face tonic Our skin, as well as the whole body,cleaning and recharge are necessary, since the skin is the "first post", which boldly meets the aggressive external influence. All our experiences can be read with the naked eye: from fatigue our face dims, from nervous shocks can be drained and get a gray shade. But if you live in harmony with yourself and others, but you still do not look so good. Cosmetics will help you to restore natural beauty. Today it will be a tonic for the face.


Tonic for the face is for toningskin, giving it freshness, natural glow and healthy color. In addition, it is this "life-giving moisture" that improves blood circulation and metabolic processes. Someone can argue and say that there are enough different types of soap, milk or gel to cleanse the skin of makeup, dust or other dirt. Then a logical question arises: why do I need a tonic? The fact is that it comes into effect already at the final stage, removing the keratinized cells and residual products of cleansing agents, is able to draw dirt from the depth of pores, but soap, gels and milk remove only its surface layer. The difference is palpable! How to use a tonic for the face with various small specific problems? Firstly: it should be properly selected according to the type of skin. Secondly, it is necessary to determine the desired effect.

  • Oily and shiny skin. Included in the product alcohols, alcohols contribute to degreasing the surface and matte unnecessary shine.
  • Problem skin (tendency to acne). Alcohols disinfect the skin and wash out the plugs in the sebaceous glands. In acute acne, you should change the tonic to lotion.
  • Dry skin. Various emollient components, more often aloe vera, contribute to the restoration of the introductory fat balance.

Use face tonic follows the followingway: moisten 2-4 times a cotton pad with a tonic, then massage your face with a massage. From the middle of the cheeks on the board to the ears, walk in circular motions with a cotton disc, then from the middle of the forehead towards the temples, from the middle of the chin towards the ears, from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer eyelids to the outer and lower eyelids from the outer corners to internal. Correctly picking up the tonic for the face, you will feel that the skin has ceased to be stitched and has acquired a more fresh look. If the effect is not observed, you should try another manufacturer's product.


The composition of the tonic for the face, as a rule, includesalcohol. Often, it is the basis. If this product is for oily skin, then the alcohol concentration may be 50%. Tonic for a face without alcohol is suitable for dry skin. In extreme cases, you should choose the liquid in which the alcohol content is the least. They are better suited for acne prone or irritated. Matting agents are the second component of the formulation. Unfortunately, their action is fleeting - only a few hours. But you can fix the effect: immediately after applying the tonic, apply matting cream. Nutrients. This component is optional, it is not available in all products offered. For tired skin it is good to choose a composition with essential oils and herbs.

Types of tonic by skin type

tonic for face reviews

  • Combined

This means from the category "2 in 1", they representa mixture of tonic and milk at the same time. Do not expect that the effect of the merger of the two products will be twice as good. To use a tonic for the face of this type is convenient in marching conditions, when all the tubes and jars with you still can not be taken.

  • Tonic for sensitive and dry skin

Why you need a tonic for a face that is designednamely for dry skin? The thing is that oily skin requires degreasing, that is, the composition of such products will include a greater percentage of alcohols, and dry - on the contrary requires recharge, it is not possible to overdry it. For best effect, you should combine the remedy with moisturizing milk or cream. A characteristic feature of such a product is the presence of lipids that promote purification, moisturizing and nourishment. If the label indicates that the following components are present in the tonic for the face, this will indicate that the lipids in the liquid are available: olive oil, stone oils of grapes, peaches, apricots, shea butter or karite, cocoa. Other designation of lipids: ceramides, triglycerides, squalane, cholesterol. In the face tonic without alcohol, provitamin B5 or panthenol may be present, which will promote the synthesis of lipids and protect from irritation; alpha-tocopherol (tocopherol acetate) or vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and has a calming effect. A natural face tonic may contain urea, which is a natural moisturizer and retains moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis.

  • Tonic for normal skin

This cleansing tonic for the face includesvitamins and various minerals, the purpose of which is to strengthen the walls of the vessels. In order for this product to serve as a moisturizing tonic for the face, it should contain a little alcohol. The fact that the product will still exfoliate the effect is indicated by the presence in the crusts of fruit or aluminum oxide. This will help to give the skin a more even texture and opacity.

  • Tonic for problem skin

Tonic for the face, intended for problem andpredisposed to acne skin rash is designed to prevent the formation of acne. As a part of such products, essential oils, alcohol and herbal extracts will always be present. The best face tonic for such a plan to improve the appearance of the facial skin removes the lipid layer that binds the horny scales located on the upper layer of the skin cells. Tonic for a person whose reviews are in large numbers on the pages of Internet sites, presupposes the presence of surfactants - surface-active substances. They open the way to the dermis for active substances, but along with this, bacteria can be found in the dermis. On the label, surfactant is marked with an emulsifier. Because not to break the skin barrier, in the cleansing tonic for the face add extremely soft surfactants, which can break the lipid layer minimally. Here, alpha-hydroxyl (BHA) and beta-hydroxyl (AHA) acids can be used. Their task is to remove the keratinized cells of the epidermis and maintain the balance of skin oils, which are necessary for moisturizing the skin. On the label they can be identified by the names: citric, lactic, malic, glycolic, pyruvic and salicylic acids.

  • Tonic for oily skin

Tonic for face tapering pores also removes andgreasy shine. The composition of the product is similar to the composition for oily skin, but the components are used in smaller proportions. How to use a tonic for the face and why it should be done? During the day, our skin produces fat and sweat, which is a favorable environment for the emergence of microbes. Clogged pores with "stored" microbes cause the appearance of acne. You should use the product as a tonic in the morning, and as a cleanser - in the evening.

Products from different manufacturers

We have already called a moisturizing toner for the face, andproducts designed for different types of skin, and all kinds of compounds, but did not talk about which manufacturers offer such a product. Let's take a quick look at the most common sentences.

  • Nivea

Nivea tonic for the face presents as an effectiveA remover that can remove black spots. The manufacturer also declares that the product does not overdry the skin. We find reviews about the product from Nivea - face tonic - and read: convenient packaging, easy pleasant short odor on the skin after use, the product is delicate, but with black dots can not fight. Yes, and tonic for the face narrowing its pores, it can hardly be called. On the face sensation of a roofing felt of a film, толи стянутости.

  • Vichy

Tonic for the face of the vicha contains salicylic andglycolic acid, zinc sulfate, glycicyl, and Vichy thermal water. It fights with a greasy shine, cleans, smooths the surface of the skin and narrows the pores. Use a tonic for the face of vichy in the morning and in the evening, pay special attention to the problem areas. The use does not lead to the formation of comedones.

  • Lancome

Tonic for the face Lancome has an updating andcooling effect, perfectly suited as the final chord of skin cleansing. Contains extracts of white lotus, cedar and French rose, so it charges with energy and has a soothing effect. Contains alcohol. Reviews of the tonic for the face of Lancome only say that the product is good and suitable for all skin types.

  • Garnier

Tonic for the face of Garnier contains a rose extract,acts delicately, removing contaminants and dead cells. Tonic for the face garnier is applied to the cotton pad and then massage the face, neck and decollete area with massage movements. After that, use a moisturizer. Clean line Tonic for the face of a clean line is suitable for sensitive skin. Detailed information was not found, but the reviews say that the product is rather delicate and does not cause overdrying. The composition can include various medicinal plants.

  • L'oreal

Tonic for the face of a loreal can be found with a moisturizereffect, restoring, revitalizing and purifying. Tonic for face loreal reviews leaves extremely positive. It can be concluded that this is the best face tonic in the opinion of Internet users.

We make a tonic with our own hands

tonic for face tapering pores Prepare a tonic for the face with their own hands is also notcomplicated. Lovers of natural cosmetics came up with how to compose a tonic for the face on the basis of the toilet water of the Hungarian queen. To do this, you need the following ingredients (all take 1 tablespoon):

  • Calendula flowers, rose petals, mint leaves, linden, orange and lemon crusts, lavender flowers, 2 leaves of laurel, 250 ml of apple vinegar.

If you can not find any componentsthis face tonic recipe, use a lightweight formulation, but do not add any extra products. And finally, how to make a tonic for the face at home. Preparation: Dry ingredients are insisted for 14 days on apple cider vinegar. Take only pure vinegar, without different "E", you can use your own making. At the end of the period, tincture is filtered, diluted 1: 1 with boiled cold water, you can take distilled. Tonic for the face use morning and evening, store only at room temperature, and the diluted formulation is effective and suitable for use only 5-7 days. Picking up cosmetics for your face, focus solely on individual portability. Be beautiful! We advise you to read: