matting face wipes Today every woman's cosmetic bag can be foundmany items that were originally created not for her at all. One of such items, which replaced cotton scarves, are napkins that have changed their purpose from hygienic to cosmetic. And now matirujushchie napkins for the face is nothing, as the present wand-zashchalochka for fine half of mankind. After all, every woman dreams to look beautiful, to attract attention, to impress the imagination and even intrigue. And, of course, her faithful assistant in this matter is makeup. It is he who allows to make the face more beautiful and expressive, thereby, instilling in any woman confidence and raising her spirits. With the help of make-up you can hide traces of inexorable time, disguise circles under the eyes and wrinkles, pigment spots and reddening of the skin, change the shape of the face, emphasize eyebrows, increase the eyes and also highlight the contour of the lips. Therefore, natural, light make-up is an absolutely necessary daily procedure. The only problem remains that the make-up made can only retain its beauty, freshness and original appearance for a few hours, and by the end of the day it looks already slightly sloppy, leaking, spoiled. This issue is especially important in the summer, when under the influence of sunlight and heat the person gradually becomes wet and makeup starts to "leak". What, then, should be done? The women began to ask this question for a long time, but only at the end of the 20th century they found a truly revolutionary solution: they are matting facial napkins that can refresh the face, quickly and without any effort to correct make-up and instantly return the woman's self-confidence. Matting facial wipes are soaked with a special cream, which, without spoiling the make-up, penetrates through the tonal base and refreshes the skin. Just remove excess fat from the skin, dirt, dust, droplets of sweat and lumps of carcass. Matirujushchie napkins for the face of which reviews are quite convincing about this their dignity. They can refresh not only the color of the powder on the face, but also the color of the shadows, giving the eyes an original expressiveness and brightness. In addition, these napkins protect the skin of the face, because if you use them several times a day, even without removing make-up, you can saturate the skin with oxygen and moisture, thereby giving that opportunity to breathe deeply, removing small dirt and excess cosmetics and opening clogged pores. For women who have oily skin, matting facial tissues are considered to be irreplaceable - all women's forums on cosmetic topics are full of reviews. After all, they are able in time to hide all traces of unpleasant brilliance, removing any allocation. Such napkins again give the skin a matte, soft, velvety shade. Matting facial tissues can be bought nowadays in any store, but it is better to use high-quality natural materials, then you guarantee yourself that the makeup will not deteriorate, and the face will acquire a fresh, rested look.

From the history of matting napkins

facial matting shiseidoThe USA became the country where thesenapkins. There, in the special research laboratory, the first wet wipes for cosmonauts were developed. And in the end, this product was so hygienic and convenient that scientists immediately decided to create a new, not so aggressive line of wet wipes for children. The fabric made of coarse pulp, eventually turned into super thin and soft, and the compositions with which it was impregnated, became very diverse: nutritious, matting, etc. The name of matting napkins is a derivative of the French word "matt", which means "dull", "matte". Because it is in one of the French cosmetology laboratories developed a composition that gives the skin dullness and removes greasy shine. In the beginning, such matting wipes were used only as a professional tool for public people, who are too often seen in view of their activities. And only a little later, these napkins were in beauty salons, and then - and in the departments of cosmetics specialized stores and supermarkets.

Types of matting wipes

All matting facial tissues are divided into several categories:

  • By the composition of the filler, which isthe real achievement of cosmetology. That is, these napkins can contain powder, aromatic additives, tannins, and also be hypoallergenic, without flavors, narrowing the pores, etc. Their primary purpose is to remove the sebum from the face.
  • Price. There is a price difference, which depends on the components that contain the absorbent compound, and the brand recognition.
  • Packaging is also an important componentfor comfortable use. Matting wipes, as a rule, are produced in plastic containers of small sizes and in cellophane packing with a convenient window.

Disadvantages of matting napkins for face:

  • Do not use to clean the face skinnapkins, which include alcohol or its various derivatives. Because when alcohol gets on the skin, it causes a micro-burn, and, defending against it, the skin emits new portions of fat. As a result - all the time a brilliant face.
  • Dermatologists do not recommend too oftenUse such napkins, especially if they contain tannic substances. In addition, it is in the summer that you should carefully approach the problem of skin cleansing, because when the sebum is not completely removed, its particles enter the pores of the skin, where the souring takes place, which has all the negative consequences: acne, acne and inflammation.

Advantages of matting napkins for face:

  • Almost all napkins include bactericidal additives, and this makes it possible not only to purify the skin of the face, but also to cause inflammation that has arisen.
  • Modern matting wipes includean innovative complex that contains polymeric microparticles that absorb excess sebum and cover the skin with a very thin layer of powder. That is, there is no testimony against using this kind of napkins every day.
  • Disposable napkins and completely sealed packaging, in which they are stored, are a guarantee of hygiene of the cosmetic procedure, even if it is performed on the go.
  • Convenience. No one will argue that there is nothing better than the ability to quickly and without any effort to fix makeup anywhere and at any time.

What firms produce matting wipes?

matting face wipes cliniqueIn the 21st century, almost every serious cosmeticthe brand produces matting wipes. A wide assortment gives an excellent opportunity for every woman to choose matting wipes suitable for quality, composition and price.

  • Matting face wipes shiseido arerefreshing napkins, which are very easy to use, and instantly remove the greasy shine from the skin of the face. They contain a very strong component - hydroxyapatite, which absorbs excess fat and lipid peroxide from the skin. These napkins are covered with absorbent powder, which absorbs fat from the surface of the skin. They help to eliminate fatty gloss and quickly give the person a fresh, beautiful appearance whenever and wherever. One napkin, as a rule, is enough for the whole face. These napkins are soft blue, more dense than inexpensive analogues. They have excellent absorbent properties. Matting face wipes shiseido is a very convenient and compact oilcloth packing that easily fits in your purse and accompanies you everywhere.
  • Matting face wipes clinique absorb andinstantly remove excess fat, clogging the pores, from the skin of the face. Thanks to the technology of microporous film, napkins absorb fat through a variety of tiny holes. Such napkins not only remove the gloss and excess fat, but also serve to prevent contamination of pores. It is clear that the napkin becomes transparent precisely in the place where fat was absorbed. And do not worry about the fact that these napkins will also remove the moisture necessary for the skin or leave behind a not very pleasant film of powder. All that you get after applying matte napkins for the face of the clinique is a smooth, matte, clean skin. They can be taken with you to any place, since the package containing 50 napkins, in size is equal to the case for business cards. This napkin must be applied to the shiny, greasy areas of the face. And soak the face until the napkin becomes transparent. These matting wipes work well with the narrowing of the facial scrub with Pore Minimizer Thermal-Active Skin Refiner with Pore Minimizer Refining Serum.
  • Napkins cettua - matting face wipes,which are intended for instant removal of gloss and excess fat from the skin of the face. They are a simple and quick way to cleanse the face and give the skin freshness. On each napkin is applied special talc, instantly absorbing excess fat and not disturbing the make-up. Therefore, you do not have to powder your face all the time to remove an unpleasant shine. After all, this can lead to the accumulation of many layers of powder and, as a consequence, to the clogging of pores. The use of cettua - matting facial tissues will give your skin a well-groomed and fresh appearance, and the pores will remain clean. These napkins are convenient enough packing, in each of 50 napkins made of a thin material like parchment, on both sides covered with talc, due to which there is matting of the skin. Small napkins are very easy to hide even in a very small handbag, so they are absolutely indispensable for the exit, especially on the road in the summer. Matting face wipes cettua also smooth the skin, and leave no sticky residue on it.
  • Facing matting facial tissues Faberlic Youngare made of a nonwoven delicate material. Thanks to the presence of herbal natural extracts, these napkins are very effective in eliminating greasy shine, as well as smoothing the surface of the skin and excellent toning. In addition, they have excellent absorbent properties. They keep their makeup well, so they can be used throughout the day. Napkins are easy to use and absolutely indispensable on the road. Recommended for combination and oily skin. They should be used as needed: in the morning, to cleanse the skin and throughout the day to get rid of the greasy luster. The quantity in the package is 15 pieces.
  • Matting wipes from Artdeco are contained inoriginal black box with a pocket. Although the manufacturers took care not only about the appearance, but also about the content of a beautiful package: the effect of matte skin with these napkins will last for several hours even on the hottest summer day.
  • Bourjois napkins perfectly handleits task to cleanse the skin, and also very convenient to use, because of what is quite popular with women who need to go to such napkins quite often.
  • In addition to these brands, there are manypositive female reviews of matting facial tissues from brands Chanel, L'Oreal, T-Zone and Clean & Clear. The latest cosmetic brands are leaders both for the achieved positive effect, and for the beauty and originality of the design. The most necessary condition when choosing matting napkins for the face is their conformity to your skin type. Choose them correctly, and they will help you out even on the hottest summer day and will help you to remain beautiful and confident for a long time. We advise you to read: