chemical peeling at home At all times, women have sought to lookattractive. To do this, they invented all kinds of ways to maintain beauty and youth. Even before our era, it was known that skin and hair need not only cleansing, but also in moisturizing and nourishing. To modern beauties to keep attractiveness much easier and easier. Cosmetologists have invented a huge variety of different ways to care for the face and body. In addition, the stores offer a rich assortment of cosmetics to independently conduct procedures that help maintain beauty at home. To cleanse the skin use foam, milk, gels for washing, for nutrition and moisturizing - creams and various masks, for toning - lotions and tonics. But, that the action of all the above cosmetic products was more effective, one should not forget about such an important procedure as chemical peeling at home.

Why do I need peeling?

Peeling (from the English. peel "peel" or "peel") - a procedure for deep skin cleansing, in which exfoliation of the upper stratum corneum occurs. What is it for? The fact is that the cells of the dermis are periodically updated. But not all keratinized layers are completely removed by themselves. Their complete disappearance is promoted by peeling. It is thanks to this procedure that small wrinkles disappear, and the face looks fresh and attractive. It should also be noted that after deep cleaning all cosmetic products are much more effective, since dead cells no longer prevent their deep penetration into the skin layers. It is important to remember that peeling needs not only a face. Deep cleansing is useful for the whole body, and even for the scalp. After this procedure, the sebaceous glands will produce less fat, and the hair will grow much faster. chemical peeling in the home

What are the different types of peeling?

Depending on the way in whichpeeling and how deeply it acts on the skin, several of its varieties are distinguished. It is necessary to know the specifics of the application of each of them. Laser peeling can be done only in a specialized salon. It is a very deep, biological and painful way of cleaning, which equates to surgical intervention. And the process of rehabilitation after this kind of peeling is long enough, even complications are possible. Therefore, one should not apply to him more often than twice a year, and only on a big need. More popular types of peeling are physical and chemical. They affect the upper and middle layers of the skin, so you can resort to such procedures quite often. For their carrying out are used as special cosmetic means, and simply products which always are in the kitchen. For example, physical peeling with salt is popular. Small crystals, which are in every house, contribute to a superficial cleansing of the skin. Chemical peeling is often performed in salons. At home, it is more difficult to organize this procedure. However, nothing is impossible for a woman who dreams of being attractive. Many people are afraid of the definition of "chemical peeling". After all, chemistry for us is associated with something alien and harmful. To some extent, it is. With this kind of peeling you should be careful. However, having the necessary information, you will extract from this procedure only benefit for your appearance.

Useful chemical peeling at home

For chemical peeling, you canuse the funds represented by various cosmetic concerns. In any store you can find a huge number of scrubs, masks and gommage for your skin type. In their composition they have a different set of chemical elements. Most often it is phenolic, glycolic and fruit acids. You just have to choose the right cosmetic. But be careful: a poor-quality product can cause skin burns and lead to disastrous results. To avoid forgery, purchase cosmetics only in specialized stores. An alternative to shop cosmetics can be a means for peeling, which you can do yourself. In this case, you can be certain of their quality and harmlessness.

How to choose the right peeling?

It must be remembered that the means for peelingit is necessary to select correctly. Before cleaning at home, it is better to consult an experienced beautician. If this is not possible, do not buy cosmetics with a high concentration of acids. Their misuse can lead to irreversible consequences. Women with a very greasy, seborrheic skin type are recommended to apply peeling with beta hydroxy acids. Cosmetics with salicylic acid are very effective. Useful for oily skin and glycolic acid. Owners of dry and sensitive skin should choose more sparing ingredients. They will use funds with alpha-hydroxy acids, the second name of which is "fruit peelings." Presence of rashes and inflammatory elements on the face completely excludes the possibility of deep cleaning. Before the procedure, you need to put your skin in order to avoid complications. how to make chemical peeling at home

Simple recipes for chemical peeling

Peeling on the basis of water and hydrogen peroxidePeeling with sponge is the most popular among the varieties of chemical skin cleansing. This procedure can be done in the cabin and at home. A fresh-water plant is a freshwater plant that performs the function of a biological purifier in nature. Similarly, it affects the skin. Bodyguog has long been caught from freshwater rivers and lakes and used in cosmetology. Now this plant can easily be purchased in any pharmacy ready for use in the form of powder. Before the procedure, cleanse the face suitable for your skin type: facial cleanser, lotion or cosmetic milk. Then it should be steamed. Owners of oily skin can do this over a steam bath. Women with dry skin enough to warm up their face with a damp hot towel. Remove the hair under the kerchief, put on rubber gloves. To prevent the discoloration of eyelashes, eyebrows, lips and skin around the eyes, and also to save them from the aggressive effects of the components of the mask, lubricate them with petroleum jelly. Pour into a small container 2 tablespoons of powder and gradually pour into it three percent hydrogen peroxide. Stir thoroughly until the mixture has a creamy consistency and begins to foam. Ready immediately immediately put on a dry face, gently rubbing the mixture in circular movements on the massage lines. For 20 minutes, hold the mask on your face, then rinse with warm water. Soak the skin with a napkin and powder it with talc. A peeling with a sponge is designed for several procedures. It should be done every day until light peeling occurs. Sometimes two masks are enough, but you may need more than three procedures. Before the second and subsequent application, the skin is no longer steamed, but only wipe with a 2% solution of salicylic alcohol. During the procedure, try to avoid direct sunlight. Ultraviolet can damage the skin. Do not use any cosmetics. You can only lubricate your face with petroleum jelly. After the second procedure, it is recommended to do a gentle facial massage. Then apply to the skin a soothing mask, prepared independently on the basis of natural ingredients: honey, eggs, fermented milk products, vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants. Salicylic peeling Salicylic acid has a wonderful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. This substance gently acts on the skin without irritating it. Thanks to this remedy, it becomes smooth, the pores become narrower, black dots disappear, the sebaceous glands normalize. At a very oily problem skin a solution with a 30% acid content is used. Women who have a normal and prone to dry skin, you need to use fifteen percent salicylic alcohol. This procedure, like any other peeling, is carried out in three stages. First, the face must be cleaned of surface contaminants. Then the skin can be applied with a dope cream that will soften and prepare the face for the upcoming procedure. The second stage is the application of salicylic acid directly. Do not worry if your face is slightly tingled. This is normal. However, if you feel very uncomfortable, wash immediately. Keep the product on the face for no more than 5 minutes, then rinse with water at room temperature. At the final stage, it is necessary to slightly neutralize the action of the acid. To do this, apply a special protective cosmetic to the face. Well-proven creams, which include aloe. This plant will accelerate the process of tissue regeneration and protect against exposure to harmful environmental factors. Mild peeling with calcium chloride Acquire a ten percent calcium chloride solution in the pharmacy. Ampules with a capacity of 10 milliliters are enough for one procedure. Wash and dry your face. Wet the cotton disc well with a solution and lubricate the skin. Leave until completely dry. This will take no more than 2 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice. But after the third application of a solution of calcium chloride do not wait for it to dry out. Quickly soap your hands with baby soap and massage your face. You immediately notice exfoliated horny particles of skin. After wash the face with slightly warm water, pat yourself with a napkin and apply a protective cream. Classic chemical peeling Rub on a fine grater a good soap bath without fragrances and preservatives. Add 10 grams of boric acid, 30 milliliters of glycerin, 1 teaspoon of 10 per cent ammonia, 2 tablespoons of 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablets of hydroperite. Mix the ingredients until a uniform foamy mass is obtained. Apply the composition to the cleansed face, hold to dry completely 7-10 minutes. Then wash the previously prepared 10% solution of calcium chloride and rinse your face thoroughly with water. Blot your face with a tissue, apply a protective cosmetic. It should be noted that the finished mixture for this peeling can be stored in the refrigerator for three months in a tightly sealed container. Fruit peeling with ANA acids This type of peeling is considered the most sparing and suitable for frequent use, as well as for women with dry and sensitive skin. Cosmetics with ANA - acids have long been used to preserve beauty and youth. They are part of the fruits that are available to everyone. Therefore, carrying out fruit peeling is within the power of any woman. We offer a few simple recipes. Peeling "Garden" Take 1 glass of red currant and half a glass of any grapes. Pound the fruit in a mortar, strain through gauze. With this juice, apply a cotton swab. Leave to dry for 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Peeling "Multifruit" This mask will need exotic fruits. In equal parts, mix and grind with a blender peeled banana, pineapple and kiwi. Apply on face, wait 15 minutes and rinse. Peeling "Lemon" Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil and rose hip oil. Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, squeezed out just before use. Lightly heat the resulting liquid and apply to the face with a cotton pad. This mask does not need to be kept for long. It is enough 5 minutes. After that, the composition is washed off with cool water. Any woman who does not even have a thick purse can be young and beautiful for many years. Do not be lazy, take care of your face and body. And not necessarily for this visit expensive beauty salons. Use chemical peeling at home and be beautiful! We advise you to read: