Summer cold: an exception or rule? Paradoxically, but true: In the summer, you can also catch cold! It seems to many that the heat is already sufficient protection against the common cold and hoarse throat. However, it is not. Escaping from the summer heat, we often lose caution and do not notice how to supercool. And from hypothermia to cold - one step. In the risk group are both children - lovers of swimming and ice cream, and "circumspect" adults. It is enough to be after a hot street in a room with air conditioning, adjust the climate control in the car at too low a temperature, stay a few minutes in a draft, drink ice water after running or working in the garden. Summer cold: an exception or rule?

Do not want to hurt in the summer?

A few simple rules will help you stay healthy in hot weather.

  • Entering the room with air conditioning, throw a jacket, shawl, jacket, so that the temperature difference is not too sharp. You can remove your clothes in 5-10 minutes.
  • When you come to the beach, do not rush into cold water. Sit in the shade or under the umbrella for a few minutes.
  • After physical exertion, avoid drafts and try to wipe away the sweat immediately. Wet skin is supercooled more quickly than dry skin.
  • Do not drink cold drinks in one gulp: take small sips and take your time.
  • Use essential oils with antibacterial and tonic effect, for example, . Keep near to yourself (on the desktop in the office or at home) a napkin with a few drops of this oil.
  • Summer cold: an exception or rule?How will Breath Oil help?

    Natural essential oils, which are a part of , easily evaporate and destroy pathogensbacteria in the air you breathe. In addition, getting into the body in the most natural way, during breathing, these oils have a toning effect. It is important that Breath oil starts to "work" right away. Apply a few drops on a handkerchief or napkin and put it next to you. And while you are doing your own business, natural essential oils will protect you. Use the oil Breath can be anywhere: at work, at home, at the cottage or even in a car. Breathing can also be used in aroma lamps or air humidifiers (if allowed by the instructions to them). By the way, Breath oil will be useful even with the very first, barely perceptible signs of a cold: headache, mild discomfort in the throat when swallowing, hoarse voice. This is how the summer cold begins, and the familiar symptoms - chills and fever - appear later. To avoid summer colds, you do not need to exert much effort. A drop of prudence is enough ... and a few drops .