how to make a flower from paper with your own hands Paper flowers today have become very popular,probably because the techniques were improved. And these man-made examples of masterful natural creation are no longer associated with vulgar wedding roses of the times of Soviet kitsch. And materials today are incomparably more qualitative than in the recent past. And, of course, making a paper flower with your own hands is much easier thanks to His Majesty the Internet, where you can find sample pictures, detailed instructions, and master classes recorded on video. But if you are just a beginner master, then try to make a very simple flower and take for these purposes the most convenient material - corrugated paper. It is from such paper that you can make a very "natural" flower with your own hands, even if you do not have enough experience in paper-plastic. Yes, yes, this is the name of the technique in which flowers and other interesting crafts made of paper are made. So replenish the stocks of corrugated paper, prepare scissors, wire, glue and start ...


Such flowers of paper are perfect forsweet bouquet. Corrugated paper in general is actively used by masters of suite design. And if you're planning to try your hand at this art, then start with a pink bud. To make such a flower by your own hands is very simple. For this we need:

  • Corrugated paper for the color of the future bud (peach, pink, white, yellow, red);
  • green corrugated paper for leaves;
  • sewing thread;
  • round candy;
  • Toothpicks;
  • tap-tape;
  • scissors.

First we need to make a patternbud, which we will fold from one single petal. Therefore, first cut the square blank, the width of which should be such that you can wrap a piece of paper and a half sweets. Now the upper half of the workpiece is cut in a semicircle, rounding the corners and keeping the two lower corners straight. Important! The corrugated paper corrugated honeycombs should be placed along the vertical of the workpiece, and it should be stretched horizontally. Now put the candy in the center of the right edge of the workpiece and begin to tightly wrap it in paper. In doing so, do not forget to pull the paper lightly, forcing the workpiece to become convex in the place where it is in contact with the candy. Now stretch the edge of the petal, making it wavy and just slightly wave the petal on top of the bud. The bottom of the paper bud (directly under the candy) is gathered in a bundle and tied with threads. From below, insert a toothpick or a skewer into the bud and wrap it with green corrugated paper (you can see the paper with a tape tape). It remains to make sepals. For them, we cut a square workpiece and cut it with denticles on one side (five denticles per sepals). We wrap the blank around the stem under the bud and fasten it. The tips of the teeth are twisted, slightly rolling sharper between the fingers. The flower is ready to take its place in the sweet bouquet! how to make flowers from paper with your own hands


On such colors it is good to train inimproving the skills of paper-plastic. And ready-made flowers will take a worthy place in the decorative bouquet, which will be an exclusive decoration of your interior. So, to make a tulip out of paper with your own hands, you need to prepare:

  • Corrugated paper for the color of the future flower;
  • green corrugated paper for leaves and stems;
  • coil of thread;
  • wire for the stem.

We cut out corrugated paper from colora rectangular blank of three and eighteen centimeters in length (or, for example, four and twenty). The corrugations of the corrugation must be along the length of the workpiece, so that the paper extends in width. Now twist the workpiece in the middle, making two turns (like a candy wrapper). Next, fold the rectangle in half (connecting two three-centimeter edges) and stretch the petal from the paper, making it convex. The base of the petal is the opposite edge of the bend - compress and twist. Should be a kind of spoon with a twisted handle. We make six such petals. From the green corrugated paper cut a strip two centimeters wide (corrugated grain along the width of the strip), fold it in half along the length and wrap the wire with paper. Now stir at the end of the stem three petals (the inner crown of the flower) and behind them in staggered order three more petals. We attach the petals to the stem, tampering them with a strip of corrugated paper. From the same green paper we cut long narrow leaves and also attach them to the stem. The flower is ready! And if you make several colors, then you can collect a chic bouquet of tulips and decorate your house with your own hands. how to make flowers from paper


A great way to make your own hands simple flowers made of paper, when they need a lot. Such a flower is made quickly and easily, but it looks very impressive. To make a peony with your own hands, prepare:

  • colored corrugated paper;
  • toothpicks or sticks for barbecue;
  • sewing thread;
  • PVA glue.

First cut off the paper roll you needwidth and length: the wider and longer the strip, the more magnificent the flower will be. For the sample, cut the strip by the width of the roll. Make sure that the grain of the corrugation is located along the width of the strip, and its long side extends. So, we cut off the strip, and then one of its long edges is stretched, causing the paper to slightly cork. The opposite edge is smeared over the entire length with PVA glue and leave the corrugated ribbon to make the glue slightly dry, and the paper under our hands does not spread. Now take a stick for a barbecue and fix on its top a ball of paper. Or we crumble the cotton ball, which is wrapped in paper. This is the base of the flower. Then we begin the turn behind the turn to wrap the previously prepared strip around this base, pressing and gluing the glued edge of the blank with the glued PVA. At the ready flower we straighten the petals and fix the bottom part with threads. If desired, make for the peony sepals and wrap the stem with green corrugated paper or tape tape. That's how you can make flowers from paper with your own hands. By the way, it can be not only roses, tulips or peonies, but also other flowers. From corrugated paper you can get simply elegant irises and crocuses, carnations and chrysanthemums, sunflowers and poppies. So dare, improve your skills and comprehend the magic art of paper-plastic. Good luck! We advise you to read: