From what age do you bring your child to dance classes, form

Beginning to go to dance lessons can be from 4-5 years andeven earlier. Lessons for kids include stretching, rhythm, the development of the ability to move to music. After the initial stage of training in the group go directly to the dance.Choreography for children 5-6 years oldChoreography lesson for children 5-6 years old, warm-up Photos: GettyThis can be ballet, folk or variety dance, it all depends on what kind of dance direction you chose. Tights, skirts, socks and Czechs - what is required for training girls, boys need a gym shirt and shorts. Usually, all children in the group are engaged in the form of a single color, so before you purchase it, you need to clarify the details with the teacher. You can start choreography for any child. Of course, not everyone has a predisposition to make a professional dance career, but the guys change very quickly when they grow up. Some undeveloped physical parameters, such as insufficient stretching or flexibility, can be compensated by the desire to dance and systematic training.

The benefit of classical choreography

Choreography helps to improve physicallyand mentally. Purposeful development enriches the child spiritually, forms a creative personality. The theater of choreography develops creative thinking, musicality, rhythm, memory, teaches to react quickly and delicately feel what is happening. A small person thanks to his studies will become disciplined, learn to overcome himself, commit volitional efforts to achieve the goal . In addition, dancing is a general physical training. Dance movements develop all muscle groups, improve posture. Purposefulness and diligence are those positive qualities that develop in children's character lessons in choreography. Behind the beautiful dance moves on stage is hard work. Energy and mobility, directed to the channel of the dance, will bring wonderful fruits. For children who want and love to dance, training in a dance group will help realize their aspirations.