what to present for February 23 guy Defender of the Fatherland Day - just like that nowcalled a holiday, celebrated by us on February 23. He refers, first of all, to all servicemen and veterans. But in Soviet times, most men in one way or another had to do with military service, so all the representatives of the stronger sex were honored with greetings, as they say, both old and young. With the passage of time and in the process of the emergence of new young states in the post-Soviet space, the main essence of the holiday has faded. However, on February 23, in our country, it is noted, as before. Although not all current young men have experience of serving in the ranks of the armed forces, they are still the defenders first of all for us, their women and girls. Therefore, they deserve such a holiday in their honor. And if it is, then without congratulations can not do. "What can you give a guy on February 23?" - this is the question that worries the minds of young girls. It arises as soon as the last January day is past and with the approach of the holiday takes all thoughts. Doubts, hesitations - as it is all familiar. So what should I give to my beloved on February 23? Of course, the most wonderful, the most amazing, the most desirable. We, the girls, really are trying to find something unusual and interesting in order to once again convince the young man of his own exclusivity. So what to give a guy on February 23? A good gift should not just be an expensive thing and fight with exclusivity, but also express your feelings to the fullest and serve as proof that the relationship with this guy has special meanings and meaning for you (if this is so, in fact). The task is not easy, but let's still try to reflect on the ideas for a possible gift on the occasion of the men's day. Since February 23 is a holiday with military themes, it is good if the thing handed over on occasion is at least remotely reminiscent of this. Do not forget that the attitude towards gifts for girls and boys is very different. The hearts of young people will not be very symbolic, even expensive and beautiful, but completely useless things. Of course, they are not devoid of romanticism, but this feeling of a young man is experienced mainly when you are a favorite girl nearby. And then the useless, in their opinion, thing will go to the far corner of the cabinet and be safely forgotten. Is this your goal?


So, let's first make a list of thoseitems and things that should not be taken into account, deciding what to give to a guy on February 23. This applies to other holidays, and especially applies to those couples in love, relationships in which have not yet become stable.

  • Underwear is considered inappropriate in the event that,When you and your young man are in the stage of a candy-bouquet period. A young man may think that either he is too slow, or you are in a hurry with the course of events.
  • Deodorants. Such a gift has a certain subtext. Take the risk of offending the guy.
  • Tool sets from the "all-rounder master" series. Your man is still too young, and these things are more suitable for a family man. And put yourself in his place, if by March 8 you will receive instead of a romantic congratulation a set of pots or plates. That's the same.
  • Very expensive gifts. Their price instead of pleasant emotions is quite capable of causing bewilderment, as it will bring in your relationship, so to speak, financial interest, because a man will be in your debt.
  • Souvenirs designed to sadly collect dust on the shelves. As mentioned above, gifts that are devoid of practicality will not produce the expected impressions and will be quickly forgotten.

Well, when the list of gifts slightly decreased, you can go to those of them that will both satisfy your tastes and your wallet, and will be able to give joy and surprise to your beloved man. what to give a guy on February 23

What to consider when choosing a gift

So that the ideas from the indefinite mass are transformed into something understandable and concrete, it is necessary to determine, first of all, the basic qualities that your gift should have, namely:

  • It should be useful. We are talking about this again, because for men the question of practicality comes first. These gifts include a stylish youth tie, a branded pen, a briefcase for a laptop, a purse, and a favorite perfume, and so on. Agree, all these items are needed for a guy, if not daily, then very often. And this means that every time he uses one of them, his image will necessarily appear in his thoughts. To strengthen and develop relations, this is very important.
  • The thing to be handed should be coveted. To achieve this, you need to listen more carefully to what your young man often says (except for you, of course). Is it a car or literature, or computer games, or music, or sports? Believe me, if you give an object that corresponds to the main interests and interests of a young person, then he will look at you with a new look. Your rating will increase significantly.
  • The gift should be of high quality. If you chose a lighter, a set of pens, an umbrella or a purse, then their appearance and functionality simply have to be "on top". And if there is also a modestly adorned brand name, male vanity will be satisfied.
  • The subject, awarded on February 23, is unequivocallyyou need a bit of masculinity. Representatives of the stronger sex by nature are warriors and hunters. Such primitive instinct and a thirst for risk, and not cruelty, explains their craving for arms. It's like the voice of ancestors, which can not be muffled. Maybe that's why young people like to play various kinds of computer shooters, to ride a motorcycle and to hit on targets. Take this with respect to such hobbies and give a new game, a protective helmet or a certificate to visit the shooting gallery. Believe me, the guy will appreciate it.
  • Give the young man a piece of pride. This can be, for example, a certificate of ownership of a piece of land on the Moon or on Mars. Imagine how much fun your boyfriend will receive by showing off such a gift to his friends. Yes, and the reason to joke, too, is not bad.
  • And what do the men themselves want?

    It's not at all necessary to choose something specificfrom the list of those items that, according to polls, young people would like to get to a man's holiday. Perhaps this list will simply push you to the right thought. Representatives of the stronger sex like:

  • Gifts, giving solidity. Not always a young man can afford to buy himself some stylish thing that could raise his status at work or at the institute. A leather briefcase, a business card holder, a phone case, sports attributes and so on from good materials and famous brands will surely appeal to him. Only they must correspond to the occupation.
  • Gifts, designed personally, with personalized engravings or with a photo. Order a portrait of your young man, but only if you are confident in the level of professionalism of the artist.
  • Tickets to the water park. A good excuse to have fun for both, and also to test the courage of your young man.
  • Flowers and candy bouquets. Perhaps you will be the first girl in the life of your boyfriend, who decided on such a gift. He certainly will not forget this. Only when choosing colors, please consider which ones should be given to young men.
  • Gifts from childhood. A car with a remote control, a board game, a model airplane model, a universal knife is the ultimate dream of many guys.
  • Note that neither shavingaccessories, no shampoos, no lotions on this list. So do not ignore them and try to choose as a gift exactly the thing that will make your relationship with the guy even warmer and closer. that you can give a guy on February 23


    Breaking your head about the question of what to givethe guy on February 23, girls often forget about gift certificates. No, not about those with whom you can go to the thematic store and choose the thing you like. To strengthen relations in a young couple, this option is not suitable. After all, he is devoid of romanticism and speaks rather not about how to make pleasant, but about not to make special efforts. It is a question of certificates for a lesson of extreme driving, a master class on snowboarding or shooting. Such unusual variants of congratulations on February 23 are quite capable of emphasizing the man's masculinity both in the eyes of the beloved girl and in his own. But be cautious and give such certificates only if your guy does have the makings of an extreme. After all, impressions must be positive and vivid, and not remain in your memory an annoying memory of the experience of fear. If a young man has a calm disposition, and recklessness and risk are offended, then present him with a certificate for SPA-procedures for men. A gourmet will certainly appreciate a master class on making sushi or chocolate sweets, an amateur to take pictures with pleasure will attend a professional photography lesson. Approach the process of choosing a gift-impression, taking into account the nature and psychological portrait of your boyfriend. This is what should be the defining moment. Of course, the choice of a male gift is a very difficult matter. Especially if your relationship with a young person is at an early stage of development, when little is known about each other. But to address the issue of what to give a guy on February 23, should not be treated as something very difficult. Try the process of choice to turn into an interesting walk with friends who, like you, are probably puzzled by the same. The fun time and the work of the collective mind sometimes bring quite unexpected results. And let not each of you find exactly what will make a congratulation unusual, original and pleasant, but you can at least estimate how great is the choice for all kinds of goods for men. It is possible that, a couple of days after such a joint targeted shopping decision on how to make your congratulations unforgettable and give your beloved guy an ocean of positive, will come to you by itself. Remember, dear girls, the success of any business depends primarily on a positive attitude. Good luck! We advise you to read: