classic soup puree with cheese balls Useful properties of such a tasty product ascauliflower, are known for a long time. It contains more useful substances than ordinary cabbage, but it also has a very pleasant, well-recognizable taste. Color recommended not only for adults, for young children, it is quite suitable. In ancient times, this vegetable was used even for medicinal purposes. Today one of the most popular dishes is cauliflower soup, which is well absorbed, differs by a gentle and thick consistency, can be prepared only from vegetables or with the use of meat, based on chicken broths, with croutons and dumplings, grated cheese and brynza. We offer some very simple and delicious recipes that can be easily prepared by yourself, based on the use of simple and inexpensive products. For babies such dishes are more tender, for adults - with brynza and wine as ingredients.

What is useful for cauliflower?

Before proceeding to the preparation,consider what is so useful for cauliflower for the human body. The fact is that its composition includes many nutritious and useful substances, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, mineral salts, fiber. All this contributes to a more accurate and proper operation of the intestines and stomach. All proteins in this vegetable are easily digested, cabbage is considered a dietary, useful product. It is recommended for both healthy and sick people. Often soups made from cauliflower are recommended for babies who have still undeveloped gastric mucosa, that is, do not take all the foods. Even frozen cabbage is great for cooking. But there are contraindications that should be strictly observed. Dishes from this product can not be eaten by people with diabetes, with serious diseases of the liver, stomach, pancreas and bile ducts. For babies it is recommended to cook soup-puree with cabbage from one year, if there are no contraindications from the supervising doctor. cabbage soup with sorrel

Delicious recipes for every day

Soup puree from the color cabbage is amazinga tasty, healthy dish that is equally recommended for adults and children. We offer some very interesting and delicious recipes that will help you to diversify your diet, add vitamins and nutrients to it with the help of fragrant and tasty cabbage inflorescences. The richness of the taste of soup-puree for adults For adults, the kitchen has always been more diverse than for babies, since tender and sensitive mucous in children does not take all the foods, but in this case, soup from cauliflower for adults is not much different from children's. To begin with, we will cite a few recipes intended exclusively for adults, after which we turn to delicious dishes for toddlers. Soup with mashed potatoes and broccoli To prepare such a soup you will need to take:

  • 300 grams of cauliflower,
  • 300 g of broccoli,
  • clove of garlic,
  • two full glasses of cream,
  • the stem of the leeks,
  • medium potatoes,
  • one hundred ml of dry white wine,
  • 200 g of unsalted cheese,
  • salt, pepper, nutmeg.

The dish is prepared very simply: cabbage is sorted into separate inflorescences, potatoes are cut into small pieces, like the rest of the ingredients. In a saucepan pour two glasses of water, wine, vegetables, bring to a boil and cook for about fifteen minutes. Then in the soup we pour the cream, spices, we remove from the fire. After it has cooled down, whisk it in a blender until a beautiful, thick, uniform mass is obtained. Before serving, it is recommended in each plate to sprinkle the soup-puree with cheese, finely grated on a grater. Soup with dumplings for true gourmets This delicious recipe will taste like a real gourmet. For preparation it is necessary to take:

  • a small head of cauliflower,
  • one and a half liters of chicken broth (cook it beforehand and cool)
  • 40 g of butter,
  • 40 g of flour,
  • two yolks from chicken eggs,
  • 300 ml of cream,
  • parsley,
  • nutmeg,
  • toast.

For the dumplings, you must prepare 75 g of bread crumb,10 g of butter, one chicken egg, some milk, salt, pepper. For the accuracy of the selection of ingredients, experts recommend using kitchen scales. That any dish turned out tasty and correctly prepared, it is necessary to observe all proportions. We start cooking from the soup, for which the butter is sipped in a saucepan, then flour is added and everything is mixed. After a couple of minutes, broth is poured in (150 ml). The resulting thick sauce is removed from the fire, slightly cool. The lagged part of the broth is heated, the sauce is poured into it, thoroughly mixed. Add cabbage, egg, salt, pepper and milk, whipped in a blender. We begin to make dumplings, for which bread crumbs, butter, egg, milk and spices are mixed together. From the resulting test, make small balls and add to the soup. On the table soup puree is served not only with dumplings, but also with finely chopped herbs, you can decorate it with small pieces of pre-boiled inflorescence of cauliflower, sprinkle with grated cheese. soup puree with broccoli

Delicate soup puree for children

Soup-puree from cauliflower is very useful forchildren, but for them it is necessary to use more dietary ingredients than for dishes of adult cuisine. We offer several excellent recipes, which are extremely simple. They will surely appeal to your children. Soup called "Sheep in the Meadow" This is an unusually tasty soup puree from cauliflower, which can be decorated with figs of sheep from inflorescences and leaves of parsley. Such soup can be given to babies, starting from one year. It is very useful and tasty, your child will gladly eat it. This dish is different wrapping effect, why it is recommended to give to children aged from one to three years, when the gastric mucosa is still very sensitive and other foods are not yet recommended. What is useful for this dish? It contains vitamins C, PP, B1, B2, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and many other substances. In addition, cauliflower, contained in the prepared dish, allows you to remove toxins, prevents the formation of malignant neoplasms, and for a weak child's body is important. The soup itself can be cooked not only on low heat, but also in a double boiler, which allows to completely preserve all the useful properties of the ingredients. To prepare this soup for two servings, you need to take these products:

  • two tablespoons of fresh or frozen green peas (you can not take dry);
  • 200 g cauliflower (it can be frozen, but for children it is preferable to take fresh cabbage);
  • one large carrot;
  • a small onion;
  • a couple of twigs of greenery (parsley, dill);
  • one full tablespoon of sunflower oil.

First we put a pan of water on the fire andbring it to a boil (about 300 ml). At this time, we clean carrots, onions, and then grind. You can boil and cut, it all depends on the taste. After that, we throw vegetables into boiling water, close the pan with a lid, make a small fire. After fifteen minutes, add the cauliflower, green peas, bring it to a boil, cook for about five minutes. Greens should be washed, cut very finely, add to the pan. The soup should boil, only after that it can be turned off. The pan should cool down. At this time we make from the remaining inflorescences and greenery ornaments in the form of two lambs, that is, we simply cut cabbage and greens, and then spread it on the surface of the soup in the shape of little animals. Two large inflorescences are calves, two small ones are heads, eyes are carnations, horns will be made of parsley. Vegetables and broth are rubbed in a blender, slightly salted, oil is added. Soup-puree from cauliflower is bottled in skeletons, decorated with lambs. To this dish you can serve crackers, small pieces of low-fat boiled meat, this will diversify the taste, make the soup more attractive to the child. soup puree for the whole family

Cream soup puree for the whole family

Another home recipe that will appealany child and will be very useful for him - this is cream soup puree from cauliflower and cheese. It is prepared very easily, the total cooking time is about forty minutes. The soup can be cooked or stewed at will, and portions are large enough and nutritious to feed the whole family. For preparation it is necessary to take such products:

  • small cauliflower;
  • one carrot;
  • one large potato;
  • liter of water;
  • a full tablespoon of cream;
  • Grated cheese (about 100-200 grams, depends on how much you like cheese in these dishes, but it turns out very tasty);
  • minced meat (you can take any lean meat, and fit chicken fillet);
  • one small onion (can be replaced with a green onion).

We start cooking this way:

  • First you need to clean cabbage, separate inflorescences from each other, cut off all darkened places;
  • cabbage must be dropped into salted boiling water;
  • the potato is cut into cubes, and also drops into the broth;
  • the soup is boiled for about 15 minutes, the saucepan must be loosely covered with a lid;
  • onion finely cut and a little fried in vegetable oil (if you use green onions, then do not fry it);
  • Minced meat is added to the onion, a little fried, mixed. After that, a quarter of a glass of plain water is added to the pan, it is closed with a lid and the mixture is stewed until cooked;
  • at this time the carrot is cleaned and rubbed on a fine grater, added to the soup;
  • check potatoes - if it is easily puncturedon the fork, you can remove the pan from the fire, allow it to cool, then pass through the blender, the soup should be thick and homogeneous. To the soup was gentle, it is recommended to add cream.

Pour the cream soup received into the plates in hotform, before serving, sprinkle it with grated cheese, green onions. Cauliflower is a very useful vegetable that must be eaten not only by children, but also by adults. The high content of vitamins and microelements makes cabbage simply irreplaceable in the diet of anyone, but it is best to eat it in various dishes, rather than stopping at any one. Excellent for this soup puree from cauliflower, which turns out to be very delicate and delicious. Today, there are a variety of recipes, many of which were specifically designed for children, but there are also dishes for a common kitchen with meat broths, cheese, croutons. It's very easy to do them, it does not require special skill, but the result is very impressive and fast, useful for everyone. We recommend you to try!