how to get rid of fear Obsessive fears, or no-phobia, the likelihoodthe occurrence of which is practically in each of us, significantly differ from ordinary fears. The difference is, first of all, that when people do not care, people understand that the fear of something - height, society, spiders, closed space, darkness, snakes and other things - is meaningless, but they continue to be afraid. Nobofobia is a fairly common phenomenon. There are many kinds of obsessive fears. Some of them appear in childhood and eventually pass, some persecute us even when we become adults. This is the fear of death - tanatophobia, and fear of space - agoraphobia and claustrophobia, and fear of illness - nosophobia, and the fear of intimate relationships - intimophobia, and fear of communication - social phobia, and much more. By the way, fear of people is found especially often. Unfortunately, despite the fact that man is a being socially, fear of his own kind is very often. And to explain this fear of people is not always easy. Most often, the cause of fear of people is a banal self-doubt. But anyway, it is still necessary to cope with this fear, as it poisons life. It's about how to get rid of the fear of people and not only, you will now find out. Panic fears of this kind are often painful and uncontrollable. They appear suddenly, hamper human actions and bring a lot of problems. For example, intimophobia can significantly interfere with the arrangement of personal life, and social phobia, - normal communication with others. How to get rid of fear and whether it is possible to cure nihophobia? In general, every case of her presence is individual. However, there are common methods by which a sense of fear can be eliminated, if not completely, at least significantly. Let's consider what can be done to do this.

Obsessive fears. Signs of Nothophobia

Nobophobia is manifested in the fact that people,suffering from them, constantly and stubbornly try to avoid situations in which there is a feeling of fear, and panic if in such situations they still fall. The signs of obsessive fears are as follows:

  • choking, throat spasms;
  • frequent pulse;
  • weakness, numbness;
  • dizziness;
  • profuse sweating;
  • trembling violently;
  • vomiting;
  • numbness in the body;
  • chaos of thoughts.

The presence of nicofobia can be stated ifthere are at least four of all the listed characteristics. Where do they come from, these uncontrollable controls, senseless fears? In the opinion of psychologists, panic fear has a subconscious meaning, and for some reason we need it. But why, no one can answer. One way or another, and people suffering from a phobia, it is not easy. They refrain from frightening circumstances, knowing perfectly well that in reality they are not in danger. The obsessive state of fear is painful, it can arise at the most inopportune moment and turn off the consciousness of a person, forcing him to commit sometimes insane acts. Let's try to figure out whether it is possible to recover from nikofobii and how to get rid of panic fear with the help of available methods. how to get rid of fear of people

How to get rid of a phobia. Time for excitement

Despite the fact that for panic fearsthe value of specialists is not defined, the reason for their appearance always exists. Identify it without the help of a specialist is difficult, - this reason lies deep in an unconscious person, and its roots may be due to its genetic memory. Therefore, the most effective way to get rid of panic attacks is traditional psychoanalysis. However, this is a rather expensive method of treatment, and of course, not everyone can afford it. How to get rid of internal fear on your own and can it be done? In general, yes. One way to get rid of some of the fears is to change the way of life in such a way that fear ceases to be relevant. So, if we are afraid of enclosed spaces or height, and at the same time we live on the eighth floor, and we have to ride an elevator, then we need to find an apartment on the first floor. If someone has panic fear of public transport, he should find a job near the house, and so on. However, trying to change the way of life, it is necessary to take into account that we will only create relatively tolerable circumstances for ourselves, and we will not get rid of the phobia itself. Because for some reason our unconscious needs it. And it is likely that the true cause of it is a completely different, seemingly unrelated to the existing fear, discomfort. For example, fear of public transport can be associated with malfunctions at work, and fear of confined spaces - with conflicts in the family. In a word, the reason for an obsessive state of fear can be anything. To determine this occasion is difficult, but even without knowing it, it is still possible to fight with attacks of panic fear. Do not immediately try to get rid of obsessive fears once and for all, - their cause is unknown, and such attempts will certainly create new problems. It is better to start by working out the technique of putting off anxiety and determining the time for excitement. How to get rid of phobias with this technique? First of all, let's have obsessive fears and start paying attention to them, controlling the moment of the commencement of excitement. This will allow you to keep your own thoughts within certain limits and not allow them to constantly spin around the object of panic fear. At the same time, it is necessary to allocate a certain time in order to think about fears and consciously do it. It would be better if, after this time of conscious anxiety comes, postpone it once, again, and so on, as far as possible. How to get rid of the feeling of fear? Practice this technique of delaying the time needed daily. We allocate during the day two intervals of time for ten minutes each and during these periods consciously devote themselves to thoughts about their fear. We only think about negative aspects, not allowing any positive thoughts. The problem can be spoken aloud, while avoiding phrases and mentions of the meaninglessness of one's own fears. After ten minutes have passed, release our fear on exhalation and return to everyday affairs. The main thing in this, at first glance, paradoxical technique - the injection of negative thoughts to the maximum level. In order to understand how to get rid of obsessive fears, we must experience very strong emotional discomfort. Therefore, in a period of time for excitement, we are not trying to convince ourselves that these riots are vain. On the contrary, we must inspire ourselves that we are not worried for nothing. And that danger really exists. In the event that in a few minutes we suddenly stop worrying, just repeat the thoughts that caused concern before. This condition must be maintained for all ten minutes, otherwise all our efforts in the fight against panic fears will come to naught. Usually we think that you can worry for a long time, but it's not so. Our psyche can withstand the storm only for a while, and then it includes protective mechanisms and comes to a state of relative stability. And in order to know how to get rid of fear, it must be remembered that if we let the psyche calm down during the time allotted for the excitement, fear will only be hushed up, and then come back again. But if we concentrate on it all our attention, artificially forcing ourselves to be afraid of all ten minutes, the anxiety will gradually begin to decrease. No matter how improbable this method is "How to get rid of the feeling of fear", in practice it works well. This is explained by the fact that previously uncontrolled emotions of horror are worked through by consciousness for ten minutes, and if you pass through it disturbing thoughts twice a day, emotions, in the end, are modified. After a few days of applying the technique of delaying anxiety, it may happen that the fear placed for ten minutes will have nothing to fill, and instead of anxiety, we will begin to experience boredom. The system of stress of our body will cease to be included in response to the appearance of irritants every time. But, in order for these changes to take place, it is necessary to strictly observe the condition of injecting a negative during the period of working with panic fear. To facilitate this work, you can invite a person who can listen to us for ten minutes. This person should have an idea of ​​how to get rid of panic fear, in order to support us in a certain way: ask for more information about the object of fear, ask what else scares and worries, and so on. The main goal of such a person is to keep our attention within the framework of the topic and increase the emotions of anxiety, artificially inflaming attacks of panic fear. Ten days after the beginning of such studies, concern for the object of fear should be significantly reduced. Fears will seem experienced and obsolete, and you will not want to think about them anymore. The essence of this technique, which answers the question. how to get rid of phobias, that we are sort of negotiating with our fear when we act, and he is gradually tamed, waiting for his hour, taken away by us. If he appears at an inopportune time, he does not need to resist, let him prove himself. However, you should try to put off worry for at least a few seconds. So we will gradually begin to prevail over the attacks of panic fear, and eventually the unconscious process will begin to move into the framework of conscious action. There are several ways to get rid of obsessive fear. how to get rid of fear correctly

