strengthening of hair Currently, many elderly ladies and younggirls for any reason suffer from hair loss. This may be due to the environmental factor, internal disease, hormonal imbalance, lack of essential vitamins or improper hair care. Before you start active procedures to strengthen hair from falling out, you need to find out what caused this problem.

Main reasons

So that your hair is thick and healthy andlooked beautiful and shiny, first determine the cause of their loss. And only after this, proceed to eliminate it, otherwise all your efforts will be futile, and the effect of treatment is short-lived. To date, the main reasons are:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth. Hormonal changes in the process of bearing a baby or after childbirth can lead to a number of causes of hair loss. Insufficient intake of vitamins in rare cases can lead to more serious consequences until complete baldness.
  • Lack of iron in the body. This is due to the monthly blood loss during critical days, the abuse of various hungry diets, which adversely affect the entire body as a whole.
  • Stress. However strange it may sound, daily stresses and depression are almost the main cause of unhealthy ringlets and their loss.
  • Factor of age change. The causes of hair loss can be caused by menopause and a decrease in the level of tarragon.
  • Chemical and mechanical effects. To achieve eye-popping appearance, women are ready to sacrifice the health of their curls, forgetting that a hot hair dryer, curling iron or ironing cloth, various styling products, perm or straightening, making a stylish hairstyle, ruining the hair.
  • Ecological situation. Pollution of the environment, sediments containing radioactive particles, are negative factors that adversely affect the condition of the hair.
  • Incorrect food. Snacks in a hurry, malnutrition or overeating lead to brittleness and hair loss. Here you need to decide what is more important, a thin mill, a good appetite or luxurious and thick hair.

After the main factors causing hair loss are identified, you need to decide on a treatment that will help restore the former magnificent hairdress and strengthen hair bulbs. mask for strengthening hair

Folk methods

Effective and very inexpensive procedurestreatments are folk remedies that prevent hair loss. It is important to remember that choosing this method of struggle for healing curls, you have a long way to go. The results will become visible only after regular use and not earlier than 2 months later.

  • Very often, girls and women resort to helpa common onion. The cleaned head is rubbed on a fine grater, squeezed through gauze, and the juice is rubbed into the roots of the hair, then put on the head cap. The procedure is not pleasant, and the smell will remain on the hair for a long time, but the tool is quite effective and useful. Onion treatment can last from 3 months to a year. It should be done 2-3 times a week, it will take about an hour.
  • Equally effective is the garlic mask. It is mixed with olive or burdock oil and kept for about 2 hours. The procedure should be performed 2 times a week for six months.
  • After washing the hair for 15 minutes, rub the scalp into the scalp, and then rinse. Repeat 1-2 times a week for 3-4 months until you see the result.
  • On the beneficial effects of sour-milk productsknown for a long time, special attention deserves yogurt. It is rubbed into the roots of the hair and held for about 2 hours, then washed off. If yogurt is used in conjunction with the egg yolk, the curls will not only become stronger, but will also shimmer with life-giving brilliance.
  • For a long time women use young nettles to get rid of the problem of hair loss. The grass is steamed in hot water and after washing rinse your head with this infusion.
  • Prevent hair loss by usingcarrot. Vegetable juice is rubbed into the scalp. A greater effect can be achieved if you mix it with burdock oil or sour cream. This procedure should be done 2-3 times a week for 3 months. It is useful to include in your diet freshly squeezed carrot juice.

proper hair care

Cosmetical tools

Many do not believe in the useful properties of industrial means and diligently avoid them. But in vain, because these products are created specifically for the impatient and hungry for the immediate results of girls.

  • A variety of vitamins for growth and againstloss of hair will help strengthen them. Such funds are not cheap, if you have the finances and it is easiest for you to drink a course of vitamins, then safely go to the pharmacy. But just do not expect to see the result in a couple of days, to bring your locks in order will need a little more time.
  • Various masks and balms. Most ladies prefer balsams of Tibetan or Indian origin. They and not so expensive, but with the onset of a positive effect will have to wait a little. Masks that offer to buy in salons are quite expensive, but after their application the health of the locks is restored faster.
  • In beauty salons, they often suggeston special procedures aimed at strengthening hair, or buy the latest care products, such as ampoules. A quick and lasting result is obvious when using them, but only this expensive option is not available to everyone.
  • In pharmacies you can buy a whole complexfunds aimed at restoring the health of the curls. In this complex, which perfectly strengthens the hair, includes funds based on burdock: shampoo, oil, spray, mask.

Undoubtedly, a universal and successful meansis the treatment of hair loss in the clinic. But this method should not be used, if only a few hairs fall out of your head every day. It is only for those who are threatened with complete baldness due to excessive loss of vegetation. If you suddenly noticed that your hair began to thin out, do not despair, be patient and start to fix the problem. This issue requires a serious approach, and if necessary even specialist advice. The main thing is not to start the process, because hair is your pride. With proper care and treatment, you will quickly improve their health.