fashionable raincoats spring 2012 With the onset of spring sunny daysthrow off the heavy winter things and finally try on the lighter and loose. This will help you incredibly popular to date cloaks, because they look very original and are quite universal details of the women's wardrobe. And their quality, like waterproof, will save you in the most inclement weather, protecting you from rain and strong wind. Cloaks of the new spring season combined several styles at once - the elegance of the fifties and the futurism of the seventies of the last century. These original styles together with advanced technologies allow designers to create modern, comfortable, bright and very beautiful models. Such familiar materials as leather, suede, nylon, cotton and microfiber, and today remain the most popular in the production of this fashion brand. the most fashionable raincoats spring 2012

Variety of models

To the most fashionable trends this year, you cancarry the classic trench and its interpretation. Despite the fact that this style is different from the usual cut, the designers decided in the upcoming fashion season to make some fashionable modifications in it, shortening the length, and also decorating the products with all kinds of draperies. Cloaks in the style of minimalism, which is characterized by clear lines and the lack of unnecessary details, will also be very popular. They will not leave indifferent any girl. From the past in the new season crossed the cloak-windbreaker. Such a convenient model is very practical and in addition looks very elegant. Such a product has a special design that makes it possible to use it as a simple cape, and also as a flying poncho. Very convenient and original! Undoubted favorites of this season are fashionable leather raincoats in the spring of 2016 beige, corporal, red and protective colors. Muted shades never irritate, but on the contrary, are pleasant and attractive to others, moreover, things in such a natural color scheme always look exquisite and expensive. In this season, the most diverse combinations of textures, materials, blending of styles are trend. Unusually and original look small, almost unnoticeable, collar-racks. The minimalism that world designers try to express is incredibly fashionable, so the brevity expressed in two colors will easily accentuate your personality. This style can be called extremely restrained, because there are completely no decorations and details in the form of collars, pockets, belts. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that when choosing a leather model, you need to pay attention to the details of the product - the fewer elements of the decor it has, the more slender your figure will look. fashionable leather raincoats in spring 2012

Fashionable style

  • Answering the question, what style will be fashionable in 2016, it is necessary to say that the cloak in the new spring season will not have a fit shape, but, on the contrary, will look wider.
  • Models will also differ in individual details: The collar can have a classic cut, pockets can be oblique, the length of the sleeve is normal or slightly more than half of the cloak itself, and the belt is often tied simply to the knot.
  • Color plays an important role in the selection of anythings, since the taste preferences of each fashionista are strictly individual. But there is no cause for concern. Designers have prepared for a charming lady a huge variety of color palette, so with confidence you can say - everything will be very bright and cheerful!
  • The most fashionable raincoats in the spring of 2016 will be full of floral and animal ornaments, which are still relevant and very popular.

In conclusion, it should be noted that inthe anticipation of the spring season of 2016, many experts note an unusual surge in the popularity of women's raincoats. And if you have not had time to acquire the thing of your dream, then today you will have such an opportunity. Do not miss your chance to look fashionable, stylish and original any day! We advise you to read: