ballet shoes 2016 photos Fashionable ballet shoes 2016: photo from the podiums published on our website is a great opportunity to get acquainted with yet another fashion trend of the new season. Summer ballet shoes 2016, which have come to taste to many modern women of fashion and lovers of comfortable and comfortable shoes, came to our life from the world of dances. And now that the season in a row do not leave the fashion podiums. Is it any wonder that such universal women's shoes, like ballet shoes made of leather, suede or fabric, decorated with all sorts of beads, sequins, rhinestones, straps and bows, occupy the main positions of many ladies' wardrobes. Looking at the photos of the fashionable ballets in the summer of 2016 in the catalogs of the collections of the new season, once again you are convinced that this comfortable, practical and beloved women of all countries shoes again at the peak of popularity. European girls are able to wear such shoes practically all twelve months a year because of climatic conditions, the female population of our country is also ready not to part with the summer ballets of 2016 to the coldest. It remains only to choose a suitable pair of shoes, and you can even not one. And a better option than ballet flats for the summer of 2016 you just can not find. The appearance of stylish and practical ballet shoes in the everyday women's wardrobe of most women can be considered a true revolution in fashion trends. And all this because until recently the most trendy shoes that did not leave the fashion podium for several decades in a row were women's shoes with a hairpin. But it is left in the past, today no fashion show is complete without a fashion show of beauties in this comfortable and exquisite footwear. Beautiful, stylish, practical and fashionable ballet shoes 2016 summer makes the most trendy shoes that perfectly complement both casual outfit in casual style and business ensemble.

Fashionable ballet shoes 2016: trends of the season

What is in fashion today? This question worries many women who follow the fashion trends of the season. The main hit - shoes on a low heel. Even lovers of high heels were able to appreciate the dignity and comfort of such shoes, which last season from summer smoothly passed into the main autumn hit. So this summer, the fashionable ballet shoes of 2016 are again at the peak of popularity. Especially fashionable models with an open toe, decorated with floral compositions and straps. Thanks to the fact that the 2016 ballet shoes, the photos of which we showed you, are distinguished by an amazing combination of design and flat sole, this footwear has become an excellent alternative to traditional heeled office shoes. Today, many famous brands advise wearing tight office suits and dresses with black classic ballets, which in their appearance look very much like shoes with pointed toes, but without any hint of heels. For example, Giorgio Armani proposes to combine this universal footwear with feminine ensembles: fitted jackets and skirts. The British brand Gilec Deacon offers a business wardrobe: a pencil skirt and a strict blouse from its collection to refresh with exquisite ballet. The laconic decor and color schemes are, perhaps, the main characteristics that ballet shoes should have in summer 2016 for a business wardrobe. fashionable ballet shoes 2016 photos

  • Models

What models of ballet shoes 2016 shoe fashion offersour women of fashion in the new season? In order to get more acquainted with the fashion trends and as much as possible to better see what the fashionable ballet shoes of 2016, which offer us eminent brands and famous fashion houses for the new summer season, we invite you to visit our photo gallery. Presented here are the photos of the most relevant for the summer season styles from designer collections will not leave indifferent any woman. Fashionable ballet shoes 2016 summer today you can meet a wide variety of models: on a small heel, on a flat sole and even in a sports version. Looking at the photo of the ballets of 2016, you do not cease to be surprised by the fantasies of modern designers. The choice of them is so wide and varied that it is possible to choose a pair (or better not one) of these cute shoes for any image. No matter what style of soft, comfortable and elegant female shoes with flat soles you give your preference, you can rest assured that any model of fashionable ballet shoes 2016 you choose, photos of which you see on our website, will fit into any and will be a wonderful decoration of your legs . In addition to the above options for such shoes, there are also rubber ballet shoes, the creator of which is Vivienne Westwood, who made them specifically for the Melissa brand. Today, many designers include in their collections such models of shoes that fit well around the foot, excluding its rubbing, and at the same time look very stylish and bright. These ballet shoes are simply irreplaceable when you visit the beach. As it turns out, they are convenient not only to travel along the pebble beach, but also to swim. In the collections of this season, fashionable ballet shoes in the summer of 2016, photos of which can be found in any fashion magazine, attract the eye with original execution.

  • Materials

Fashionable ballet shoes 2016 - photo from the podium well thisillustrate - in most cases are made of a combination of different materials, as this season is in fashion a combination of gentle and rough textures and fabrics. For their production designers often use leather, suede and textiles of smooth and textured, opaque and varnished surfaces. Also in the collections of this year there are a lot of elegant velvet shoes and other modern materials that allow designers from everyday casual shoes to create a real masterpiece and make ballet shoes even more attractive.

  • Colour

As for the choice of color, this summer is in fashionthe most different colors, there are no restrictions. Therefore, you can safely shoe these cute shoes of absolutely any color range, ranging from soft and gentle, and ending with dark saturated tones. Female ballet shoes 2011, photos of which you see on our website, once again prove it. As for office shoes on a flat sole, they are characterized by traditional colors: red, black, and also gray and blue.

  • Decor

For everyday ballet, any decor is suitable: ornaments in the form of flowers, heart shape or fruit. Also a combination of a wide variety of materials is welcomed, both in terms of visual and tactile expression.

Ballet shoes 2016: with what to wear such shoes?

ballet shoes With what to wear ballet shoes in 2016? This issue is relevant today for many women. In this season, women are given unlimited freedom to choose their combination with different elements of the women's wardrobe. To wear fashionable ballet shoes in 2016 this summer can be anything, since this universal footwear is suitable for all occasions and looks good with almost any clothing, be it shorts, capri, jeans, skirt or swimsuit. Probably, many of you will be surprised that they can be worn even with a dress. Having given preference to shoes like the 2016 ballet shoes, what to wear them - there should not be a question as such. After all, these fashion shoes are doing admirably with the role of a fashion accessory. For example, on a small heel of a classic style, women's ballet shoes with iridescent silver sparkles can be a good option for a wedding, prom or any other celebration. Ballet flats 2016: fashion and style - these two concepts are inseparable: they always step foot on the leg. In order to look perfect in any situation, it is necessary to learn how to correctly combine shoes with other things of the women's wardrobe. However, if you can not choose the best option for yourself, what to wear with fashion shoes, we suggest you see the most successful and relevant in this season combination of women's 2016 ballets on the photo of our site. ballet shoes 2016 summer

  • Ballerinas of any color perfectly match with jeans-pipes. And this option is perfectly suited for both work and leisure.
  • Elegant shoes complete with a short skirt - another universal combination, which is suitable for both outdoor walks or appointments, and for hours of shopping.
  • Ballet flats with shortened narrowed summer trousers look very good. This combination is the best choice for work, business or a romantic meeting.
  • Short dress "bell" in combination with elegantfashionable ballet will create a romantic image. And if you complement it with a jacket or bolero, you will get a great image for a business meeting or work in the office.
  • Create a stylish, but at the same time a strict business image will help a combination of ballet with a narrowed down skirt, complete with a matching blouse.
  • Ballet flats also look good in combination with short shorts and breeches.
  • For a date, a combination of balletwith a summer elegant dress or sundress. Correctly selected accessories will help to complete the romantic image, giving it charm and childish spontaneity.
  • Fashionable shoes, a long narrowed cardigan complete with black tapered trousers - an excellent option for cool weather.

We are sure, choosing women's ballet shoes 2016, -photo-review, dedicated to the selection of universal kits, will help every woman to create her own unique image. Stylish ballet flats always look elegant and fashionable on female legs, making them more miniature and attractive. To look irresistible in any situation, it must be remembered that such shoes do not go to every girl, as she visually shortens the legs and makes them fuller. And this must be taken into account when choosing fashionable ballet shoes in 2016. Also, every woman should remember that very much depends on the choice of shoes, and above all - the convenience and comfort of your legs during the day. We advise you to read: