how to put things in order in the closet Those housewives who manage to maintaincloset perfect order, you can only envy. Apparently, they have a special talent. Because most of us have clothes and things there and hang "you know how." However, envy is a destructive feeling, and we are more like creators than destroyers. So let's not envy anyone, but we'll know better how to put things in order in the closet, and what principles are followed by those who can easily manage it.

Principle one. Divide and rule

First of all, all things need to be divided intonecessary and unnecessary. First, sort everything that you really do not need (at all). Remember that if the item "unreliable" has been hanging in the closet for more than a year, then you are unlikely to wear it again. So - all overboard! Sorry to throw it away? Move it to another place (a box in the pantry, a suitcase on the mezzanines), but remove it from the cupboard. Next, divide all things into the principle of seasonal "need". What is worn in this season - closer, then, that is waiting for its hour - aside. The main thing is that they are not mixed. If the wardrobe is occupied not only by your things, but also by the clothes of the household, then divide it according to your personal belonging. Lay out things on different shelves, hang on your shoulders and demand that all members of the family support the order that you have. Another principle of separation - in the form of things. Bed linen should not lie together with shorts and t-shirts, jeans - with handkerchiefs and scarves, and pantyhose and socks - with T-shirts. And the last "division" will happen, as it were, by itself in the process of the previous sorting. This division into clean and not very clean things. You know that the latter sometimes lie in a closet, and there they do not belong! order in the closet

The second principle. Place and enjoy

Place things so that the result is deliveredpleasure, you also need it wisely. It will require knowledge of the elementary rules of ergonomics and, of course, your personal preferences. To ensure that the inner space of the cabinet does not become tight, use boxes to store socks and underwear. Sort them according to their purpose and fold them into separate boxes. This will maintain order in your closet, using the entire shelf, including the vertical (usually free) space. However, instead of boxes you can use drawers (if they are in your closet). Just like socks and underwear in boxes it is convenient to store shoes. Put one on top of the other, place the shoe boxes in the large compartment of the cabinet. Knitted things are supposed to be stored in a folded state - on the shoulders they can lose shape. Fold in a single stack of T-shirts, sweaters and other jersey. And if you are confused by the prospect of the formation of crumpled folds and creases on things, then store them by rolling them into rollers. In hard-to-reach places, place what you get less often, and the most popular items should be "at hand." Therefore, take the middle shelves for them. How to restore order in the closet, if the ties, belts and scarves and strive to be in the most inappropriate places, and find them at the right time just is not possible? Keep all these small items on a special hanger from the back of the door. If there is not such a hanger, then do it yourself, having fastened to the door a hanger for towels or usual hooks on Velcro. So they will always be in sight (with the door open) and you will not have to look for them. In a large wardrobe compartment on hangers, hang skirts, trousers, dresses, blouses and all the other clothes that you want to store in the closet. For order in the closet, get not only traditional hangers, but also special hangers for skirts and trousers, as well as for clothes from stretch fabrics. perfect order in the closet

The third principle. Remember the main thing

The main thing is the order, which is enough to bringsimple, and support is much more difficult. The absence of "extra" things and convenient for you the placement of clothing will help to keep order in the closet. Do not put crumpled things in the closet, do not store dirty clothes there, put every thing on your "place". For better effect, put aromatic sachets, dry spirits or just a slice of "tasty" soap on the shelves: you hardly want to clutter a fragrant cupboard. Think about rules for yourself, for example:

  • Belts, bags, ties, neck scarves - on the inside of the doors;
  • rarely used things - on the upper shelves;
  • Socks, pantyhose and underwear - in boxes on the lower shelves or in drawers;
  • shoes - in boxes in a large wardrobe compartment;
  • long clothes on hangers.

This is, of course, "truisms", butare fundamentally important. If you first force yourself to follow them, then soon these principles will become a habit. A habit, as you know, is second nature. Believe that the ideal order in the cabinet is quite achievable, if you follow simple rules and from time to time to lead in this repository revision. To set a goal and follow it is the key to the success of any undertaking. So get started! We advise you to read: