bra how to choose the right one Bra - a unique item of ladies'wardrobe, and note, one of the youngest items of women's clothing. And what is most pleasant, no one on our exclusive right to wear bras will not encroach: they do not need men and children. But, perhaps, that's why almost all the creators of models of this exclusively ladies' toilet are men. The forbidden fruit is known to be sweet. Fashion legislators in the field of lingerie - also men. And the stereotype of a fashionable and beautiful bra is also created by them. Yes, men love eyes. And to contemplate the lady in the foam of lace, covering only the nipples, they are very pleased. Let's agree that the lace is erotic, and the breasts that fall out of the corset are sexy. But try these "learned men" from fashion to walk all day in their own, if I may say, developments. Although, what is wrong to say, the cause of discomfort, delivered by a bra, we often become ourselves. Or rather, our elementary ignorance. Here you, for example, know how to choose the right bra? Choose so that it was not only beautiful (and not only under clothes), but also convenient, but also safe for health? Is that how we usually choose a bra? We go to our size range, we collect a bunch of bras that "oh! what a cute! ", and then - in the fitting room. And what do we look at in this fitting room? Do not cringe your soul - we look at how sexy in this "oh! how pretty! "we look. As if directly out in it we leave the house, without covering anything with erotic gifts packed in a bra. And to choose this intimate object it is necessary with mind, with feeling, with sense, with arrangement. Love yourself? Do you cherish your health? Take care of your appearance? Then you just need to learn the secrets of intimate shopping. how to choose a bra

Before going to the store

In order not to waste precious timeshopping, decide in advance what exactly you want to buy. If you need another erotic rag that can awaken the movement of thoughts and the loins of the most infantile man, then this is one thing. If you need a comfortable and reliable wardrobe that can correct the faulty look of a woman's breast under clothes, then this is completely different. And yet, regardless of the purpose of the purchase, first remove the measurements. At least in order to save time and the right choice of the size range. Believe that most women flatter themselves. Girls with small breasts grab from the show-windows bras much larger, and ladies with voluminous bust try to squeeze into miniature bras. Girls! In addition to you, no one sees the tags on your bras! So be objective and take the right measurements to know your real size, and not the one that you think is real. Put on the most comfortable of all your bras and remove only two measures. First measure the volume under the chest, and then the volume of the chest at its most outstanding point. The first number will serve as a guide for choosing a bra by volume. It will be the first digits on the label of the bra that suits you. And in order to determine the size of the cups of the bra, calculate the difference between the two measurements taken. So, if the difference between the measures is:

  • 10-11 centimeters - zero breast size (AA);
  • 12-13 centimeters - the first breast size (A)
  • 13-15 centimeters - the second breast size (B);
  • 15-17 centimeters-third breast size (C);
  • 18-20 centimeters - the fourth breast size (D);
  • 20-22 centimeters - the fifth breast size (DD).

True, this rule is universal only forbras not very large. For the fifth (and more) number of the breast, marking from different manufacturers may differ. For example, this size is designated E or DD (in America), and the sixth is F or DDD. Well, after taking the measurements and finding out your true breast size, you can safely go to the store for a coveted update. And do not repeat the main mistake in choosing a bra, when the volume of the bra to a woman is great, and the cup for the breast is small. beautiful bra how to choose

In the fitting room

Here you are in the fitting room, hold half a dozen handsbras suitable size. Now you need to choose from them the most correct and most convenient. First determine the volume of the bra. Why do most women buy bras that are large in volume? Because they choose wrong. You need to buy a bra, which is fastened only to the most extreme buckle, that is, its volume you "back to back". The fact is that the fabrics of which modern bras are sewn are elastic. Such a fabric has the property of stretching, accordingly, the bra in the volume becomes larger. And if you buy a bra with a stock of volume, then you can not make less of his stretched volume, except that the fasteners are stitched. Now look at the straps, which (thanks to modern manufacturers!) Have adjustable length. If the straps are sucked into the shoulders, the bra is small, if the back of the bra creeps upwards - is great! But try adjusting the length of the straps. If the back is lowered under the shoulder blades, and the straps are still pressing on the shoulders - this is not your bra. If the straps are tight, but without excess pressure lie on the shoulders, and the back of the bra is located strictly horizontally under the shoulder blades - everything is fine. If, in this case, you can slip your finger under the bra corset, this is your volume. Now look at the cups. With a properly sized cup size, its upper edge should not compress the breast, even if the cup is very open. The bottom seam of a cup or bone should tightly encircle the breast from below, or rather, not even the breast, but "podrugie". And the fabric on the bra cups should not wrinkle and gather folds. Raise your hands up. Breasts do not "flow" from the bra? Lean down. Your charms do not jump out of it? Means, the size of cups of a bra is also chosen correctly. Check the shape of the cups. We turn to the mirror sideways. If your breasts are more than zero in size and are not stuffed with silicone, then according to the law of universal gravitation it will slightly (or not slightly) sag. This is physics! And no matter what form there was a real female breast, without a bra she necessarily "drains" down. So, properly selected bra will just give her the desired position, when the lower part of the chest does not fall below the piercing line. We continue to examine our breasts in profile. The right calyx will lift your chest so that its most protruding (in the profile) part will be at the level of the middle of the arm between the elbow and the shoulder. By the way, such a height of the chest will necessarily make you slimmer, since women with low breasts appear more voluminous. And now put on a T-shirt or T-shirt. If you have chosen the right bra of the right volume and the appropriate size of the cups, then no extra folds on your body under the shirt should be visible. Note - it is superfluous. If there are wrinkles and bulges on your body and without a bra, then the folded bra of these folds should not be bigger. how to choose the right size bra


Let's sum up the secrets of intimate shopping. So, how to choose the right bra so that the "suit is sitting":

  • Before buying a bra, even knowing its exact size, it is not superfluous to make new measurements. If the street is hot, then your usual 34B can suddenly increase.
  • The bra does not have to crash into the bottom of the chest and tooto rise on the back. Bra straps should not fall off the shoulder. If they have to be heavily adjusted - it's not the case: after a few days of socks or the first wash, the elastic bands of the straps will stretch.
  • If you "raise your body" when lifting your hands from under your bra, this size is too small for you. Try to try on a larger size or choose another style, with a more rounded shape of the cups.
  • If you have a large breast size, choosebra on wide straps. And the more breasts, the wider they should be. Because they, and not the bones, are the main support for your breast.
  • Alternately try on a few brasadjacent sizes: sometimes the difference between them is 1-2 hooks. To choose the best option for fitting the bra to the figure, experiment with the fasteners.
  • And finally, a few topical tips. Every season, do an "audit" in your linen closet. It should be based on classic bras (several sports and on bones) and two or three romantic lace models. As practice shows, body color underwear gradually replaces the traditional white color. To "prolong life" underwear, wash it in cold water. For washing in the machine use special bags for delicate washing. Which sets of laundry should be in your wardrobe?

    • Lacy topic or combination.
    • A seamless set (with or without "pads") is required for socks with tight T-shirts and tops.
    • Bra straps will be useful for wearing under evening dresses on thin straps, tops and dresses "on one shoulder", as well as under clothing with an American armhole.

    Bra - a unique subject of femalewardrobe. He is able to correct even the most serious miscalculations of nature. And our task is to correctly select this corrective tool. Good choice! We advise you to read: