torn jeans for women Modern fashion involves bright, boldimages and original stylistic decisions, so more and more outfits depart so far from Puritan conservatism, which is replaced by extraordinary character. Ragged jeans for women - this is an unconditional confirmation of the general rule. Gradually they win back the once-lost confession and the former popularity that they used in the 1990s, and are turning into one of the hottest fashion hobbies, especially in the youth circles. Paradoxically, despite the general negligence of the style of these jeans, with their help one can achieve high completeness of the whole image, its integrity and unique uniqueness, because this product is very colorful and casts the motives of a kind of "rock wave". What is the most characteristic feature for jeans in the grunge style? Freedom and the absence of strict rules both by choice and style, and by concept provided them with a second life and new popularity. Young people, including this outfit in their wardrobe, have the opportunity of bright self-expression through all imaginable and unthinkable scrapes and cuts, holes, as well as the general inefficiency of textiles. Youth's ideas about liberalism gradually began to affect the world of fashion, so fashionable ragged jeans are a symbol of the independent free spirit of the modern young generation and a direct denial of the traditional style, official and business. Grunge jeans are a vivid protest and a challenge to generally accepted standards in clothing that allows you to express yourself with the help of the most eccentric details of the decor and the unchangeable cuts. It can be safely said that the history of their creation has almost half a century, a trend has arisen in the most advanced countries of Europe, for example, in France, and later received a response to the United States. Such pants combined elements of the style of unisex and served as a form of protest, later, in the 90s, certain stable social circles emerged that expressed themselves through holes and cuts. Speaking of shabby, ragged outfits, there is a persistent association with students and the extreme manifestation of casual style, but do not assume that such models are low-grade and are a budget option, on the contrary, worn trousers with cuts can be found in almost any collection of famous designers, that such outfits are dedicated to individual rulers. Representatives of bohemia and creative people vividly position themselves with careless chic and unpredictability, which has a variety of these pants. Uniqueness, which can be achieved from its own appearance, is knocked out of the general traditional style of Casual. Therefore, there are still some rules of socks that should not be neglected, as well as general trends in wardrobe modeling, which actually will be further discussed.

Fashionable ragged jeans: basic design solutions

fashionable ragged jeans Speaking of stylistic boards, in whichjeans with cuts can be performed, it's worth mentioning about a wide range of choices, but each grunge-like product screams like: shabby, simplicity and mocking negligence, that's what we are. Starting from this, you can already make a choice and literally every woman or young girl, and it's worth making a reservation that it is they who are more likely to make a bet, will be able to buy pants of this style. What new products will please us the world's leading couturiers, and it's not necessary to doubt that the assortment is enriched with ever more new and improved models, with an enviable consistency, we will try to decide.

  • The most extreme shape of a similar detailwardrobes are jeans-varenki with a lot of tearing of textiles - this is the main trend of the trendy ragged jeans of this season and the latest shows. The main rate of such models is made for an extraordinary color performance, which is characterized by abrasion, blurriness, color heterogeneity in combination with a variety of cuts both along the entire length of the pants and in certain areas. Such models are very popular among the subculture of the direction of "punk" and a number of others. However, for everyday wear this style decision will be somewhat inappropriate, if not to say that it will just become an outrageous audience if the young girl took a chance and dressed in this outfit, then it is necessary to limit the use of accessories or other extravagant details of the wardrobe that will form the finished image.
  • Ragged jeans in the style of unisex - another option,which will certainly force oneself to take on the views of others. Here the emphasis is shifted to a specific cut, which is supplemented by cuts and tearing of textiles. Similar models of jeans use a narrowed cut of the trousers, and also do not distinguish the zone of the hips and buttocks, as a result, they are available for wear to both men and women. These jeans 2011 women's torn in abundance met on the track in one of the latest shows from Cavalli, as well as from Diesel.
  • It is worth mentioning the newfangled phenomenon, whichbecame a trend in the summer, hot season - slightly truncated narrowed models, despite the fact that they look boldly because of the large number of asymmetric sections, but retain femininity, accidentally exposing female ankles and calves. Young girls weight more often and more often use such design direction for rest or a campaign on a beach, supplementing a similar style of trousers by footwear on a high platform.
  • The general requirement that fashion designers put forward tocuts on the pants - asymmetry and the general mismatch of the cuts on the ragged women's jeans. If you rely on the earlier models of pants in grunge style, you can see that there was a clear algorithm for breaking the textiles, but in order to tear jeans were relevant and fashionable, you need to choose models with sloppy cuts. This can be both holes and a combination of several small incisions of textiles framed by abrasion, you can also purchase a product with cuts along the entire length of the trousers, or be guided by an outfit in which the emphasis will be put by just a few or even one breakthrough.
  • The last shows make a furor theirrulers of ragged denim products, we are talking about the print in conjunction with a break in textiles. A vivid abstraction or animalistic print for the entire length of the pants can be combined with casually decorated holes. Fashionable women's magazines hastily placed these ragged women's jeans in their catalogs, photos with similar outfits showed a great depth of creativity of the creators.
  • With regard to color performance, the mostpopular and relevant gamma for the summer season are pale blue colors, as well as shades of gray. Quite presentable, in great demand among the bohemians and creative people are pants of deep, blue tones that do not imply uneven color performance. But for young people, the women's clothing market offers a variant of "cooks", such pants have fewer cuts, but they are executed with a unique color performance.

From all that has been said, wealthassortment gives the chance to pick up such outfit, which is simply called to express the individuality of its owner. If you mention the world brands that recently include in their collections styles of jeans 2011 women's ragged, then a very notable figure will be Cavalli, ShipleyandHalmos, the world-famous Moschino, as well as the label Balmain. By the way, quite a few couturiers, focusing on classic and traditional clothing, periodically dilute their shows with ragged pants in grunge style.

Modeling an image or with what to wear fashionable ragged pants?

Of course, the ragged jeans styles are not soare universal as simple denim pants, this is explained by a rather extravagant design design, which leaves a significant imprint on the situations in which you can safely wear these pants. The main rule for wearing tattered or tattered pants is the relevance, it's unlikely anyone will ever think of wearing this outfit, going to work or, say, a business meeting because of their particular color. Most often, grunge pants models are used on thematic, youth evenings, in a club informal atmosphere, where the brightness and independence of the image is encouraged, as well as among special subcultures, in which such jeans are an attempt to clearly distinguish their group style. In view of all of the above, it is worthwhile to figure out what to wear ripped jeans to stay in the trend and not lose feminine attractiveness. There are many fashionable catalogs periodically posting reviews of ragged women's jeans, photos of which show eloquently what to combine clothes with in order not to lose relevance. Pretty aggressive style of pants can be supplemented with an elongated, laconic jacket, deep black in the style of "military", a jacket with a simple cut will fit perfectly into the jacket, without abundant drapery and decor. Finish everything with leather shoes, it should also combine elements of extravagance, for example, an abundance of leather straps or metal rivets. This image is ideal for young, self-confident, a little aggressive and bright women. Women's magazines often place on their pages fashionable ragged jeans, photos with models convey impudence and youth freedom, as well as provide options for combining things. When choosing things, it is important to observe moderation, bright pants - this is a characteristic accent that will not go unnoticed, so the rest of things should only shade the brightness of the pants. For everyday wear, pants with small cuts will fit, they perfectly complement shoes on a flat sole, leather sandals with an abundance of straps and bindings. Ideally, the image will fit a large bag-tablet, and all this will create a harmonious style of the creative student girl. Speaking of torn jeans, you can conclude that the selection of clothing for them is a simple cut, laconic, somewhat restrained style, without the use of plentiful drapery, as well as a flashy finish, without playing with texture. Most often fashionable women's reviewers include in their catalogs of fashionable ragged jeans, photos in which are specifically designed to simplify the selection of wardrobe. You can use simple T-shirts, elongated T-shirts, perfectly complement pants in the style of grunge jackets, do not give up accessories such as our handkerchiefs or belts tied simply on the hips. If the girl tries to give seduction to her forms and achieve maximum femininity, it is worth giving preference to a high heel, for comfortable wearing the ideal footwear will be youth sneakers, trendy knitted summer ugg boots, and sandals in the style of military. Ragged jeans - a very versatile and practical outfit that can create the breathtaking effect of expressive brightness, ideal for youth clubs and nightlife, or a sense of struggle and maximalism with all the traditional - it all depends on what to combine jeans with.

Ragged jeans for women: learn to choose

jeans 2011 women's ragged As for choosing this outfit, hereapply the traditional rules used for all pants, but with some nuances and reservations. Unconditional condition is the choice of a quality, comfortable product, with ideal seams, suitable for size and ladies' dimensions. However, it is important to know that ragged denim dresses have a strict age contingent, in which their socks do not cause confusion to others - these are young, active girls, but not mature, held by business women or chaste mummies. Of course, with an irresistible desire and they can include in their wardrobe such extravagant attire, but use it only for special, force majeure or thematic parties. Ragged jeans are rather summer models, since textile assumes direct contact of the body with the environment, and in the cold winter season it is simply inappropriate. But it is worth mentioning that designers have developed trouser versions and for such a case, using a second fabric layer, differing, for example, in color and texture from the overall tone of the pants. In general, choosing such jeans should take into account the relevance and purpose, according to which the woman will wear them, as well as the price and quality, and then the product will please the eye and bring comfort. Thus, if the girls are betting on the uncommon appearance and seek to attract the views of a large number of people around them, and also put a priority on the possibility of self-expression through the details of the wardrobe, but at the same time do not want to give up comfort and convenience, the variant of ragged jeans becomes the most suitable for these purposes. We advise you to read: