pregnancy test All women perceive pregnancydifferently. For some, it is a long-awaited joyful event, for others - a pleasant surprise, and some girls news about their interesting situation is terrifying. One thing is clear: if a woman lives sexually, then she always has the risk of becoming pregnant. Many ladies of childbearing age are interested in information about whether there are any signs of pregnancy in the first weeks or even days after conception. It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, since the symptoms pointing to such a situation, in some girls, can manifest themselves quite clearly, while others do not. Sometimes what some women consider a signal to indicate pregnancy is in fact a symptom of a disease.

What is the absence of critical days?

What are the signs of pregnancy can manifest itselfsoon after fertilization of the egg? The most famous symptom, which even teenagers know about, is the delay in menstruation. If critical days do not come in the prescribed period, most women immediately rush to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test. However, you do not need to get excited. A sudden delay in the monthly cycle from a few days to a week is quite natural. But a longer absence of menstruation can testify not only to pregnancy, but to be a consequence of severe stress, a transferred illness, the taking of certain medicines, a sharp change in the regimen of the day, and weight loss. Most often, the absence of menstruation in the put period is evidence that a new life is born in the woman's body. But sometimes menstruation can occur even during pregnancy, but in this case it will be atypical. Too scarce or copious spotting, very short or, conversely, an unusually long period of critical days, the onset of menstruation earlier or later than the usual period - all this may indicate either a gynecological disease or symptoms of pregnancy. Determine the exact cause of the malfunction of the monthly cycle can only a gynecologist, so the girl should not self-attributing pregnancy, instead she needs to visit the women's consultation as soon as possible. nausea is one of the signs of pregnancy

Problems with urination and toxicosis

Listing the signs of pregnancy, it is worth mentioningabout frequent urge to urinate. This is not a very pleasant symptom is a consequence of changes in the hormonal background of a future mother and can manifest itself within a couple of weeks after the onset of pregnancy. In addition to frequent urge to enter the toilet, a woman can feel her bladder and feel a burning sensation or a mild pain when urinating. At the initial stage of pregnancy this symptom passes quickly enough and returns to the pregnant woman after a few months, when the fetus in the uterus increases and begins to press on the bladder. However, the signs described above are often more likely to indicate pregnancy than cystitis, so if you frequently urinate and feel unpleasant in the bladder, show your doctor. Without the unpleasant manifestations of toxicosis to tolerate the baby can be very few. Usually it occurs at the very beginning of pregnancy and especially reminds of itself in the morning hours. Some women in the situation can suffer from it throughout the entire period of bearing the child, in others, the toxicosis passes by the end of the first trimester, but there are also lucky ones who are completely unaware of morning sickness. Pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, upset stomach and weakness are the most common signs of toxicosis. However, do not rush to rejoice, feeling nauseous. Perhaps what you are taking for signs of pregnancy is the most common food poisoning. Increased gas separation can also signal the onset of pregnancy. Often this symptom is accompanied by a slight rounding of the abdomen, which is not associated with the growth of the uterus (at an early stage it increases slightly), but with bloating. This is explained by the fact that after conception, the vessels of the abdominal cavity of the future mother are filled with blood, and this leads to a small swelling in the walls of the intestine. The digestive system of a woman starts to work in a slow mode, and because of this, gases are formed. The slowing of intestinal peristalsis can provoke the appearance of constipation in a woman. These unpleasant signs of pregnancy often accompany toxicosis. Soon after conception, the expectant mother may begin to be bothered by the pulling pains in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region. Such pains are typical for menstruation, but in the case of pregnancy against a background of painful sensations, critical days do not occur. The occurrence of prolonged pains that do not go away should be alarming, since these may be signs of pregnancy signaling the threat of a miscarriage. In order to prevent a spontaneous abortion, a woman should try to lie until the pain disappears completely. A visit to the gynecologist in this case should occur as soon as possible. dizziness in the early stages of pregnancy

Increased fever, syncope, and other symptoms of pregnancy

Still our grandmothers knew that to definepregnancy can be measured by measuring the temperature inside the rectum. If you suspect that you are pregnant, then within a few days, without getting up in the morning from bed, the usual medical thermometer measure the temperature in the rectum. Pregnancy is indicated by the thermometer from 37 degrees and above. An increase in temperature in the anus is typical for the period of ovulation, however, after the release of the egg into the abdominal cavity, the gradient indicators gradually normalize. During pregnancy, the temperature in the rectum will be stably elevated. This method is the most accurate and indicates obvious signs of pregnancy, it can be used from the first days after the onset of conception. If you were suddenly drawn to sour and salty, then it is possible that your body began active preparation for motherhood. The emergence of a wild appetite, changes in taste preferences, the desire to combine absolutely incompatible foods means that the female body needs a lot of minerals and vitamins for the normal development of the fetus, which it takes from the food it consumes. Often, these signs of pregnancy are supplemented by a change in smell. At such moments, the future mother can hardly bear the smell of fried fish, baked goods, meat or other products. And some women experience intolerance to tobacco smoke or perfume. All fans of serials know that if the main character of the film complains of dizziness or suddenly loses consciousness, then she is pregnant. And in real life for many women, sudden faints and dizziness are the first symptoms of pregnancy that can occur before the delay of the monthly cycle or the onset of toxicosis. But remember that the same symptomatology can be in anemia, hypotension, spinal diseases and other ailments, so after a sudden fainting, consult a doctor who can determine exactly whether you should prepare for the appearance of the baby. What signs of pregnancy can still be called? After a few days after conception begins the process of swelling of the mammary glands, there are painful sensations in the nipples. The chest slightly increases and becomes sensitive to any irritants, a woman is unpleasant to touch it. Similar symptoms are familiar to most women as a manifestation of premenstrual syndrome, but during pregnancy they occur in 70% of expectant mothers and indicate that the body begins to rebuild itself to fulfill the mission inherent in it by nature. Unpleasant sensations in the chest come after 7-14 days after fertilization.

Diagnosis of pregnancy: where to start?

Finally I would like to say a few words aboutdiagnosis of pregnancy from the first weeks. Modern women are very lucky with this. If your period does not come at the right time, get a special test in the pharmacy that will allow you to determine your position at home. The pregnancy test is a plate impregnated with a chemical reagent that interacts with a hormone that is produced in the body of a woman from the first days after conception. This hormone is called chorionic gonadotropin and is excreted from the female body with urine. Put the dough into a clean container with morning urine and hold it there for a few minutes. One strip, appearing on the test, will indicate that your delay has other reasons. Two strips are probable signs of pregnancy. But there are cases when the tests are wrong. The most reliable way to diagnose pregnancy is HCG - the clinical diagnosis of blood for the presence of chorionic gonadotropin in it. Thanks to the analysis, a woman will be able to make sure of her onset 10 days after the onset of conception. Signs of pregnancy in this case - exceeding the hCG of 15 mU in 1 ml of serum. The advantage of the method is its absolute reliability, the drawbacks - the need for it in the laboratory and the long wait for the results. Each organism is individual and for the future motherhood reacts in its own way. All the symptoms described above in one woman can be observed in full, and the second pregnancy will be indicated only by the absence of menstruation and 2 strips on the test. It is important to remember that it is impossible to diagnose yourself without a visit to a gynecologist and examination. Only the doctor will be able to reliably determine if your health complaints are the first manifestations of pregnancy or indicate the presence of any diseases. Our grandmothers defined pregnancy by dreams. They were sure that if a young girl dreams of a fish, then she should prepare for motherhood. Pike dreams of a girl, and a crucian or perch - to a boy. Watermelon, seen in a dream, also hinted at a quick addition to the family. Today these signs of pregnancy are taken seriously only by superstitious people. But think about it, if you began to attend such dreams. And suddenly your body thus signals to you that it has long been ready to conceive?