griffin dog The first thing that comes to mind when looking at thesefunny dogs - a housekeeper! An upturned nose, cunning eyes, and a beard with a mustache. And hidden behind such an unusual appearance is a cheerful disposition and an exceptional strength of spirit. So who are these griffins? Let's get to know them better: what kind of griffin a dog is, where it came from and what it is.

The history of griffins, or Three in one

Griffins are a group of rocks. It includes the Brussels griffin, the Belgian griffin and the Braban griffin (Brabancon birds). They trace their pedigree from Belgium, where they appeared in the early 15th century. Different sources describe different versions of the origin and excretion of griffins. According to the main version, these are hunting dogs (some of them are hounds, others are cops). These breeds were created specifically for hunting in France, and their appearance was formed taking into account local climatic conditions and hunting features. Another version claims that the griffins were originally taken out to fight rodents. As excellent rat-catchers they were kept in their homes by commoners, artisans and merchants. And in some sources it is reported that griffins are favorites of the aristocracy. Precious tiny little dogs were a symbol of elegance and an indispensable companion of the ladies of the upper world. Disputes about their origin do not cease until now. Whether truth will be born in them or not is unknown. But all griffins (and Brussels, and Belgian and Brabanson birds) are so genetically close that even professional dog handlers do not cease to amaze.

Genetics of griffins, or Miracles of dog breeding

The fact is that one mother and even oneall three species of griffins can be born immediately! And determine what kind of breed the puppy can be only in color and type of hair (and that - closer to the month of age). It is also noteworthy that in wire-haired parents, both smooth and "bristly" babes are born. While smooth-haired griffins do not bring a wire-haired offspring. Interesting and metamorphosis with color. So, for example, the Brabanson bird can be red, black and black and tan, Brussels - only red, and the Belgian griffin - black or black and tan. So the Brabanson birds give puppies of all colors, but two red parents will have only red offspring. And the Brussels griffins give only red brabansons and griffins. Why? Riddle ... As for the rocks that participated in the derivation of modern griffins. There is also no consensus here. It is believed that in their veins blood flows and King Charles Spaniel, and affenpinschera, and Irish and Yorkshire terriers, and even a pug. Some cynologists say that round eyes and snub-nosed muzzle got to griffins from pugs. But whichever blood flows in them, the griffins are not very similar to all other dogs and are remarkably similar to each other. How to distinguish griffins? Brabason

The rocks of griffins, or Such identical, but different

All griffins are small and energetic dogs. They have round bulging eyes, flattened upturned noses and a strong physique. They differ in color and type of wool. The Brussels griffin is a wire-haired and can only be reddish. The Belgian griffin also has a hard coat, but its color can be black and black and tan. But the Brabanson bird is a smooth-haired black, red-haired or black-tan griffin. And he can also have a mixovy color (red with black and brown). And the Brabanson does not have a beard or a mustache. Belgian and Brussels griffins with their curious appearance resemble a cross between a dog and a monkey. Petit Brabanson - photo (only cartoon) of a miniature boxer or a lean pug. In addition to a similar appearance, all griffins also have the same character.

The character of the griffin, or Vigorous intellectual

Gryphon has a balanced mind and complaisantcharacter. Differs mind and wit. Very energetic on walks. Likes to run and play. At the same time on trips (in a car, train or plane) behaves calmly and delicately. Griffins are very affectionate and devoted dogs. Try to be always next to the owner. Very emotional. I feel the mood of the owner. They get on well with their children. Get on well with other pets. Clean, easy to educate and train. They are not aggressive, but they can not be called timid. In short, the ideal dog for any family. Of the shortcomings of griffins can be noted only snoring (well, they snore in a dream). Although, it is already features not of character, but of anatomy. And from the characteristics of care, we should note the need for trimming (twice a year). Although, for example, birds Brabanson does not require such care. But, despite the fact that this dog can be called an ideal companion, it is not suitable for everyone. Brabancon bird photo

Who should get the griffins, or the similarity of the characters

Griffins have a cheerful disposition and irrepressibleenergy. Therefore, any of the griffins (Belgian, Brussels or Brabanson birds) will not suit a man of gloomy, withdrawn and melancholic (however, such people are better off not having a dog at all). But all griffins are great as a family pet. And if the family has children, the best friend than the griffin for the child is simply not found. With him you can run and play, he will never offend a child, and he will not hurt himself. For the elderly, the griffin will also be a wonderful companion. They behave themselves well on walks, do not bark passers-by, do not run after cats or birds. Griffins are an excellent option for lovers of dog sports. A bird Brabanson will suit even allergic people who dream of having a dog - the owners of griffins say that there is no fur or smell in the house from this dog. So, if your beard becomes a bearded griffin or smooth-haired broabanson, you will surely find a common language with it. And this living little housekeeper with a "motor" certainly will not only be a favorite of all household members, but also a kind of mascot of home comfort and family well-being. We advise you to read: