diet with exacerbation of gastritis The guarantee of health is, above all, the rightfood, almost everyone knows about this, perhaps. But, unfortunately, only a few eat only useful, rich in vitamins and minerals food. The rest prefer to eat everything, if only it was delicious. And then complain about problems with the stomach and skin, fatigue, poor health, lack of mood. As scientists have established, almost 80% of all diseases are caused by harmful food. This primarily affects the internal organs. If you eat right, given the recommendations of nutritionists, you can quickly get rid of existing diseases, without exerting special efforts.

How to eat with acute gastritis

Therapeutic diet is prescribed by a doctor, taking into accountspecificity and nature of the disease, the area of ​​injury and severity. The primary task, which is put in this case, is to reduce the burden on the stomach in order to minimize trauma to the gastrointestinal mucosa. But this does not mean that you will have to eat completely inedible and tasteless food. There are many interesting dishes that you will definitely like. But you must remember that food should also provide for human needs in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. by the list. It is necessary not only to cure the stomach, but also to strengthen its immune system. When developing a nutritional diet for yourself, consider the following nuances:

  • Composition of dishes (carefully select foods so that the dish does not contain prohibited ingredients);
  • Method of processing (fried foods have a bad effect on the gastrointestinal tract, while cooked or cooked for a couple normalizes the work of the stomach);
  • The degree of grinding (porridge or mashed potatoes is much more useful than a piece of boiled potatoes);
  • The temperature of food before use (hot and cold strongly irritate the mucous membrane).

What temperature should the dishes be?

If we are talking about dietary nutrition, thenthe temperature of the food should be no less than fifteen degrees and not more than 57. Otherwise, the gastric mucosa will be irritated, causing pain, vomiting, nausea, swelling and discomfort. Plus, eaten on an empty stomach, cold foods adversely affect intestinal peristalsis, causing spasms. Thus, make sure that the average temperature of the cooked food is about 36-39 degrees. nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis

Serving size for acute gastritis

Diet with exacerbation of gastritis is a fractionalfive meals a day, consisting of allowed products. Portions in this case should be small, so that the patient does not overeat. It is necessary to reduce the load and the mechanical effect on the affected digestive organs. In this case, remember that the food should be full, providing calorie needs of a person. For an adult female, this rate is about 3000 kcal. Counting the menu, take into account that 30% falls on the morning meal (the first breakfast is 7.00), 10% - the second breakfast (10.00), 40% - for lunch (12.00-13.00), 15% - dinner (18.00). In some cases it is recommended to divide all into 8 portions.

Method of cooking for patients with acute gastritis

As already mentioned above, fried foods are notwhat you need a person suffering from gastritis. They are most irritating to the intestinal mucosa and stomach, causing terrible pain, both during food intake, and some time after. In second place is the food baked in the oven. The most easily digested boiled and steamed dishes. Naturally, in the latter there should not be marinades, sauces, dressings, seasonings and so on under the list. proper nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis

What not to eat during an exacerbation of gastritis

Note: In the patient's menu there should be no food consisting of coarse fibers. Therefore, first remove the skin from the poultry, remove the tendons in the meat. And only after that we use it for cooking. Otherwise, all this will injure the walls of the stomach, and also long to digest. Do not forget that you should avoid foods in which there is vegetable fiber. If there is no way to completely eliminate them from the diet, try to at least slightly reduce the amount. Before use, be sure to thoroughly cook and wipe. We completely forget about smoked products, spices, sweets. You can salt the dishes only a little (ideally, of course, it is better to stop salt consumption altogether). We exclude chocolate, hard-brewed black tea, shop juices, sweet and carbonated drinks, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes.

Diet for acute chronic gastritis

This option is recommended whenexacerbation of chronic gastritis, no matter what secretory disorders are observed. Pay special attention to the fact that at first the diet is combined with bed rest. Only so the patient can avoid deterioration. If you adhere to the therapeutic diet, the inflammatory processes quickly fade, and the ulcers begin to heal. Prohibited all products that stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, as well as substances that irritate the mucosa. Breaks between meals should be no more than two hours. The food is only boiled. Milk and dairy products are allowed (naturally, in small quantities). You can cook cutlets for a couple, meatballs, meatballs. Before going to bed patients should drink milk or diluted cream. correct diet for exacerbation of gastritis

Diet in exacerbation of chronic enterocolitis

The main task in this case is to reduceload on the intestines. You should avoid eating food that mechanically or chemically damages its walls. Thus, we exclude from the menu not only rough food, but also those products that enhance peristalsis, stimulate fermentation (grapes, melon, coffee, juices, processed fats, sorrel, spinach, etc.). At the same time, the volume of portions decreases. The food should be a fraction. What does this diet solve:

  • Dry biscuits made from plain white bread;
  • Dairy products: cottage cheese, a three-day kefir, milk, skimmed sour cream rubbed through a sieve or whipped on a blender;
  • Soups with meatballs, semolina. Please note: liquid dishes are prepared on a loose broth;
  • Steam cutlets, cooked from low-fatbeef, poultry, fish. If you are used to making them with bread, in this case it is necessary to add rice already cooked and ground on a blender. No spices and seasonings;
  • We clean the porridge beforehand. We cook everything either on water or on a cold (second) broth. You can use mango, ground rice. A small amount of oil is allowed;
  • During an exacerbation it is recommended to use bothYou can have more jelly (but only fresh fruits and berries), tea and water without gas. Sweet is excluded completely, but in small amounts (less than 1 tsp) you can eat homemade jam, honey, sugar;
  • Allowed homemade sauces, which are prepared either on fat-free broth (the first water merges as soon as it boils), or in butter.

Also a good help is therapeutic mineral water. Their gastroenterologists are assigned to their patients to eliminate inflammation of the gastric mucosa, normalize the activity of the intestine. But remember, you should not just buy the first water you got. The fact is that the choice of a given fluid depends on what your problem is. If the patient, for example, increased secretion, it is necessary to drink less mineralized water. And vice versa. Thus, if you eat correctly, following the recommendations of your doctor, after a couple of days, unpleasant symptoms will disappear. But this does not mean that you should immediately return to your old life. Sitting on a medical diet will take a long time. And if you do not want to mess with the preparation of healthy dishes, you can get a steamer. As a result, you can eat healthy, healthy food without oil and salt, which, moreover, will also be very tasty.