cardiac asthma Cardiac asthma is moreconsequences of a number of diseases, since the attack begins because of violations of the cardiac activity of the body. The process itself is characterized by suffocation and dry cough, which provokes pulmonary edema. This is due to the weakening of blood flow from the pulmonary vessels to the left ventricle of the heart. Attacks can be sudden and vary in duration. It is very important to take timely measures to restore the flow of oxygen, as the consequences can be severe enough, up to a lethal outcome.

Causes of cardiac asthma

Cardiac asthma is not an individualdisease, but refers to the consequences of the development of various kinds of dysfunctions in the body, which are mainly associated with a violation of the cardiovascular system. The most common causes include the development of the following diseases:

  • Arrhythmia or ventricular tachycardia;
  • Cardiomyopathy in various manifestations:
  • Ischemic disease and other disorders of myocardial blood flow;
  • Endocarditis;
  • Infarction and pre-infarction;
  • Myocarditis;
  • Hypertension, with a special risk arises from a sudden change in pressure;
  • Department of aneurysm.
  • Despite the fact that the main causes include cardiac dysfunction, there are cases of manifestation of cardiac asthma with such violations in the body, such as:

    • Kidney disease, especially with inflammation of the glombruille;
    • Infection with serious diseases, for example, pneumonia;
    • The started stages of bronchial asthma;
    • Deviation from the norm of blood supply to the brain.

    There are cases when the causes of cardiac asthmaare the unregulated loads on the body, the use of drugs and psychotropic drugs, mental disorders and emotional balance. People who do not follow the timely emptying of the intestines, obese, and women who decided to become mothers after 45 years are also at risk. Most daytime seizures are associated with excessive physical exertion or a stressful situation, which is especially dangerous for serious heart diseases. To determine the exact cause of cardiac asthma, only an expert is able, especially since it can have a variety of manifestations and the nature of the onset. The identification of the source of development of cardiac asthma and timely treatment will help not only to successfully cure certain violations in the body, but also to save life. In order to promptly consult a doctor, you should know the main manifestations of this asthma. cardiac asthma causes

    Symptoms of cardiac asthma: diagnose the problem

    If cardiac arrhythmias are already diagnosedactivity or there are other serious diseases, then you need to pay special attention to attacks of a sudden dry cough. Also, there may be cases when any of the diseases is asymptomatic, it is cardiac asthma that indicates the violation of biochemical processes in the body. Most often, seizures begin at night, but some patients have a crisis in the daytime. Sometimes this may be preceded by increased heart rate or discomfort in the chest. Breathing becomes deep and hoarse, and the cough itself is dry. The process is aggravated by the psychological state of a person who, from a sudden feeling of suffocation, can panic, which makes breathing more difficult. Since in a sitting position or with the influx of fresh air the state stabilizes slightly, the patient sits reflexively or rises. At this point, there is a special pallor of the face and limbs, sweat may appear. Also, the appearance of nausea, dizziness, and sometimes loss of consciousness. The duration of an attack of cardiac asthma can be different, it all depends on the reasons for its occurrence and the degree of development. Since the suffocation can be initially short, and the cough is not so intense, some after a few minutes fall asleep and then do not take any measures for treatment. Such actions can significantly worsen the patient's condition, and the next attack can lead to more serious consequences, including fatal. To exclude serious health consequences or even tragedy, you should clearly know the main symptoms, especially if heart failure is already diagnosed:

  • Increased rhythm frequency, increased heart rate, accompanied by a feeling of chest compressions;
  • Lack of air, sensation of suffocation;
  • Particular psychological excitement associated with the fear of death;
  • Dyspnea;
  • Dry cough;
  • Rapid breathing (about 30 times per minute);
  • Reflex breathing through the mouth;
  • Easy relief from sitting or standing;
  • Exacerbation of already existing heart diseases, for example, arrhythmia, valve defect, mitral stenosis, as indicated by wheezing.
  • Differences in symptoms of cardiac asthma from bronchial asthma

    There are certain signs thatit is possible to determine an attack of cardiac asthma, rather than bronchial asthma. One of them is a type of breathing. If bronchial asthma is difficult to exhale, which is accompanied by whistling and hoarseness, then at heart - the patient can not breathe freely, and experiences in this case a kind of bubbling in the sternum. In addition, if serious lung diseases exist or have been transferred, then the risk of diagnosing a bronchial attack is more likely than cardiac.

    First aid for cardiac asthma

    First you need to call an ambulance and tell all the symptoms!

    • To facilitate the patient's condition, it is necessary to plant him and organize a good airing of the room.
    • In such cases, pressure often increases,spasms occur and the tension of the blood vessels increases. To minimize these conditions, you can use vasodilators, which can be in the form of tablets or sprays. At this time, it is important to balance the psychological state of the patient in order to exclude the occurrence of panic, since this will only exacerbate the situation.
    • After 5-10 minutes, if the medical team is not yetarrived, you can impose a tourniquet or elastic bandage on the limbs. This will reduce the circulation of blood, and therefore, the flow and stagnation of it in the lungs. To do this, prepare 3 bundles and put them on their feet (the distance from the pelvis is about 15 cm), and also on one arm (about 10 cm from the shoulder joint). If everything is done correctly, then below the harness will feel a ripple. In a quarter of an hour the tourniquets change, but one of the limbs must not be involved.
    • Reduce the intensity of an attack of cardiac asthma can be if you carefully place the patient's legs in a container of hot water.
    • It is necessary to provide a person with peace, exclude sudden movements, do not leave him unattended, and normalize the emotional state and calm him.
    • Take medication and doinjections in the absence of reliable information about the means and the principles of their action is extremely not desirable. Such experiments can lead to serious consequences for the health of the patient.
    • Even if the condition has improved for the arrival of the ambulance, do not give up hospitalization, since without special treatment the seizures will repeat.

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    Treatment of cardiac asthma: how to get rid of the problem

    There is an opinion that cardiac asthmais cured by folk methods using decoctions of various herbs. As practice shows, patients who previously used such methods, sooner or later still go to the clinic. In addition, the course of already existing diseases takes the advanced stages, when serious surgical intervention or long-term therapy is necessary. Treatment of cardiac asthma, namely the source of its occurrence, should only take place in medical institutions. It can be a specialized cardiology center or other clinics that have the opportunity to provide expert assistance and conduct qualitative diagnostics. After the patient's admission specialists carry out a number of activities aimed at normalizing the patient's breathing, and only after that they start to identify the causes of the disease. For this, bleeding is sometimes practiced, inhalations necessary for oxygenation of the blood, and other measures are recommended. Depending on the technical capabilities of the institution, can be conducted: coronary angiography, Doppler study of the heart, cardiac catheterization, ECG and Echo-KG. The complex of studies allows you to accurately determine the main cause of the occurrence of cardiac asthma, as well as a thorough examination of the entire cardiovascular center. In special cases, the diagnosis of cardiac asthma is complicated by the presence of signs of bronchitis or emphysema of the lungs, but more often this is typical for the elderly. Then the specialist can appoint additional measures for a more detailed study. Once the true causes of asthma attacks have been identified, medications are prescribed for therapeutic interventions or preparations are made for surgical intervention. Treatment of cardiac asthma involves compliance with a certain diet, special physical exercises can be prescribed and recommendations for changing the lifestyle, the regime of the day, and so on.

    Prevention of cardiac asthma

    Measures to prevent cardiac asthma are the prevention of diseases, the consequence of which it is. Since these are mainly cardiac dysfunctions, the recommendations can be as follows:

    • If any violations are already diagnosed,associated with heart failure, it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations, regularly take medications. It is also necessary to systematically conduct surveys to obtain information about the course of the disease;
    • The maximum correct nutrition with the regulation of the amount of fatty foods, the formation of dishes with the optimum calorie content. If necessary, inclusion in the diet of vitamin and mineral complexes;
    • Controlling body weight. We need to monitor the weight, since a significant deviation from the norm leads not only to the appearance of heart diseases, but also to other equally serious disorders in the body;
    • Physical activity and active lifestyle. We need to try to be more often on fresh vacations, engage in moderate loads, light sports, swimming and so on. In the case of an already existing heart failure, the optimal variant of physical activity is chosen together with the cardiologist;
    • Refusal from smoking, alcohol, drugs;
    • Regulation of their emotional state. Constant stressful state, as well as other psychological disorders, can negatively affect the whole body, including the heart;
    • Periodic visit to the cardiologist, even if there are no serious complaints.

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    Cardiac asthma and traditional medicine

    There are different opinions about the effectivenessuse of folk recipes to eliminate cardiac asthma, but experienced cardiologists unequivocally claim that such self-medication can lead to quite serious consequences. In practice, there are cases when, together with medical treatment, the doctor prescribes the use of funds that have a natural origin. In this case, the specialist determines the norm, and also gives valuable recommendations on the method of admission. Procedures with leeches can also be prescribed, helping to improve blood flow and clear blood, as well as other options for normalizing the condition. Use information from inauthentic sources or use any means, do the procedures yourself, without consulting a specialist, is extremely dangerous. "And my husband (son, uncle, grandfather) was cured this way" - it is better not to believe such assurances. This can exacerbate existing diseases and lead to the emergence of new ones.