1 The basic rule of a cozy home is less rubbish, buthow to learn to get rid of unnecessary things in time? In the trash category, not only garbage gets to, but also things that you do not use for a long time, obsolete or simply unnecessary items. They occupy free space, accumulate dust on themselves, and also take time to clean and your vital energy. And the sooner these things leave your home, the better. Fighting trash is not difficult, you just need to understand that these things are completely unnecessary and find the strength to throw them away. In this case, you can not regret the discarded things, since, by clearing the space of garbage, you cleanse your inner world. If you for the first time decided to get rid of junk, then it's hard not to get tired of the process, and therefore for every stop we get rid of 27 unnecessary things. Ask yourself a few questions before you send the item to the garbage bag. Is this thing dear to you and did you use it at least once in the past year? Do you have a similar thing of better quality and do you need both identical items? What emotions does this thing. After checking, leave only those items that are dear to your heart, and what is not capable of causing even a smile, safely send to the garbage bag. So, the trash can be anywhere. But start with your beloved, what can be in your room, cosmetic bag and what you need to get rid of: old cosmetics, last year's sun protection creams, empty bottles, old pantyhose and stockings, stretched underwear, unnecessary glasses, pens that are no longer they write books that no one reads. The kitchen hides the most unnecessary things, first of all, clean the refrigerator of expired and inadequate products and semi-finished products. Next, pack cookbooks, crockery or dishes that you hate, such as pots that are older than you or glasses that are uncomfortable to wash and even some complicated device that you do not like. Between business send in a package kitchen trifles and covers from glasses for which there is no steam, empty bottles, banks and the rests of sweets from holidays - too there. Under the sink are often accumulated empty jars, and in the kitchen cabinets overdue products. In the kitchen, you can also meet empty bottles of whipped cream and pails from ice cream and fast food, as well as toys from restaurants and dried spices in individual bags. Unnecessary paper and plastic bags, old towels and rags must be discarded in the same way as empty glass or plastic bottles and dried flowers. In the office and the hallway there is also enough rubbish: old telephone directories, newspapers, catalogs and advertising booklets, broken discs and boxes from them, programs that are hopelessly out of date and guides to them; old batteries and cinder from candles, vases that no one uses for a long time and any broken things should leave your home. In a bag of trash, ruthlessly send out worn shoes, calendars and posters, cans with dried paint and building mixtures, a live Christmas tree and unnecessary toys for her left over from the holiday, clothes that can not be repaired and all the things that you think are necessary to throw away.