platform shoes What can transform in a matter of secondswoman beyond recognition, add to her grace, give grace, draw a silhouette and provide a few centimeters of growth? All ingenious is simple: all these can reward and please a woman wearing platform shoes. It's no secret that shoes a priori make the female leg more refined, instantly ennoble the posture and give a special flirtatious charm to the ladies' gait. Modern trends simply call for using a high sustainable platform that provides maximum comfort and confidence to every female step and does not go against the aesthetic beauty of shoes. The history of this universal product has its roots in the deep past, which is typical, the prototypes of the first women's shoes on the platform were found in different ethnic cultures. It is safe to say that this is truly international shoes, which can easily be noted for a modern woman. A prototype of this kind was found in Asian cultures, for example, in Japanese, who wore national chicken and geth. At the same time, the platform was actively involved in the life of European ladies, colorful patterns were common, for residents of Middle Eastern Turkey it was considered simply a bad form not to include traditional shoes on a stable, massive basis - takunti in their wardrobe. It is impossible not to mention the Venetian socles, it was in these models that the first attempt was made to combine the direct functionality and originality of the style performance. The richness of the history of the development of this style of shoes made it possible to obtain unique, authentic women's shoes on the platform, which are successfully used by modern ladies. It is impossible to make a reservation that modern models, as they are accustomed to contemplate today's women of fashion, began their life in the 30s in France in Paris. In great honor, the massive, but at the same time very comfortable shoes were among the inhabitants of the foggy Albion. Already from there the love for this colorful piece easily migrated to America, and in an instant the shoes on the platform beneficially emphasized the elegance of the legs of many American women. Beautiful shoes on the platform caused another furor in the 70's, women wanted brightness, originality and extravagance along with increasing emancipation, and a high, eloquent platform claiming provided the woman with all this

Fashionable shoes on the platform 2016: trendy design solutions

Given the rich historicalthe transformation of this style of shoes, you can easily imagine that the fashionable shoes on the platform 2016 are able to anticipate all the wildest expectations of the weaker sex. Thanks to the fact that for the past few seasons the platform remains at the peak of popularity and does not come out of the trend, it can be safely attributed to the rows of classical footwear, and this is provided that modern shoes do not carry any modernism on the platform. On the contrary, from year to year they amaze with freshness of style decisions, richness of textures and finishes, which designers successfully promote. In addition to guaranteed brightness, a woman who decided to please her own leg, for example, summer shoes on the platform, will feel comfort, because a convenient shoe ideally repeats the shape and structure of the female foot. The requirement of combining elegance and yet practical convenience is completely satisfied with the choice of shoes on the platform. Let's consider in more detail the main trends and dizzying innovations, which generously presented this product to designers in the current season.

  • Traditional, classical execution of this detailwardrobe recognized couturier decided to dilute the ethnic color, so that women's eyes opened shoes on the cork platform. This is an authentic, bright product, in which a cork or rubber is used as a basis. Despite the apparent massiveness, the leg in such shoes does not get tired at all: the whole secret is in the cork structure. The best pastel, sand tones, and also beige colors harmonize best with the cork soles; often such products combine textiles of different texture, for example, combine woven leather elements with light lace textiles. Shoes on the platform of summer just have to be in the wardrobe of a young girl, as the ecological compatibility of the cork is very in harmony with the summer season.
  • The hot trend of summer was unanimously recognizedsabot - original shoes on the platform, not having backs. They are distinguished by a massive heel and a very impressive platform - a woman who prefers this style, immediately takes on the image of a hot Latin American coquette, as clogs come from Latin America. As for the high fashion, these models often appear in the shows of such brands: Chanel, Ralf Lauren, as well as Miu Miu. Designers do not deviate from classic stylistic solutions and choose a wooden high platform in combination with a good leather top of the product. More ambitious solutions include decorating with massive iron buckles or rivets, as well as embroidering.
  • Paradoxically, the most revolutionarythe decision on the design part of the fashion shoes on the platform of 2016 was the idea of ​​Alexandra McQueen. The innovative approach of this fashion house was to try and combine the sharp nose of the shoe with the platform. Of course, such shoes can only afford a confident, shocking person, since this style admires the abundance of incompatible elements.

Summer shoes on the platform - determined with style

platform shoes 2016 If we talk about the popular texture, whichmost often used on the stage, this is traditional leather. However, summer shoes on the platform are also finished with lightweight textiles, for example, a refined satin, which instantly makes it possible to turn them from a typical everyday version into an evening wardrobe detail that perfectly complements the elegant female image. Often shoes on the platform combine together the conservatism of classical canons, the authenticity of ethno-style solutions, as well as the expressive uniqueness of the safari image. What follows from this? Ethno motifs are often present in beautiful slippers on a platform with rough leather trim, as well as on models decorated with fringe, often on ethnic products one can find an abundance of leather tassels, as in the collection of Louis Vuitton. Women's magazines literally picked up on their pages the latest collection of shoes on the platform of the 2016, the photos from the covers of the catalogs vividly demonstrated all the color that Louis Vuitton managed to convey in his line of shoes made in ethnic canons. The safari style is very clearly expressed in models of shoes on the cork platform, which are gaily decorated with unthinkable feathers or natural shells, often even for ivory ivory. Of course, these models are not adapted to everyday wear, but if a lady wants to please the eye of others and cause a general interest in any themed evening, then they will be more than relevant.

Color palette

It is necessary to give special attention to the color scale,which is the most trendy for shoes on the platform 2016 summer. Here, dear ladies, we are provided with a rich field for experiments, because a huge assortment is available to the attention of a woman. Starting from the most Puritan tones and colors, ending with ultra-trendy, most unimaginable color solutions, which are not always limited to one tone. For young and self-confident, as well as for women who seek to shock, it is just necessary to give preference to a multi-colored, contrast platform. The abundance of similar products is found in the show from Prada. Animal stylistics for the summer season is more relevant than ever, often the coloring repeats the bizarre patterns of animal skins, which is an ideal option for shoes on the platform of summer styles, because it is summer products that must demonstrate themselves brightly and expressively. However, these designers decided not to limit themselves and continued the animalistic idea in the texture of the skin, which began to repeat the patterns of the python, the crocodile, various scales of other "sweet" creatures.

Platform shoes: choose a quality product

platform shoes 2016 photosFrom the foregoing it is obvious that modernthe woman is provided with the widest range of footwear on the platform, so among a huge range of offers, one can find an option that would satisfy all the requirements, be it a price factor or an orientation to an intricate unique design. But to choose a really high-quality product that combines maximum comfort without compromising elegance, it is worthwhile to follow a number of rules in choosing a product:

  • First of all, it is necessary to assess the convenience of liftingand pads, for this it is not enough just to visually inspect the shoes, you need to try it on, shod and take a few steps. It is important to remember that platform shoes are shoes that require maximum matching of the pads and lifting of the foot, otherwise you can say goodbye to comfort.
  • Now determine the convenient height of the heel. The optimal heel height is the one that reaches 7 cm - this is classic, but young girls tend to move away from standards as much as possible, so choose a platform of dizzying heights, sometimes more than 12 cm. It is important to remember that this can easily distort the gait and instead of a laid-back, graceful, smooth image, the girl will produce quite the opposite impression. Now everywhere you can find some kind of "heel-cases" - a special kind of platform, stretched by the skin - this is a design mistake, which is rather impractical excess, because at the time of use, leather on the sole wears out quickly.
  • It is important to pay special attention to the noseproducts. Shoes on the platforms of 2016 summer assume a cut on the toe, it serves as a decorative element, but when choosing shoes it is important to remember that the main load when walking is made on the front of the foot, and not on the heel, so often there are rubbing in the appropriate places. It is better to focus on the style with a rounded solid toe, in this version, the leg does not slip anywhere, and the silhouette of the shoes corresponds to the natural structure of the foot.
  • For many women aesthetic appealplays a decisive role in the choice of the product, so often their choice falls on suede products or lace, good, now the range is rich in such styles. It is important to remember that such shoes require additional care.

When a woman set herself the goal to acquire a modelshoes on the platform, she must clearly understand in what conditions and for what they will serve. After all, the platform - a universal product, it fits perfectly into the office and business style, does not constrain the young and active girls on vacation, and if necessary, effectively complements evening ladies' toilets. In choosing it is worth betting on quality and comfort, because only comfortable shoes can give a woman the grace and dexterity of a cat.

Platform shoes - we select the image

women's platform shoes Buying models of a specific style, manythe girls find themselves in a difficult situation and wonder: did they buy shoes on the platform, with what to wear them, so that the feeling of comfort would not go against the attractive, feminine way? It can be stated with certainty that such a universal product fits perfectly in almost all style trends. For business and serious women, you can easily pick up a conservative outfit in tone to the shoes on the platform, for this it is necessary to choose classic trousers with arrows and slightly inflated waist, top to put on an elongated jacket. The tone of both the shoes and the overall outfit must correspond to the office canons. Shoes on the platform 2016 summer can be worn and with office strict skirts and summer, flowing styles. Platform shoes with what they wear besides the above? Experts recommend modeling an image with skirts-pencils, air skirts maxi length, they look good with tunics in ethnic style. For everyday wear and a walking version, you can combine a platform with shortened breeches, shorts, summer shoes on the platform with their brightness can perfectly complement the skinny jeans, in truth - shoes for all occasions. If the girl is a lover of a romantic, gentle image and does not think herself of anything, other than a light, flowing dress, then for this case you can find elegant, presentable styles of shoes. It is worth mentioning that women's magazines published on their pages the latest line of shoes from Ralf Lauren - his incredibly elegant shoes on the platform 2016, the photos showed a magnificent evening image, which was perfectly complemented by this particular style. The platform can serve as a bright, evocative accent on the background of calm, neutral clothing, and can create integrity and complete a stylistic composition in clothes - it all depends on the preferences of a specific girl. What can a woman buy, giving her choice in favor of shoes on the platform? This is not only comfort and convenience for every day, not only bright style design and versatility, no, most importantly - femininity and gracefulness, enchanting ease of gait, which the lady is getting along with this extravagant piece of the wardrobe. We advise you to read: