delicious soup puree Mushroom soup of mushrooms long and firmly entered intomenu of modern man. An unusual aroma, exquisite taste, light consistency, a huge variety of recipes and cooking methods make it one of the most favorite dishes of the peoples of the world.

Typical representatives of the family of champignon

Champignons - small plate mushrooms withball-shaped caps of white and light gray color. In the wild, this fungus grows in the fields and forest edges, preferring moist, fertile soil. Most often it occurs in the steppe regions of Europe and Asia, in the fertile meadows of Australia and Africa. These mushrooms, unlike their counterparts, grow well in artificially created conditions. Growing mushrooms in their own gardens and lawns, in the cellars of houses and special underground rooms, since the XVII century, the French were actively engaged. Gradually began to appear mushroom farms, on which they collected abundant harvests of this masterpiece of the mushroom world. Champignon at that time was a product quite expensive. Only very rich people could afford it. Gourmet delicacies prepared for royal feasts and tables of the rich nobility. The most famous culinary specialists of different countries at all times competed in the creation of unusual mushroom masterpieces. simple recipe mushroom soup of mushrooms

Artificial cultivation and useful properties

Gradually the technology of production of these fungiwas significantly improved. They are grown now in greenhouses, and in greenhouses, and in open areas, and in the basement. The process is brought to full automaticity. This significantly reduced the cost of products, it became absolutely available to everyone. Withstanding the necessary conditions (maintaining a constant temperature and good ventilation of the room), in artificial conditions, you can collect up to two crops per year. There are more than 200 different species of representatives of the mushroom family. In modern trade, only 2 of them are used. This is all familiar and beloved mushroom ordinary and brown, less often found on the shelves of stores. Recently, in the daily menu of man appeared many recipes for dishes from champignons. In national cuisines of many countries there is a mushroom soup. A huge number of its options can be found in the pages of cookbooks, magazines, on the Internet. These are classic soups with cereals and without them, and saltwort with mushrooms, and mushroom soup with mushrooms, prepared with various additives and spices. For the hot summer season there is its cold version. Another valuable quality that this dish has is its low caloric content. Mushroom soup of champignons is indispensable for people with excess weight. In addition to its low calorie content, this popular fungus has many useful qualities: high levels of vitamins from group B, calcium, phosphorus, potassium. Available in mushrooms, healing properties are indispensable in the prevention of diseases of oncology, blood vessels and heart. However, the most valuable in these fungi, modern scientists believe the presence of lecithin - a substance that has a lipotropic effect. Lecithin helps prevent fatty liver degeneration and atherosclerosis. It's no secret that the taste, aroma and utility of any dish directly depend on the quality of the products purchased. Selecting mushrooms in the store, first of all you need to evaluate their smell and appearance. Fresh mushrooms are inherent in elasticity, strength and a pleasant mushroom flavor. The gentle, light pink or white color of an even matte bonnet is also an indicator of its freshness. It is unacceptable for the presence of various dark spots and ruts on the foot and cap. You can store fresh mushrooms in a paper package, putting them in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. Shelf life should not exceed 3 days. You should not buy a mushroom product for future use. During the long-term storage of mushrooms begin to accumulate toxins, which can lead to all sorts of gastrointestinal disorders and poisonings. ingredients for soup puree

Classic version

Since ancient times, the popularity of mushroom soup has beenis very large. It was prepared from forest mushrooms, mostly in the classical version, that is, with cereals. Over time, the recipe for this dish began to change. It consisted of meat and chicken, milk and cream, various cheeses, as well as some exotic products. Soup with mushrooms is very simple to prepare, tasty and light, but because we love the people so much. With the advent of modern housewives of the newest types of kitchen appliances, namely blenders, incredible popularity was given to all sorts of crushed dishes. Soup-mashed potatoes are one of them. You can, by changing the ingredients, create your own options. Acquaintance with mushroom soup-mashed potatoes should begin, of course, with the classic recipe for its preparation. It is necessary to take:

  • 550 g of champignons;
  • 2 potatoes;
  • 0.5 liters of water or vegetable broth;
  • 2 large onions;
  • butter;
  • spices to taste.
  • Boil chopped potatoes in smallamount of water. In a frying pan fry the onion in oil, add chopped mushrooms and simmer until the fragrance appears. Mix potatoes with mushroom fry and grind in a blender. In a soup pot, boil the prepared vegetable broth, put into it a potato-mushroom mixture, boil, salt and pepper put to taste. To the ready-made dish you can offer sour cream. In the classic recipe, mushroom soup with mushrooms contains all the main ingredients of this dish. All other options for cooking can be called variations on the topic of classics. creamy recipe soup puree

    Creamy option

    Creamy mushroom soup-mash is most popular inpeople because of its delicate creamy shade. Here, too, you can identify the main recipe for cooking. It is brewed just like the classic. The only difference is that instead of water or vegetable broth 10-20% cream is used. Based on this recipe, adding various, sometimes unexpected ingredients, people came up with a huge number of all kinds of its varieties. Today cream soups with cereals, cheese, chicken, meatballs, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and pumpkin, fish, chicken, bacon, shrimps and many others are known. As spices are used: nutmeg, various herbs, garlic, Caucasian and Asian mixtures (for exotic lovers), vermouth and white dry wine. Recipe for an unusually tasty creamy cream soup with mushrooms and dry white mushrooms.

  • 50 g of white dried mushrooms;
  • champignons 600 g;
  • 200 ml of cream 33%;
  • butter
  • 500 ml of broth from mushrooms;
  • creamy;
  • a garlic clove of medium size;
  • a little flour;
  • spices: thyme, black pepper, salt, nutmeg;
  • 100 g of vermouth.
  • In advance, cook white dry mushrooms, preliminarilysoaked in water. Fry them in half the amount of butter and add to them mushrooms. Separately fry the flour in the remaining butter, pour in the cooled mushroom broth and cream, boil, add a crude clove of garlic, fried mushrooms, all prepared spices and cook for long, 10 minutes. Cool soup, remove garlic, grind in blender, pour vermouth. Before serving, you can sprinkle with chopped herbs and parmesan cheese. This unusual creamy soup cream has a tender taste with an unusual piquant shade. Along with creamy soup is very popular in the people cheese and cheese-creamy mushroom soup. It can be cooked on "cheese" broth and cream with the addition of various cheeses. You can prepare, for example, such.

  • fresh mushrooms 400 g;
  • 3 potatoes of small size;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 1 onion head;
  • flour 3 dessert spoons;
  • half a liter of water;
  • 2-3 processed cheese;
  • 250 ml of thick cream 35%;
  • salt pepper.
  • To make soup you need to cook "cheese"bouillon. In a saucepan pour the water and add the melted cheese, grated on a large grater. When cooking on low heat, the cheese quickly melts. Straight into the broth, you can lay out the cut potatoes and cook it until ready. In a frying pan cook a fragrant fried carrots, onions and mushrooms, adding flour at the end. Then combine all the ingredients and boil for a few more minutes. Pre-cool, scroll the soup in a blender and grind to a mashed state. In the ready soup, pour in warm cream, season with spices, salt. To this soup, when serving, you can offer small crispy croutons. No less tasty and useful is creamy soup, if it is cooked in a multivariate. In it you can cook potatoes and fry the onions. Soup in a multivarker is not cooked on open fire, but slowly languishes, keeping all useful substances in vegetables and mushrooms. To prepare soup-puree from champignons according to the recipe, you need to take:

  • 600 g of champignons and 400 g of alcohol;
  • 250 ml cream 30%;
  • 2 onions;
  • butter;
  • garlic 3 cloves;
  • water 500 ml;
  • pepper and salt.
  • In a multivark fry onions with garlicon the "baking" mode, add the chopped mushrooms and simmer for 35 minutes with the lid closed. Add water, continue extinguishing the vegetables with mushrooms for another 40 minutes. Then, after having cooled a little, pour the soup into a blender and chop it, pour the cream into it, return it to the multivarquet and leave it in the "heating" mode for 20 minutes. You can serve this dish by sprinkling it with grated Parmesan cheese.

    Dietary dish

    Of course, we can not disagree with the fact thatcreamy and creamy-cheese mushroom soups-mashed potatoes are very tasty and pleasant. But how caloric they are! Not all people can afford to use them. Especially those who suffer from excess weight, often sits on diets, wanting to lose a little. However, for such fans to sit on a diet there are recipes of very light, low-calorie vegetable soups. Absolutely not fatty, cooked on vegetable broths, these light meals are very useful for fat people and patients suffering from various diseases. This soup will be happy and adults and children. To prepare it you need to take:

  • 2 small potatoes;
  • half a kilogram of champignons;
  • courgette of zucchini;
  • broccoli;
  • cauliflower;
  • fennel root;
  • carrot 2 pcs .;
  • 1 large head of onions;
  • a little leek;
  • a little olive oil;
  • dill, celery, parsley.
  • Serve potatoes in a small amount of water. In a deep frying pan, put out the vegetables and mushrooms in large quantities. Then add them to the boiled potatoes, add a little salt, toast to the full. Cool, grind with a blender. Prepared the soup-puree dressed with chopped herbs. It is preferably freshly prepared, both warm and cold. In conclusion, it should be said that soups, puree from champignons, is a useful dish that is accessible to everyone. It has long been loved by people all over the world. To this proof is the huge popularity of recipes, every day more and more unusual.