cake biscuit with fruit If you have a birthday or otherholiday, without dessert can not do. The guests should leave the tea-stayed and fed with sweet tea, so that later they remember with kindness and warm gratitude the evening spent in your house. So, in order to be known as a hospitable and incredibly talented hostess, we suggest making a biscuit cake with fruit. Choose one recipe (or several) of those listed below, and you will not lose it - everyone will be delighted with this delicate and delicious dish!

Biscuit cake «Fruit tenderness»

Preparation of this biscuit cake with fruitwill take you about an hour. It may not work out the first time, since the dough is very gentle and demanding in walking. But this does not mean that you need to put the recipe in the far corner and be disappointed in your culinary skills. If for the first time the dish does not come out the way you would like, try to make it again in a while. And you always succeed! Ingredients: Dough:

  • four chicken eggs
  • a glass of sugar
  • Vanillin - to taste
  • vegetable oil - for lubricating the mold
  • the same amount of wheat flour
  • table salt, as well as citric acid - one pinch


  • sugar - one glass
  • 500 milliliters of low-fat sour cream
  • pinch of vanillin
  • one packing of gelatin
  • half a glass of water
  • any fruit (we used kiwi, orange, banana and strawberry)

Cooking method: The recipe for this test includes vanillin, but if you do not like its flavor, just do not add the product to the dish. First, separate the proteins from the yolks and beat each ingredient with a whisk in a separate bowl, seasoning with salt and citric acid until a lush, homogeneous mass. Then gradually, in small portions pour sugar into the second product, continuing to stir, and then enter the flour here. After you combine the yolks with proteins in one bowl, several times mix everything gently. As a result, you need to get out a white, very airy mass. Now prepare the form: for this, cover the bottom with special paper, and treat the walls with vegetable oil. This prescription presupposes the lubrication of dishes, but some experts oppose such actions, since they believe that a biscuit will be worse in such conditions. But you do it your way - you can try both. Pour the dough into a mold and put the future cake in the oven, heated to 180 degrees. Attention! Do not slam the doors or create noise in the kitchen, do not open the oven door to check the product - under such conditions the dough may not rise and the dish will be spoiled. After an hour, get out the shape, take out the biscuit and cut off the bottom part, and cut the rest of the dough with medium cubes. Gelatin fill with water and let it brew (it will take half an hour). In the meantime, inside the crockery, in which you will serve a cake, put the food film and go in for fruit. The recipe for this dessert includes kiwi, strawberry, orange and banana, but you can use other products: fresh berries, tangerines, prunes. Peel the above ingredients from the skin (where necessary) and cut them into cubes, as well as thin slices, and spread the latter along the walls of the mold. Now whip with a fork or a whisk, sour cream and vanillin, and heat the gelatin, but do not bring to a boil. When it swells and cools a little, combine it with sour cream, stir well and pour out the fruit, as well as sponge cakes. The resulting mass put in prepared for this dish, top cover the remaining cake, a little pressing on it. Preparation of a biscuit cake with fruit is finished - wrap it in a film and put in the refrigerator. Before serving, put the dish on a large plate, if desired, decorate it with whipped cream. This recipe is useful to you on the eve of a vacation, where you can pamper your child with a delicious and mouth-watering dessert. biscuit cake with fruit

Sponge cake with orange and nuts

If you want to eat a biscuit cake withfruit, you do not need to buy it in the store, because a dessert prepared by yourself will never compare with the product purchased at the supermarket. The recipe for the dish will be prompted, but you will only have to implement it. Ingredients: Biscuit dough:

  • eggs - seven pieces
  • 200 grams of wheat flour
  • one tablespoon of potato starch
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • three pinch of vanillin


  • one large orange
  • 150 grams of cherries without pits (suitable as canned and fresh)
  • 200 grams of sour cream
  • sugar - 150 grams
  • 40 grams of walnuts
  • two small kiwis

Preparation: Start with kneading the dough: Separate egg whites from yolks and the latter thoroughly rub with sugar, leaving a tablespoon of this product for further preparation. To make the mass homogeneous, it is recommended to prepare it in a ceramic bowl, as this material provides good friction, so that the sugar crystals will break up to the required state. Now whip the whites in a lush white foam and gradually enter into them sugar, which you have postponed in advance. ¾ Pour the resulting mixture into the yolks, and several times mixing, in small portions here, pour the flour, previously sieved through a sieve and mixed with vanillin and starch. The last ingredient included in this recipe contributes to the formation of more even pores in the dough, in addition, thanks to it, the biscuit keeps the shape better and does not crumble. Working with a whisk from top to bottom, mix the mass and add the remaining proteins to it, then whisk everything to full homogeneity. Metalware, in which you plan to bake the product, grease with butter or vegetable oil, you can use fat. Then put into it ¾ of the dough, and on top - the slice of orange, and pour all the remaining biscuit mass. Oven warm up to 180 degrees - this is the most suitable temperature - and put it into shape. The cake will be ready in 45 minutes. However, if you want him to get up well, do not settle down and get airborne, observe the silence and do not look into the oven. Check the availability of the product can be only after half an hour, sticking a match in it. If the tree is wet, it means that the cake is not yet enough baked. After removing the base for the cake from the mold, let it cool down. In some sources, it is recommended to put a biscuit on a piece of clean cloth or a wooden surface and hold it for several hours. But it takes too much time, so you can do without such manipulations. Just cut off the cooled cake, working with a knife along its circumference, the bottom is not less than one centimeter high. Now whip until a thick cream of sour cream and sugar, and with canned cherries, drain the liquid, squeeze them well and, if necessary, take out the bones. Then put the fruits on the bottom cake, grease half of the resulting sour cream and cover the remaining biscuit. On the sides and top of the product, apply a thick layer of cream, decorate the cut into thin kiwi mugs and sprinkle with nuts, pre-crushed and fried in a dry frying pan. Keep in mind - in order to soak well, the cake will need about six hours! recipe biscuit cake with fruit

Sponge cake with fresh berries and fruits

The recipe for this cake is much simpler than the previous ones. It is quickly prepared and does not require much time for impregnation. We used fresh strawberries, strawberries and kiwi, but you can also take frozen berries or fruits. This dessert will not lose its flavor! Ingredients: Dough:

  • one and a half cups of sugar
  • olive oil for mold lubrication
  • six chicken eggs
  • flour - two glasses
  • teaspoon of baking powder


  • 0.5 cups of sugar
  • one large package of sour cream (you need 500 grams)
  • 250 grams of fresh strawberries

Decoration: a few strawberries, one kiwi and a handful of strawberries. Preparation: Mix the chicken eggs with a mixer, when the foam appears, enter the sugar and mix again well. Of course, you can use the usual kitchen whisk, but, working for them, you will never achieve a perfectly homogeneous and airy mass. Now combine the flour with the baking powder and, gradually pouring it into the egg mixture, knead the dough. Ware the baking utensils with parchment and oil, after pour all the dough into it and send it to the oven for an hour. The corn is evenly baked and does not burn at a temperature of 180 degrees. When the product has cooled, cut it with a knife into three round pieces of equal height. Then whip the cream, for this, combine the amount of sour cream and sugar indicated in the recipe. Wash the strawberries and peeled kiwi slices with medium plates. Put the first product on the lowest "floor" and apply a thick layer of cream, then, covering the second cake, act the same way. With the remaining sour mixture, treat the top and sides of the product, and then decorate it with the rest of the fruit. After two hours, when the cake is sufficiently soaked, you can serve it to a hot aromatic tea. Bon Appetit! From a biscuit test, incredibly tender and light desserts are obtained. If you try on yourself at least one recipe from the ones suggested by us, you'll see for yourself! The preparation of a delicious cake is not only a matter of technique, but also the imagination of the hostess is of great importance. Experiment with the filling, adding some, then other fruits, put the nuts - so you will find your perfect combination. We wish you success! We advise you to read: