irritability during pregnancy Moods and mood swings in pregnant women- the phenomenon of everyday and absolutely no one is surprised. But that's interesting - some women do not have them! It is only natural that the question arises as to why irritability arises in pregnancy and whether it is possible to cope with it. This is exactly what we will talk about today.

How does this happen?

Pregnant women often change their mood,there are incomprehensible outbursts of anger, from which the closest and most loved person suffers - the husband. The husband, worrying for his beloved woman, is patiently demolishing everything, hoping that tomorrow will be easier. However, the next day, everything again repeats itself in the usual sequence. First scream and hysteria, and then tears and feelings of guilt. And as if a pregnant woman did not try to control herself, she was not doing it well. And what's the most interesting! Most often, a pregnant woman does not change her behavior at work. Sometimes even on the contrary - it becomes more balanced and calm. But it's worth it to come home and any little thing can make her mad. Some begin to blame the second mat in their poor health, some unpleasant sensations, a changed figure. Psychologists believe that this is how the future mother tries to attract attention and show her how hard it is and how much responsibility she has on her shoulders in these months. And in most cases it happens on a subconscious level and the woman herself does not understand why she behaves this way. irritability in pregnancy

Psychological factor

So, how to insure against irritabilityduring pregnancy? And how to cope with it, if you did not manage to avoid the problem? First, consider the psychological aspect of the problem. Psychologists give some simple, but very effective advice.

  • Do not talk!

First, after learning about pregnancy, it is not necessaryshare your good news with everyone in a row. Of course, your desire to share joy with the whole world is quite natural. However, take your time - this can cause a whole wave of negativity! Suppose one of your relatives or friends is convinced that you are not yet ready for motherhood. Naturally, they will try to dissuade you in every possible way from this "bad idea". Of course, such "good advice" can not not cause in you outrage and resentment, which means psychological stress! Well, if the situation develops on the contrary? This also happens very often. Everyone is so happy that this topic becomes the main one for all conversations. Careful grandmothers, moms and girlfriends, trying to prepare you for all the upcoming difficulties and problems, give you so much information, most of which you still do not need, that peace of mind is very difficult to maintain. And, unfortunately, this information is not always positive. In most cases, these stories are the usual "horror stories" about various complications and pathologies that you absolutely do not need now and cause you negative emotions and unnecessary fears. And they are already enough for a pregnant woman. Of course, for a long time to hide your pregnancy is unlikely to happen - sooner or later the tummy will "give out" your interesting position. But even then you should not support numerous conversations about your pregnancy. And even more so do not let them scare you. Even from the best of motives!

  • Tips for the relatives of a future mother

A lot depends on close people - husband,parents, mother-in-law. At the unconscious level, the expectant mother always feels anxiety for her baby, even if the pregnancy is perfect. So do not forget to remind the woman that everything is going fine and nothing has happened. Indeed, it is the feeling of calmness and security that will prevent a future mother from becoming neurotic and hysterical. Sometimes there is another situation where a woman wants to be in the center of attention and that the whole world would revolve around her. Her own pregnancy is positioned as a seriously leaking disease, forcing the surrounding people to immediately respond to the slightest whim. And with insufficient, in their opinion, the amount of attention comes into a rage and indignation. Psychologists say that most often this behavior is inherent in modest, not realized in life women with low self-esteem. This is how they try to feel their importance and the love of the people around them, at least these nine months. And they do it with special zeal. And it is hardly possible to reproach them for such behavior. Moreover - subconsciously, a woman wants to see the pregnancy run as hard as possible. She is not a masochist - she just wants to cause the surrounding people to have as much sympathy as possible. And, as a consequence, she herself begins to sincerely believe in her, often far-fetched, problems. And considering that the woman's body during pregnancy is completely reconstructed and becomes more sensitive to the emotional background, pregnancy proceeds with various complications. But sometimes you can see a different, very sad picture - the surrounding people do not give any indulgence to a pregnant woman, regardless of her position. And pay attention - it's not surprising, but in most cases, it's not the husbands who behave this way! They obediently and staunchly endure all the fancies and whims of the future mother. And the above line of behavior is inherent in the older generation of women - most often mothers. After all, they gave birth during the rebuilding and crisis, when it was not necessary to talk about any help and support. And they are frankly irritated by the state of the daughter-in-law. Especially in the case when the relationship with the daughter-in-law is not so smooth. In this case, the husband should not just calmly endure periodic nervous breakdowns (which will necessarily be in this situation), but also show sufficient tact to protect his beloved woman from "caring" relatives. irritability and pregnancy

Physiological factor

For nine months of pregnancy the woman is changingnot only externally. In addition, serious physiological and hormonal changes occur. Which, in turn, directly affect the mood of the future mother - she is experiencing a very strong irritation, then causeless joy, and even completely crying for no reason at all.

  • Changing the hormonal background

Probably, it's not a secret for a long time already thatany hormonal adjustment inevitably leads to emotional instability and irritability - this is exactly what happens during pregnancy. And most often this irritability is observed in the first trimester of pregnancy and a few weeks before childbirth. With this state, it's almost impossible to do, so you just have to endure it.

  • The physical condition of the expectant mother

It is impossible to write off the fact thata pregnant woman is gaining a lot of kilograms, her back often hurts, her legs swell, hemorrhoids develop. She is difficult to walk, sit, lie. Even getting out of bed is a problem, not to mention fastening your shoes or washing the floors. But despite this, and during pregnancy a woman should work, do housework at home, take care of household members. And the poor woman spins the whole day like a squirrel in a wheel. And then I wonder: why do I get so irritated so often? It is very important that those around you are fully aware of how difficult it is to be in this period. Any, even the most insignificant help to a woman during pregnancy will be simply priceless.

Do not rush things

Most husbands are looking forward tothe long-awaited moment of appearance of crumbs to light. So - as they naively believe, the return of the former wife: the same affectionate, gentle and balanced, as before. Remember that this "beast", like postpartum depression, has not been canceled yet. Fearfully? Well, no one promised that it would be easy! We advise you to read: