small kitchen interior in the apartment Any woman tries to make her house nicer andcozier. And the best tool for getting rid of the ordinary and boredom in the house is to diversify the interior with all sorts of decor elements. However, it is not always so easy to do this. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of families are forced to live in small apartments. So, and the kitchens are very, very small - especially on them and not unfold. But still space for design fantasy can be found in a small kitchen - there would be a desire and some knowledge. Moreover - even in a small kitchen of any apartment it is possible to change the interior in such a way that the kitchen is not only beautiful and cozy, but also very functional. This is what we'll talk about today - after all, if you are reading this article, then the problem is most likely for you.

Kitchen reconstruction

It is a small area of ​​the kitchen and is the mainthe problem of housewives. However, it can be successfully solved. And they themselves in various ways - from a simple rearrangement of furniture and ending with the demolition of one of the walls. Already scared? And in vain - sometimes it is only in this way you can choose the optimal design. Many designers advise to get rid of the wall between the kitchen and one of the adjacent rooms. However, remember that such a reconstruction can be carried out only after thorough preparation. In particular, you will need permission from the appropriate building authority. Yes, and the demolition of the wall will cost you a round sum. Therefore, carefully consider all the nuances before proceeding. After all, as you know, breaking is not something to build. And in a small apartment, any redevelopment will be cardinal. kitchen design in a small apartment

Furniture and decoration in the kitchen

If you do not radically change the design of the kitchenwant, try to change furniture in the kitchen. For example, buy a kitchen set, which provides a place for built-in appliances. Give up the kitchen corner in favor of the so-called bar counter or folding table and chairs. Believe me - this will allow you to free up a lot of space in a small kitchen. In addition, it is worth thinking about the color scheme in which the design of a small kitchen will be executed. Colors should be selected very carefully. When choosing flooring and wallpaper, pay special attention to warm and neutral tones. Bright combinations, alas, you can not afford, because they visually reduce the space. But the non-contrasting shades, on the contrary, extend the boundaries of the kitchen and create the illusion of a spacious room. But even the materials of neutral colors have special requirements. On them, in no case should there be any large drawings - whether they are geometric figures or floral motifs. They also make the kitchen less - which is exactly what we are trying to avoid. But before you start the global changes in your little kitchen, in particular - to change the wallpaper, it is worth remembering that the usual wallpaper in the kitchen does not fit. Due to the fact that the kitchen is a room with variable humidity, traditional paper wallpaper will have to be abandoned. The only acceptable option is a moisture-resistant wallpaper or, as they are also called, washable. Ideal fit vinyl wallpaper or wallpaper from fiberglass. Such wallpaper will quickly get rid of dirt, accidentally sprinkled with fat, they are resistant to moisture and even to fire. But they are not so cheap. But also in the event that you are constrained in the finance, it is not necessary to be upset. The cheapest option is vinyl wallpaper. They have a wide range of colors, a glossy shiny surface and a specific embossing. But the wallpaper of fiberglass is slightly more expensive, but the texture is reminiscent of fabric, which brings its zest to the interior. Both types of wallpaper are well washed and will not disappoint the owner in the future. design of a small kitchen in the apartment

Elements of interior

With elements that help create a designsmall kitchen, you also need to be careful. For example - curtains. Heavy and massive curtains in a small kitchen will look extremely ridiculous. Yes, and visual space will also be hidden very much. That's why in a small kitchen it's best to hang translucent curtains of light material. By doing this you will achieve visual expansion of the small kitchen. Firstly, due to the fact that the translucent fabric looks almost weightless, and it takes quite a bit of space. And secondly, similar curtains do not delay natural lighting. And this is very, very important - in the natural lighting of the room the kitchen will look much more spacious than with an artificial one. If you look into the kitchens of our hostesses, almost in each of them you can find various lovely trinkets - pictures, vases, magnets. Of course, any interior becomes warmer and more homely. But do not forget that it's not just about design, but about the interior of small kitchens. In which it is not always possible to write all these trifles. But if you can not refuse them, then be sure to consider the overall design of the kitchen. All elements of the decor must match the general style and color scheme in which the interior is made. So, for example, if the general interior is made in the style of a country, it is unlikely that the decor elements made in high-tech style will be appropriate in the kitchen. If you chose the design of the kitchen, made in warm colors, do not get carried away by the dark elements of the decor. Otherwise, pastel shades will play against you, at times visually reducing the room kitchen. Do not hang on the walls of the kitchen of large paintings, or use massive vases - the effect will be the same. In addition, especially attentive should be lovers of domestic plants. To the great regret, no matter how you choose a design, you will have to give up flowers from the kitchen. Flowers take up too much space - after all, we are fighting for every square centimeter, is not it? Some landladies find a way out of this situation and, considering the design of the kitchen, provide wall racks for indoor plants. However, in this case the kitchen will visually appear smaller. Typically, designers advise to choose only one flower that fits into the interior of the kitchen. And pay attention to the design of the flower pot - it must also be suitable. In the event that the apartment has many mirrors, the kitchen interior can also be varied with mirrors. In the event that you prefer mirror doors to kitchen cabinets, or place mirrors over the dining table, the kitchen will visually increase at times. As you can see, it is quite possible to cope with such a task. Although, of course, not so simple. But, as you know, without difficulty and fish from the pond can not be pulled, not to mention such a responsible business as the creation of a beautiful, cozy and functional kitchen. We advise you to read: