what to take on vacation Summer is the "hot" time for holidays. The time that everyone wants to conduct with activity and profit. Ladies everywhere start to lose their "winter relaxation", which was noted in the figures, and give their forms exciting bends. Everyone wants to shine in a trendy swimsuit on the beach! Every woman knows that summer is not only time for holidays, but also a great time to completely renew your wardrobe, to acquire the latest innovations. What things to take on vacation? What should I take at sea? Such scrupulous questions are worth considering in detail. What should be in the summer wardrobe of every woman, or what clothes to take on vacation:

  • Swimsuit - one of the most important attributes of ladies' wardrobe
  • The dress is a symbol of femininity and the lady's best friend, when it comes to seduction
  • Shorts - they long ago moved to us from the men's wardrobe and became a powerful weapon in the women's arsenal
  • Skirts are flowing, flying, they will be indispensable helpers in creating a romantic image and will give charm
  • Shoes and bags complete the image, on them, by the way, the main accent may well shift.
  • Accessories help the ladies to bring an element of individuality and brightness, here you can experiment indefinitely.

And now we will consider what is a trend in this summer season, what tendencies and surprises are presented to us by designers. Well, and most importantly, what should I take at sea?

What should I take at sea? Choose a swimsuit!

Designers in 2011 are betting onambiguous color solutions: elegance, an abundance of geometric prints, the presence of sequins and beads. Layering and lacy finishing are the distinguishing features of the trend this season. what you need to take to the sea

  • Trendy swimwear 2011 - a game with color! This season, fashion shows abounded in swimsuits of calm shades, pastel colors. Slightly muted gold and silver models, discreet pink -. In general, this swimsuit season is simply obliged to look festive, but it does not "scream" Peak popularity gained monotonous models, but the prints did not give up their positions. Still actual animal motifs, African ethnics, abstract art and geometry. You can see and exotic patterns: prints of plants, birds. On the podium appeared once fashionable "peas". For swimsuits of the summer of 2011, the use of marine themes is typical: strip, anchors, gold trim. Of course, a swimsuit is something that you need to take with you to the sea.
  • Trendy swimwear 2011 - an intriguing form! The main emphasis is still not on color or pattern, but on an intriguing form. At the peak, multilayer models with asymmetry. Designers took care of decorative details: lace trim, buttons, an abundance of ribbons and rings. In this season you can buy both solid swimsuits and trikini, but the favorites are bikini with a bodice bodice (without straps).

Very topical knitted swimsuits, manydesigners create from the cloth Teflon, it is noteworthy that such material does not leave any traces of sunscreen cosmetics. Now the ladies know what to take to rest on the sea in order to remain fashionable.

Summer dress - that's what you need to take on vacation!

Undoubtedly, the list of what to take on leave is requiredenter the dresses. It is very important for summer dresses color, in the current collections of this season you can see an extravaganza of different shades. The main condition is its brightness! Unconditional leaders in the colors of the summer season have become turquoise, red, violet and yellow. Trendy for dresses in 2011 are combinations of either a single color scheme, but different shades, or a creative mixture with a harmonious combination of bright colors. What should I take with me on my vacation to a woman to feel my own irresistibility? what to take on a vacation at sea

  • Fashionable dresses 2011 - new trends. Do you want a search? Then the option with lace will be optimal. Lace is firmly associated with femininity, romanticism and tenderness. If you want to look at yourself, it's worth stopping at translucent outfits. Trend for the dresses of this summer season is a deep neckline, asymmetry with one shoulder, multi-layered frills. The podiums were full of an abundance of dresses in oriental style, intriguing with their cut and texture.
  • Fashionable dresses 2011 - prints and drawings. In addition to the classic animal drawing (zebra, leopard), designers widely use variations of geometric patterns, ethnicity and even prints resembling photographs, blurry drawings, motifs of the cosmos. If you are wondering about what to take on vacation, then the dress will be indispensable in your suitcase!

Fashionable shorts are things you need to take to the sea!

What to take on a vacation at sea? Dear women, do not break your head, but safely go to the store and buy shorts. Needless to say, how practical, irreplaceable this thing in the summer wardrobe! The main trend is spring-summer 2011 - ultra-short summer shorts. But! Attention! You will need perfect legs! Shorts long ceased to be an attribute exclusively of the men's wardrobe and in all possible variations began to provide useful service to the weaker sex. what to take on holiday at sea

  • Star party - super short shorts made of leather withA shiny top and an elongated jacket can attract attention. High sandals on belts complement the image of "military". The girls still have time to reflect on what they take on vacation, the list will help to achieve the set goals.
  • In the youth. In this case, you should stop on jeans shorts, light in tone, torn, with obligatory embroidery and fringe. On such models pockets and belts are welcomed. Fashionable will be the presence of lace on shorts.
  • Romantic classics - that's what you needtake a vacation with you! Free or tight-fitting shorts in combination with a smart jacket or a transparent blouse. A thin strap can be used as an accessory. For such an image, it's simply unthinkable not to put on high heels! It will add to you, dear ladies, grace.
  • The Vanguard. This option is suitable for bold and stylish. Collections of this season were full of short skirts with short shorts. It is recommended to combine with a loose jacket or shirt. This style is distinguished by increased carelessness, and it should be used with care. The question of which thing to take on vacation, is no longer worth it!

Skirt, that's what you need to take on vacation!

Skirt is an element of the wardrobe, designed to makethe image of a woman is romantic and elegant. It will never go out of fashion. Whatever its length, she loudly declares that before you is a Woman. The skirts are designed to emphasize the seductiveness of the forms, but are also capable of concealing flaws. She solves all cares of the weaker sex: to be mysterious, charming, unique. If you continue to celebrate what to take on a vacation at sea, then, undoubtedly, the skirt will go down in this list! what to take on vacation

  • The trends of this season are not justmaxi-skirts, and skirts of extreme length. They were present in the collections of all fashion brands. Such skirts have a classic waistline, often there are models with odor. In addition to narrow skirts, you should pay attention to the A-shaped cut. Intricate designs for such skirts are welcome!
  • Midi-skirts in 2011 are less popular and willrather relevant to the fall season. Narrowed silhouettes met on the catwalks, but very little: skirt-pencil, skirts, lush at the waist and narrowed downwards - "cylinders."
  • Lovers of miniskirts can onlysympathize, in the last collections there were practically no short skirts. But if you are an avid mini fan and know exactly what kind of clothes will be taken on vacation at this length, then give preference to straight silhouettes or trapezoids.
  • Skirt 2011 - preference for practical colors: black, beige, gray. You can dilute it with skirts of white, blue, red flowers. Designers use the classic print for skirts - "Scotch", among other drawings, animalism, abstraction, peas and stripes prevail. That's what you need to take with you to the sea.
  • To the choice of materials, designers have approached more thandemocratic. The favorite is natural or artificial leather. But on the catwalks was presented a variety of skirts and other textures and materials: silk, chiffon, satin, classic jersey. It is possible to say with all certainty that what women take on a sea holiday will be a riveting glance.
  • Fashionable skirts 2011 - this is an abundance of finishes. The use of ruffles and frills, wedges and drapes, creases - all this creates a unique and unique image that can satisfy any feminine whim. Relevant for summer 2011 skirts with podryubnikami - very lush. Designers encourage inserts: lace, leather, inserts from another in the texture of the material. Trendy is the presence of fringe, belts, large buttons and pockets. The main rule of using all this diversity is thorough thoughtfulness. What to take on vacation - the list is relentlessly replenished!

What should I take at sea? Of course, summer shoes!

In the summer collections of famous designers shoesbeautiful and comfortable. The shoe assortment includes ankle boots with an open toe, classic shoes, boats with models with straps. But the hit of the season will be footwear on a platform, heel or on a high wedge. what kind of clothes to take on vacation

  • Footwear on the platform is still a trend. On the podiums flashed platforms of all kinds of colors and decor: decorated with rhinestones or sequins, decorated with beads or weaving. And if you ask yourself what young, bright, active girls will take to rest on the sea, it will definitely be shoes on the platform.
  • Heeled shoes. A high, dizzy, shapely female figure heel has not lost its relevance. It can be massive heels, or thin hairpins. In 2011, heels and glasses appeared, and there was an excitement. Heel - the best solution for miniature fashionistas! That's a great idea of ​​what things to take on vacation.
  • Shoes on a wedge are the unconditional trend of the summer season. Already this season this element does not lose its relevance. The wadding is practical, stable, allows you to get comfort from wearing.
  • Summer involves active rest, soit is worth dumping ballet shoes, moccasins and boats, and in the list of what to take on leave, this type of footwear is simply necessary. Designers tried to make them bright, decorated with bracelets, buckles and accessories.

We take on vacation accessories and bags

What do you need to take to the seas from handbags? This is a large beach bag, however, if you are not a fan of the beach, then you can find a bag that would satisfy all your desires. what things to take on vacation Handbags 2011:

  • Minimalism is preferred by Christian Dior, Nina Ricci. These are bags with classic shapes.
  • The fringe on the bags is relevant for Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton.
  • Bags-braids, such irreplaceable and colorful on the beach, are present at Bottega Veneta and Stella McCartney.
  • Clutches in their collections preferred by such designers as Chanel, Valentino and Givenchy.
  • The colors in this season are calm, pastel tones, softness, lightness and tenderness prevail. Such associations should be called by your model of a handbag of a summer season 2011.

Accessories 2011: Preference in this season is given to natural materials: leather, stone, wood billets. The main trend for all the accessories this summer - the massiveness, the predominance of oriental themes and motifs: the larger the decoration, the more spectacular it is. what you need to take to the sea

  • Ornaments on the neck: give up weightless gold chains, no one will reproach you for bad taste if you put on a massive chain to the waist, with an abundance of finishes and decor.
  • Beads are back in fashion, designers recommend using several tiers of beads at once, you can not even match in style.
  • Earrings should be made of natural materials, with the predominance of oriental motifs, patterns and shapes, very large in size.

Dear ladies, now you are fully armed thanks toacquaintance with our article. If you follow all the recommendations and tips, your vacation will remain unforgettable, and you will be the model of beauty, style and elegance. By the way, do not forget to put sunglasses and cream in your luggage! Have a nice rest! We advise you to read: