the causes of the appearance of the wen The word "lipoma" comes from the Greek words"Lipos" and "om", which translates as a tumor of adipose tissue, hence the common name - zhirovik. Recently, adolescents simply "persecute" people, they are found in every fourth inhabitant of Russia. This new growth does not apply to cancerous tumors, it does not cause any harm.

What is a lipoma?

Zhirovik looks a little like a lymph node. It is soft to the touch, able to move when you press it with your finger, has certain boundaries. And by tactile sensations resembles a small ball (pea), the size of which inevitably increases with time. The appearance of a lipoma on the human body can go unnoticed for a long time, because it does not cause a rise in temperature and other serious changes. Neither in a calm position, nor with pressure, the fatty gum absolutely does not cause any pain. It can be located on any part of the body where fat tissue is present, in the literal sense "from head to foot" the body can be exposed to the appearance of adipocytes. There are even known cases when these tumors appeared in the abdominal cavity. There is no harm to the lipoma by itself, unless the aesthetic appearance. Lipomas swell on the surface of the body, and if there is no way to cover this place with clothes, it looks unattractive. treatment of wen with a pack of raw eggs

What can trigger the emergence of Wen's children?

Here we can distinguish several well-knownfactors that affect the skin: In our time, food is not as good and useful as we would like. Most ingredients and additives are of synthetic origin, and this leads to stagnation in the process of cleansing the body. Non-compliance with the regime of the day, unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, abandonment of sports, lack of oxygen (if you are constantly in the room) - all these seemingly harmless and quite intrepid problems provoke the appearance of adipose tissue on the body. The thing is that the above factors lead to a decrease in gastrointestinal motility (the gastrointestinal tract), the decay products do not have time to be excreted from the body, so they fall into the so-called "corners" of the body and the peripheral zone where, in fact, the fat tissue is located . All sorts of "slags" accumulate here, and when they accumulate with an overabundance, they simply block the channels of the sebaceous glands. At first glance, the wenroot is completely harmless, but there are cases when the lesion that was not removed in a timely manner seriously mutated. This is because old internal fats are encapsulated (since they are inaccessible for antibody protection) and become a breeding ground for a rapidly developing pathogenic microflora. Radical self-treatment with lime by piercing and squeezing is not welcome. You, at best, can easily infect the skin, and in the worst case - cause an abnormal development of the structure of adipose tissue. getting rid of wen foot by infusion from mother-and-stepmother

Can I remove lipomas with folk recipes?

Yes, indeed, only with the treatment of a wenfolk remedies should be dealt with as soon as possible. You need to apply funds that increase blood circulation in the place of formation of the wen. Let's consider some examples of known means: You can treat the lipoma with the help of compresses made from freshly cut Kallisia fragrant (in the people - golden mustache). The compress is applied to a swollen place, tightly bandaged and left for 10-12 hours (it is more convenient to do it at night, and for greater effect wrap the film). In the affected area of ​​the body, you can rub garlic gruel daily, diluted with vegetable oil. To quickly increase the flow of blood to the site of the appearance of lipoma, it is advised to apply a compress of films of raw chicken eggs to it. This tool acts immediately. Once you see redness and a small swelling on the skin, remove the compress and let the skin recover. Continue the procedure after complete recovery of the skin (when redness and swelling completely disappear). If zhirovik appeared on the skin, devoid of hair, then you can try to cure it with the help of celandine. Drip fresh plant juice on the affected area. As you know, the juice of the celandine is poisonous. Once on the skin, it "eats" the hole in the wen. Then remove the contents, using Vishnevsky ointment, baked onions, freshly cut aloe or plantain leaf (mashed into a gruel). The pulp of the Kalanchoe will help remove the adipose if it is attached with a patch for the whole day, changing the bandages daily. In a week you will see the result. You can apply the leaves of mother-and-stepmothers face to the tumor. We perform the procedure for 7-10 days. After this time you will see the result. If the wen appeared on the head, then remember, most of the remedies can injure the skin. In this case, use mutton fat. Melt 1 teaspoon of fat and apply to the affected area. Intensively massage the tumor, rubbing the remedy for 10-15 minutes. After the first massage, the effect will already be noticeable. And if you continue the procedure for more than 4-5 days, then the tumor and the trace will not remain. Wheat grains also help. They need to be chewed in the mouth before the formation of gruel. The resulting mass wrap in gauze and attach to the lipoma. This compress should also be wrapped around with food film. It should be worn all day, changing in the morning. After 4-5 days, a hole with a flowing liquid will appear in the wen. Continue to make wheat compresses until the tumor is completely removed + 1-2 days "just in case". If zhirovik has become inflamed, then you can attach to it a cake made of red clay with the addition of kefir and salt. This compress is also wrapped in a film and left overnight, changed every day until the tumor is completely removed. During the treatment of fatty acids it is recommended to eat 1-2 table spoons of cinnamon powder daily. It can be added to coffee, tea, milk, as well as in cereals and soups. If you do not want to add cinnamon to your usual food, take it before eating, drinking well with water.

When is surgery required?

If the grease is running and has reached large enoughsizes, it is difficult to cure, using "grandmother's" methods. Removal is possible to carry out by methods of surgical intervention. If the lipoma has not yet reached 2 cm, then it can be removed without cutting the skin (there will be no scars left). The doctor injects a special solution under the skin, which provokes resorption of the contents. If the size of the lipoma is more than 3 cm, then surgical removal is required. It is produced under anesthesia. After such an operation, there is a small scar, but this is better than the sticking fatty. A comparatively new method is laser lime removal in clinical settings. Such an operation is performed under local anesthesia. She takes a little time, healing takes place quickly, there are no defects on the skin. And itself suggests the conclusion: the earlier you notice the appearing wen, the easier it will be to get rid of it. Do not postpone the trip to the doctor tomorrow.