How to get rid of fear. Auxiliary Techniques

Our goal is not to stopworry at all. In order to understand how to get rid of fear, you need to realize that this fear itself is not a problem. The problem is reaction to it. Therefore, you need to get rid of fears by changing the ways they are perceived. To facilitate this action, you should imagine a panic-stricken event for a second and try to restrain your emotions even for a few seconds. To do this, we mentally move away from the fearful event, admit to ourselves that we are afraid and realize that this is normal. Analyze your own state is not necessary, it is enough just to reconcile with it consciousness. Then we begin to perform actions that help to change the emotions experienced in relation to obsessive fears. How to get rid of internal fears with the help of these actions, and what are these actions?

The first action. Record your fears

In order to get rid of seizurespanic fear, you can, with a notebook and a pencil, during the day, write down these fears on a piece of paper. To do this it is necessary word for word from the moment when suddenly there was trouble until the moment when it disappeared. Recording should be all mental images, all impulses, formulating them in several phrases. Write until the fear disappears. Do not try to retell what is happening in your head during this period. It is enough to spread all word for word, like a stenographer at a meeting. On paper, every word that comes to mind must be reflected. How to get rid of obsessive fear with the help of records? As soon as there is concern, immediately take a pencil and fix in the notebook every thought, regardless of whether it was already recorded or not. The essence of this method is that the fears laid out on paper, as it were, take shape, materialize and look primitive and meaningless. It is possible that in a while it will become inconvenient to make notes and will have to work not to overcome the obsessive fear, but to try it again. It is quite difficult to write down the same phrase hundreds of times and each time to see in it some sense. But in the end, fears will turn from our masters into a tedious duty, from which you want to get rid as quickly as possible. And the obsessive state of fear will disappear, giving way to sometimes mild anxiety.

The second action. Sing your fears

The following method, answering the question, howget rid of internal fears, is the singing of troublesome thoughts. We sing them exactly as they are imprinted in our head. For example, if we are afraid of spiders, then we sing: "What a terrible spider! Now he will bite me and I will die! "No matter how stupid it may sound, it works excellently. If we sing about our fears, we simply can not physically remain in a stressful state. Do it better in the following way. We choose a short phrase that reflects our fear, and we sing it on some simple motive. The meaning of a pension is not important, the main thing is to keep the motive for a few minutes. As soon as negative, associated with obsessive fears, begin to weaken, we switch our attention to something else. how to get rid of the fear of people yourself

The third action. Change the picture in the head

Previous actions work iffears formed into words. How to get rid of fears, if they are just a picture that appears in our head? It needs to be replaced by another image that reflects the fear-provoking situation in the opposite form. For example, if we are afraid of death or disease, imagine ourselves to be happy and healthy, afraid of enclosed spaces, imagine ourselves in a pure free field and so on. Or you can close your eyes, try to give your fear the outlines, for example, of clouds and send this cloud away. The further it goes away, the less negative emotions we must have. Images can be created different, most importantly, that they contribute to the restoration of a comfortable state. Before using any techniques to get rid of panic fears, you need to make sure that we really decided to get rid of these fears and stop the sudden appearance of obsessive thoughts and images. In between the application of techniques, one must try to repeat positive statements to himself, convincing himself that thoughts of fears can not help, therefore it is senseless to admit their emergence. In order to fight fear, faith is necessary. The techniques suggested above will, of course, not immediately benefit. In order for their application to affect, it takes some time. After anxiety recedes, it is desirable, to fix the result, to apply some simple method of respiratory relaxation. As soon as anxiety falls to a minimum, you will have to shift your attention to some other aspects of life that require a lot of activity, otherwise fear can come back again. We advise you to read: