skirts autumn 2016 It is difficult to imagine a modern woman, inthe wardrobe of which would be pants and dresses, but there would be no skirts. After all, this particular element of clothing is the embodiment of style and elegance, it is he who makes the girl more elegant and refined. And, of course, each of us wants to be the owner of stylish wardrobe items, which fully corresponds to the trends and trends of our time. Therefore, in this review, we will talk about the fashion skirts of autumn 2016, about what they will be like. We will look at their style and color, learn about fabrics and models, get acquainted with the solutions and surprises of designers - let's keep abreast of what the upcoming season is preparing for us.

What material is the skirt made of?

At this point, it is worth paying attention tofirst of all, because of the material of production depends not only the appearance of clothes, but also the sensations that it brings to the girl. Let's see what the fashionable skirts of autumn 2016 are made of: photos of the latest collections will help us to understand this. fashionable autumn autumn skirt 2016

  • Honor and respect will be surrounded by leather models- in the coming season they will want to buy many girls. After all, leather skirts look at the same time impeccably strict and interesting, laconic and rich. They become the very classics, ideally suited both for office look'a businesswomen, and for the attire of a student going to a party.
  • Another stylish trend of our time isLong skirts made of sheared fur or pile fabrics of high density. They remain the most practical, warm, comfortable, ideal for dank and rainy weather, but at the same time they look stylish enough to brightly decorate the 21st century girl's wardrobe.

These trends are tuned to an optimistic mood, because with them Russians can dress without exaggeration beautifully and at the same time comfortable, taking care of their fragile health.

Colors of fashionable autumn skirts 2016

And this season, office models will be traditionallycalm and restrained - actual will be gray, classic black, brown tones. But strictness is not all that modern fashion can give us: autumn skirts of 2016 will be bright, designed to be worn in a non-working environment. Here we want to look at such rich colors more closely. skirts autumn 2016 pictures

  • Bright, sensual, restless natures weadvise the fiery red models - be sure, such skirts are doomed to success. They will perfectly emphasize your energy and will become an effective touch of any look'a.
  • A stylish choice will be the bright blue models -it is with their help that you can add to your appearance a touch of elegance and elegance. As an example, we can advise ultramarine skirts maxi autumn 2016 - they will be the ideal solution for going to a restaurant, a theater or a concert.
  • However, even more daring colors and shades inThe coming season will not be left behind the popularity - we suggest you pay attention to raspberry, turquoise, salad models. They will help create a bright and sunny mood, fill your image with positive colors, they will allow you to forget about the rain and coolness.
  • His audience will find and defiantly originalskirts autumn 2016 mini: models in a cage, with contrast patterns and bright prints will be chosen by the connoisseurs of the unusual and the amateur surprise. Outside the offices of extravagance will be a real trend - in the coming season you can safely wear bold things.

Variety of combinations of colors of fashionable women's skirtsunties the hands of every true shopping lover. Girls, this season we will have the opportunity to buy several stylish and perfectly suitable options for us - so let's use it.

Choose a skirt model

Here we have maximum freedom and minimumrestrictions, after all excellent styles will suffice to girls with different tastes and preferences in clothes. But let's follow the accents of the design houses - let's see what models will be the most current trends in the already coming season. fashionable autumn autumn skirt 2016 photos

  • To maintain the impeccability of business style will help"Pencils": underlined classic, but at the same time 100% modern models - such fashionable women's skirts fall in 2016 will perfectly decorate the look of a business lady. By the way, their severity can be diluted with bold notes, because popular will be "pencils", decorated with flounces, appliqués, prints, patch pockets.
  • If you want to make the most of allsmall secrets, which is different modern fashion, skirts autumn 2016 style "tulip" should be your choice. And one of the most versatile options will be a laconic black or brown model - it is perfect for both office and Casual look'a. Well, going to some youth event, for example, a birthday or a party, you can easily choose a tulip brighter - green or blue.
  • Now let's talk about short skirts: mini changed in the most serious way - the simplicity of the tight-fitting models is a thing of the past. In their place comes the splendor, the richness of the finish with frills and ruffles. Pay attention to the A-silhouettes.
  • Separately it is necessary to tell about the pleated skirts - inThe upcoming season of their folds will magnetize the haunting of women of fashion. And it is understandable why - they can be combined so easily and stylishly with different tops, starting from knitted cardigans or sweaters and ending with "men's" vests or shirts.
  • Another undoubtedly the actual trend of steellong skirts: autumn 2016 gives us flying lightness and airiness maxi. Interest is caused by the most popular length of models - up to the middle of caviar. This is the kind of chip we can find in the collections of ADAM, Mulberry, Tory Burch and many other designer houses.
  • In the hits of the season, you can safely write and flaredskirts - they look very feminine and one hundred percent elegant, perfectly emphasizing the beauty and elegance of a smooth woman's gait. This is what Bottega Veneta, Marni, and a number of other fashion designers emphasized, and, judging by the enthusiastic reviews on European shows, they did not fail.
  • Speaking of style, you can not forget perfectionmaxi skirts with characteristically high cuts - believe me, it must have autumn and coming winter. Such models effectively emphasize the luxurious beauty of girls' legs - they will make your walk truly fascinating.

Long skirts. What will designers like?

It's time to see what novelties have been prepared for us by fashion houses, on what the couturier's accent was made. long autumn autumn skirt 2016 The emphasis on airiness, splendor, lightness of longmodels made Tracy Reese, Tory Burch, ADAM, Mulberry. In their collections they presented us a new look at the skirts to the middle of the caviar - their models can be safely considered an excellent example of grace. Modernize the classically popular trends in the design houses Donna Karan and Altuzarra. So, the first introduced to the demanding public "pencils", perfectly in harmony with light blouses, the second one focused on bold models with a high incision, made in warm colors. All lovers wear short skirts, fashion gives collections Thakoon, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Mulberry. These designer houses offer us bold options, at the maximum denude slender female legs. By the way, another characteristic feature of these skirts is the abundance of decorative elements. They can be decorated with bows, stitches, relief strips, contrasting drawings - the main thing is that such models always attract attention. Another trend is leather skirts, strict and at the same time sexy, made in black, chocolate, red or beige. They are also abundantly decorated and decorated - designers generously use rhinestones, brushes, laces, buttons. An attractive new product of the season will be a fur skirt - it always looks rich, no matter what animal it is made of. Loewe, Betty Jackson, Valentino amaze us with magnificent collections of cut fur. These designer houses know how to surprise a girl. As you can see, there are enough chips in this case too - the main thing to remember is that when searching for your skirt, fashion collections of designers become excellent assistants. As well as the trends presented in this review, they help to choose the stylish model unerringly, so be sure to review the latest shots - among them you will definitely find a "pencil", "tulip" or mini to your liking. We advise you to read: