toy with one's own hands The abundance of goods corrupts us: we become capricious and lazy at the same time. On the other hand, a huge assortment of what can be purchased in stores does not always meet our needs. For example, goods for children are often not only harmful, but also dangerous for children's health, and purchased children's toys can cause allergies and even adversely affect the child's psyche. This is especially true for very young children. And if clothes and food for kids still somehow meet the standards and are certified, then toys sold in stores, made mainly of synthetic materials, do not meet the elementary quality requirements. And what is harmless to the child, sometimes worthless money: we are taught by modern manufacturers to overpay for quality. Of course, the factory children's toys look seductive, and it's not necessary to give them up altogether. But many similar products for babies can be replaced with hand-made analogs. In addition, toys made with the caring hands of parents, have a special energy of love and kindness (in any case, it is considered!). The toy itself - not a tribute to the fashion for hand maid, but a centuries-old tradition. Without reading scientific papers and not attending special courses, our predecessors intuitively understood the use of toys for young children. And for modern parents it's no longer a secret that toys for newborns help babies focus their eyes and develop coordination of movements. Children older with the help of toys develop fine motor skills and tactile sensations. And in general, toys are useful for emotional, mental and physical development of children. In short, the use of toys for children of any age is indisputable. And we just need to find out which toys for kids can be made with their own hands. toys for children with their own hands

Toys for newborns

All mothers are well aware that infantsvery fond of feeding my mother during feeding. And in general, babies sucking their breasts, love to explore the mother's fingers, grab and pull her by the hair and clothes. This behavior for babies is natural, so you can try to take the hands of the baby with suitable toys. Such a toy that is convenient for the mother and child will be, for example, hand-made beads

  • Beads

Plastic or wooden beads tie withusing a hook with bright threads. You can just tie these beads or sew, filling them with sintepon (or, better, natural wool). Ready beads must be strung on a strong nylon thread or cord. The main thing that the baby could not break them. Putting on these beads during feeding, Mom will be spared from gentle, but palpable tingle, and the baby's hands will be occupied by a bright and pleasant to the touch toy.

  • Soft children's toys

Immediately make a reservation that soft toys fornewborn children are not suitable. However, you can make a hanging turntable with soft toys that will develop the attention and color perception of the baby. Sew from the bright tissues of birds, butterflies, little animals or tie them from a suitable yarn. As a basis for such a turntable, take a light wooden or plastic ring (hoop large diameter, for example). Along the circumference of the ring, tie threads or cords of equal length about ten centimeters apart. Collect all the threads with a dome, connecting them over the center of the ring, and tie them into a bundle. To the ring, hang homemade soft toys, and hang the ring itself over the crib, picking up a bundle of connected threads.

  • Arch

Take two plastic gymnastic hoops. One of them cut into two identical parts. Now turn the resulting arcs vertically crosswise, to get a kind of dome-spider. Cross the crosshairs of the arches firmly and wire the dome to the base of the whole hoop, also using the wire. You should have a dome with a round base and two crossed arch arches. It remains to wrap the hoops with a sintepon and a soft natural cloth. Such a dome is placed over children, laying newborns on a soft blanket and hanging bright children's toys in the arch.

Educational toys

For older kids, you can (and need to!) Make children's developing toys. And you can start with the simplest.

  • Cloth balls

Make from bright fabrics blanks of variousdiameter, to sew several balls, starting from the smallest, which fits in the palm of the baby, and ending with the largest, which the child can hold with only two hands. Each piece is sewn along the circumference by small stitches, having retreated from the edge about a centimeter. Pull off the thread and fill the ball with any suitable filler: sintepon, yarn remnants, beads, cloth rags, cellophane. The main thing that the baby was interested in touching and kneading such a ball. Tighten the thread until the end, filling the edges of the fabric inside the ball, and secure. With a round piece of scraps, cover the tightened place on the ball and firmly sew this flap to the ball.

  • Bank with ribbons

This toy is suitable for a baby aged fromsix months to a year and older. And you can make it from a normal can of children's mixture. In the cover you need to make holes and insert in them a multicolored satin ribbon. At the ends of the bands tie knots that will not allow the baby to pull the ribbons from the jar. Inside the jars, put small objects that will create noise (beans, beads). Now stretch the ribbons, leaving only small tips over the lid, and cover the jar with a lid. The meaning of the game and training is to pull the baby ribbons of a certain color.

  • Drawing board

Suitable for children and one-year-olds, andkindergartners, and junior schoolchildren. In addition, such a toy will protect your walls and furniture from children's art. To make it, you need to take a piece of conventional chipboard and paint it with any dark paint. When the paint is completely dry, it should be gently wiped with fine sandpaper over the entire surface. The edges of the board, so it does not look too gloomy, paint with acrylic paints or glue bright self-adhesive film. You will have a toy school board on which the child will like to draw crayons.

  • Toy Products

Such toys will suit children aged one yearup to two years as an educational game, and older children will need them in role-playing games (mother's daughters, shop, kitchen). From plaster or salted dough, you need to mold small dummies of various products: fruits and vegetables, a slice of cheese, a loaf of bread and so on. Then they should simply be painted (more natural) and varnished. Giving children these homemade toys can only be after they are completely dry, and the smell of varnish will completely erode. Keep in mind that children under one year and even up to two years like to try toys on the tooth. Therefore, do not leave these babies with such toys unattended. toys for children

Other Toys

Babies after a year can already safely be given softtoys. And for these children you can safely sew and knit any soft toys and making dolls. From year to year, children play with a great pleasure with a developing mat, which can also be sewn by hand. They will like both homemade books and soft cubes. For children up to one year, you can make a box with cups-liners, using for this purpose colored cups from yoghurts and having made holes in the box of the desired diameter. Only cups need to be covered with cardboard lids with pictures, for which the baby can hold liners and insert them into the box. Pyramid with soft rings and covered with sintepon and fabric core will be not only interesting for one-year-old kids, but also safe for children up to a year. And remembering your childhood, you can make paper dolls for little girls or even a whole doll family. Kids really like to put these dolls in painted clothes, and they will also play with their mother's daughter in such a paper family with pleasure. In general, dream! Come up with games and toys with children, play with them. Love your children and embody this love of homemade toys. The warmth of your hands and the kindness of your heart will definitely make such children's toys special: not just safe and useful, but real talismans with the magical power of parental love. We advise you to read: