temperature during pregnancy Pregnancy is a very exciting event,especially for those who are waiting for the first-born or who she came after years of unsuccessful attempts. But regardless of the degree of health and the level of awareness about the nuances of expecting a child, any woman during pregnancy is sensitive to the slightest changes in her body and listens to the processes that take place inside. The state of pregnancy is accompanied by the appearance of a mass of "deviations" that are unusual for the average person, which are considered to be the norm for women. The most common of them - nausea, a strong need for a certain product or amazing combinations of them, painful sensations in unexpected parts of the body. The temperature of 37 in pregnancy, too, in the absence of other symptoms, clearly indicating the cold or inflammatory nature of malaise, is considered the norm. But all this, naturally, raising the concerns of the future mummy factors, so you need to have a clear idea when during pregnancy you should calmly continue to lead a habitual way of life, and in which cases immediately seek help from specialists. fever

Common causes of temperature increase in the first trimester

During pregnancy in the earlymeasuring the body temperature, the thermometer often stops at 37 degrees. Since such an indicator is used to consider the onset of any disease, the pregnant woman begins to show great anxiety. Responsibility for the health of the toddler makes the woman at pregnancy unnecessarily hypochondriac, she is ready for every important thing in her opinion to consult a doctor. This behavior is to some extent justified, since caring for a small organism is the main task of the future mother, but it is not worthwhile to show excessive excitement and spend most of the period of pregnancy in the doctors' offices. When pregnancy increases, fever is not always a cause for concern and an excuse to go to a hospital. This "anomaly" is due to the fact that during this period there is a cardinal hormonal adjustment, the heat transfer of the body slows down, and the temperature begins to rise, compensating for the general state of the organism. In addition, a woman prepares to carry a baby under the influence of the hormone progesterone, which is responsible for attaching the fetal egg to the uterus, and for stopping its contractions, and even prepares the breast for the secretion of milk. The increased temperature during pregnancy is just due to the production of a large amount of this, one of the most important, the hormone. Depending on what temperature and weather conditions outside the window, you can also highlight some features. In summer, when the air is very warm, body temperature during pregnancy can also grow. Future mothers need to carefully take sunbathing and use more liquid to restore the body's water balance. In winter, when a significant part of the time is spent in closed rooms, the temperature during pregnancy can rise due to dry microclimate and lack of a constant supply of fresh air. A woman in an "interesting" position should be more on the street, and if the weather does not allow - more often to ventilate the room. Whichever of these factors is relevant, it should be remembered that all of them are not a serious cause for concern, body temperature during pregnancy in the value of 37 to 37.4 degrees, especially in the first trimester is a normal reaction of the body. causes of fever in pregnancy

Dangerous consequences of excess temperature in pregnant women

If during pregnancy a woman has a feverthe body rises, leaves the permissible frames and reaches 37.5 degrees or more, this is the first signal that the organism of the future mother is infected and the child's health is in danger. Especially terrible and creates a high degree of threat of miscarriage, fever in the first two weeks of pregnancy. In the first trimester, the baby is laying down absolutely all organs and forming life-supporting systems of the body. During this period, body temperature, reaching a level of 38 degrees, can begin the process of developing fetal pathologies. And if this threshold is exceeded, and no actions are taken to normalize the mother's condition, such negligence can lead to serious health disorders of the child. Among the most common abnormalities in children developed during pregnancy are mental retardation, muscle hypotension, central nervous system defects, microcephaly and underdevelopment of various parts of the body or face. The rise in temperature to the level of 38 degrees can signal a state of risk not only for the fetus, but also for the mother. This fever occurs in a pregnant woman and with an improper arrangement of the fetal egg - an ectopic pregnancy. To save a woman's life and keep her childbearing function, it is important to diagnose this fact in time and urgently go to a hospital for surgical intervention. Dangerous and unpredictable temperature increase and late pregnancy. This can be the cause of the development of complications from the heart and the nervous system, both in the mother and in the child. During this period, high temperature can also become an initiator of placental abruption, which is fraught with premature birth and death of the child, and as a result, serious violations of the woman's health, including infertility. basal temperature plot

The algorithm of actions at different temperature indicators

Temperature range from 37 to 37.4 degreesit is considered normal, it does not require medication and when it lasts for several days. Even if the pregnant woman has all the signs of a cold: cough, headache, runny nose, you just need to monitor your condition and body temperature, as these symptoms indicate a natural struggle with the pathogens of the disease. With a good level of immune protection, the feeling of malaise will begin to subside within 24 hours, with reduced immunity the disease will continue its development. If the temperature threshold is reached at 37.5 degrees, the temperature must be started to be knocked down. First it is worth trying the methods of folk medicine: hot tea, honey, lemon, raspberries, cool compress and grinding. Of the pharmaceutical preparations, only paracetamol is considered to be consumed, which is considered to be the safest for the fetus. It is strictly forbidden to use acetylsalicylic acid and drugs based on it, as they reduce blood clotting and can cause bleeding, both in the mother and in the fetus. In addition, aspirin - the strongest initiator of the appearance of malformations. If there is no positive dynamics, and the temperature has reached 38 degrees, it is necessary to immediately go to the medical institution for medical help, since such a temperature indicator is a sign of the infectious process. With timely access to medical care, there is a great chance to quickly block the focus of the disease and strengthen the immune response, which will allow a woman to recover in a shorter time and in time will create a protective barrier on the way to the fetus.

The most important stage of a woman's life is motherhood

For a woman who has a baby, the paramountthe task is to create the ideal conditions for its growth and development, therefore during pregnancy the future mother seeks to do everything necessary to protect her baby from unfavorable factors. Already in the first weeks of pregnancy many women have fears, whether they do everything right and whether everything is in order with the fetus. The appearance of various fears during pregnancy is promoted primarily by hormonal changes in the body, but even when the hormone level comes to a more or less balanced state, women do not stop meticulously studying the changes in their body and paying attention to any little things. Being very suspicious by nature, they often raise the alarm because of usual ailments, and even not having them. A rise in body temperature is the most common "disease" of women in a delicate situation. But any expert will confirm that during pregnancy, you should not be afraid of the thermometer readings up to 37.4 ° C, and advise not to worry. For raising the temperature during pregnancy, follow, of course, necessary. But to elevate it to the rank of the primary task and give entirely to the process of finding any deviations is absolutely not worth it. Free time, which appeared during pregnancy, it is better to use for reading books that have not had time before, on a favorite hobby or learning a new profession. Maternity is such a beautiful period of life that it is not worth spending it on scrupulous self-examination of the body's condition, inventing non-existent diseases, exaggeration of health hazards and, moreover, unnecessary self-treatment. In pregnancy, everything should be in moderation, and then the joy of bearing a baby will be a constant companion for all 9 months.