Montessori Methodology

Educational techniques for children in gamesA photo: GettyImages Maria Montessori, the first female doctor in Italy, a scientist and psychologist. She created her own special system, completely different from traditional pedagogy. The most important thing in her method is to allow the child to choose the occupation. The teacher must guess what interests the child and create only the necessary conditions for learning. The child is given complete freedom. Today, the baby may want to drink or draw, tomorrow - to count or read. The teacher remains as if in the shadows. The principle of Maria Montessori: "Help me to do it myself." It is thanks to the non-intervention of adults that children become independent. Typically, classes in this technique begin with finger gymnastics, playing musical instruments or dancing. After that, the kids go to rooms and do whatever they want: they plant flowers, read, sculpt, etc. Rooms for classes are divided into five zones, each of which is equipped with special materials. For example, in the practical life zone, a baby can water the flowers, make a salad, wash things, tie shoelaces, clean shoes, etc. In the area of ​​sensory development materials have been collected that will help the child learn to distinguish the characteristics of objects: size, color, shape, weight. In the area of ​​mathematics, the kid learns to count, trains memory and attention, in the language zone learns to read and write. The space zone introduces the child to the outside world, with the history and traditions of different nations. Fifteen minutes before the end of the lesson, the teacher rings the bell, and the children gather in a circle again - they do exercises, watch a fairy tale and traditionally blow a candle.

  • pros

The Montessori method is universal. With it, you can teach a child to write, count, develop general erudition, logic, ability for analytical thinking, fine motor skills. But the most important thing is that children become independent, they are accustomed to work and order, they understand the responsibility for doing work. One of the advantages of the Montessori method is that the child does not need to be forced to do anything, because the kid himself will strive to learn and try something new.

  • Minuses

Many psychologists say that in children,involved in the Montessori method, poorly developed fantasy. The little ones will read well and write competently, but the essays themselves will never write. Today, Montessori has followers who are trying to pay attention to creativity. So, there are additional zones: music, art, theater. They criticize the Italian teacher for the child’s too much responsibility for their own development, their inability to work in a team. Teachers note that children who come to a regular school after a Montessori kindergarten are uncontrollable and literally stand on their heads.