucous membranes of the breast. As a result, the nursing mother can feel a number of signs indicating that she has thrush. Identify the presence of infection can be if:

  • there was an itch of the nipples;
  • develop painful sensations in the chest and nipples;
  • nipples swell;
  • manifestations of vaginal infection are aggravated.

These signs are very common in women giving birth. After treatment, some girls re-encounter this disease. signs of thrush in the baby

Causes of the disease

Some women do not understand why thrush appears. After all, in the sterile conditions of keeping the mother and the baby, manifestation of some ailments is unacceptable. However, there are a lot of reasons for this:

  • Admission of hormonal drugs.
  • Non-compliance with hygiene rules.
  • Reception of antibiotics during pregnancy.
  • Decreased immunity.
  • Not treated to the end of candidiasis.
  • Anemia.
  • Wearing synthetic underwear.
  • Nipple damage, cracks and long-term healing.
  • Diabetes.
  • Wrong diet.
  • Baby and thrush

    If there are any of these symptoms, the motheryou must carefully monitor the child. After all, he can be transmitted an infection, he can catch a thrush. Therefore, you need to urgently consult your doctor to diagnose the disease. The thrush provokes blockage of the milk ducts in the chest. Against the background of the disease develops mastitis. All these painful sensations contribute to an outflow and a decrease in the level of milk production. However, this is not an excuse for refusing to feed. After all, the lactation period is so important for the physical and psychological contact of the mother with the baby. The main symptoms of thrush in the baby:

    • the appearance of white plaque in the mouth (on the tongue, cheeks, gums);
    • refusal of the baby from the breast, as sucking causes him painful sensations;
    • manifestation of the rash, mainly in the diaper area.

    breast hygiene before breastfeeding

    Treatment of the disease

    When the first signs of thrush are foundit is necessary to consult a specialist. The attending physician will be able to select a set of necessary measures, preparations. After lactation, many medications are banned. Therefore, it is hard to get rid of this disease on your own. A wrong treatment causes the risk of recurrence and aggravation of the disease. First of all, when treating thrush, it is necessary to comply with all hygiene measures. Proper care, frequent hand washing, regular rinsing of the breasts and body, "chest baths" for the breast - all these measures reduce the risk of the onset and spread of the disease. If cracks appear on the chest, which do not heal for a long time, you should temporarily express the milk for feeding. With these damages, lactation causes pain. Breast linen should be made of natural materials. In shops and pharmacies there is a large selection of special bras for feeding. As a rule, they are made from 100% cotton. Do not use synthetic pads for breasts. It is often necessary to replace bedding. It is better for a breast to have a separate towel or napkin in order to change them daily. With thrush the doctor will discuss a special diet with a nursing woman. The diet should consist primarily of vitamin-rich food. It is not recommended to take sweet, flour dishes. Carbonated drinks should be excluded from food. It is better to replace them with green tea. When the first symptoms of thrush appear, you need to wash your nipples with a soda solution. Especially this procedure must be repeated before and after feeding. This solution can remove the remnants of milk from the mouth of the child. All household devices of the baby are recommended to be sterilized. Nipples, dummies, spoons should be boiled daily. During lactation, you can use antifungal creams. They contribute to the elimination of infection, faster healing of the nipples. These ointments should be applied after feeding. If the thrush is manifested in the child with breastfeeding, the pediatrician or dermatologist will write out special drops, solutions to eliminate it. Very often yeast infection with proper treatment disappears forever. In any case, the appearance of thrush should not shorten the period of lactation. After all, today there are many ways to fight this disease with breastfeeding. The main thing is to take preventive measures in time, to properly treat this ailment. The appearance of the disease should not provoke a refusal to breastfeed. This disease is easily diagnosed and treated by both mother and baby.