what to see in Berlin When it comes to European cities thatI would like to visit, you can not forget about Berlin. This is the third most popular city after Paris and London, where people from all over the world are eager to travel. And not surprising! Berlin has a special aura inherent only in it. The first impression of him is a gothic, gray city, with leaden clouds that visually add gloom. But as soon as the sun peeps out from behind the clouds, Berlin is transformed from a gloomy megacity into a bright, stylish and incredibly attractive city! Let's try to figure out what is his secret, and at the same time orient, what to see in Berlin.

East Berlin

The main and most beautiful attractionBerlin is a magnificent Tiergarten park (Tiergarten - from it's "zoo"), located in the heart of Berlin. Its area is 210 hectares, and in well-groomed and clean glades hares run about and proud birds swagger. Berliners adore jogging in the park and riding bicycles. In general, according to the number of bicyclists, Berlin will give odds to any European city, this is the most popular means of transportation for local residents. The cars are quite small even at rush hour, so no one ever waits for a green traffic light if there are no cars nearby and everyone crosses the street to a red light. what to see in Berlin tourist advice Through the Tiergarten Park passes several majormotor roads, one of which - "Street June 17" (German Straße des 17. Juni) - you can go to the Brandenburg Gate, the main symbol of Germany. On the way you will find a memorial dedicated to those who died in the battles for Berlin Russian soldiers. In May, when the lilac blossoms throughout the city and the delicious aroma spreads in the air, this heart is particularly grating ... The Reichstag is located not far from the Brandenburg Gate, in which the German Federal Government - the Bundestag - has been sitting since 1999. On May 1, 1945, the Soviet banner was hoisted above the Reichstag. Every tourist who comes to Berlin, must visit this historic place. Just a few meters from the Reichstag there is one of the branches of the famous Madame Tussauds museum, which presents about eighty exhibits in eight theme halls. The exhibition is made with great taste, and you will have the opportunity to take a picture with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, play the drum set with Bono and touch David Beckham's press! The admission ticket costs 20 euros; A little expensive, of course, but it's worth it! what can you see in Berlin From the museum the road takes you to the famous squareAlexander Platz (German Alexanderplatz), in the middle of which towers a beautiful TV tower. Climbing its observation deck, you will admire Berlin from a bird's eye view, you can see the difference between the democratic eastern part of the city and the more bourgeois western part. Even the color of houses is very different. On the famous street Unter den Linden (German under the linden tree), which is perhaps the main street in Berlin, you can rest in one of the many cafes. Its name is due to the numerous lindens that were planted throughout the street in the seventeenth century. Here are fashionable shops and large banks, and in the eye rushes a completely unique mixture of the classic style of old mansions and buildings of glass and concrete. At the beginning of the street is a slightly pompous building of the Russian embassy, ​​a little further - the building of the State Opera and the oldest university in Germany named Humboldt, in which Hegel studied and taught 27 Nobel Prize winners. Berlin amazes with its academic character, and at the same time it is very modern! You can quench your intellectual hunger on the Museum Island (German Museumsinsel), which includes a whole constellation of famous Berlin museums and which attracts tourists and connoisseurs of art from all over the world. The pearls of this place are the Old and New Museums, which opened in the late nineteenth century. In addition to them, there are three other museums on the Museum Island: the Old National Gallery, the Bode Museum and the building of the Pergamon Museum. You can buy a single ticket to visit all the museums and slowly enjoy the great works of art. Especially distinguished by its green roof Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) - the largest Protestant church in Germany and one of the most impressive buildings in the center of Berlin. what to see in Berlin for tourists And very near there is a fashionable place underthe name of the Hackesche Höfe (German Hackesche Höfe), is a whole complex of small closed courtyards. Diving into a small arch, you suddenly fall into a place where the spirit of creativity and fun is concentrated! Numerous cozy coffee houses have become a haven of creative youth; from a variety of fashionable, but expensive author's clothes, eyes run in small, cozy shops. Here everyone feels light and somehow joyfully! Another highlight of Berlin, of course, is the Tacheles. Once in this sacred place with Friedrichstrasse (German Friedrichstraße), you are enveloped by the brutal atmosphere of iron and audible from anywhere music in the style of Ramstein. In a fairly small space, there are many workshops, the main characters of which are muscular, severe blacksmiths, ringing the anvil with a hammer and making another marginal masterpiece. Located in the Lindenstraße district, the Jewish Museum attracts a huge number of visitors, having visited it, people come out from there extremely sad and thoughtful. The museum is made in such a way that it is instantly lost not only in space, but also in time. The exhibition is devoted to the history of the life and suffering of the Jewish people, and the incomprehensible tinkling sounds coming from somewhere add oppression to the mood. Coming closer, the origin of strange sounds becomes clear: the floor of a huge gloomy corridor is lined with round iron disks, which publish this terrible sound if you follow them. And when you look closely, you understand that these disks symbolize ... human faces. Very strong feeling! If you are interested in the question of what else you can see in Berlin, go to Potsdamer Platz (Potsdamer Platz). There is the Museum of Cinema, in which the Berlin Film Festival is held every year. This grandiose exhibition makes an indelible impression by the fact that all rooms are made of mirrors, and it seems that you are walking through the air. Throughout the halls you are greeted by huge screens that show a retrospective of the famous black and white films, and, of course, a special place is given to the film star of those years - Marlene Dietrich.

West Berlin

The most famous sight of the Westpart of Berlin is the castle Charlottenburg (German Charlottenburg), which in the seventeenth century was the residence of the wife of King Frederick I, Sophia Charlotte of Hanover. Often this magnificent castle is called the German Versailles, although there is nothing of French elegance in it. The territory is divided into a chic park, in which it is so wonderful to walk and reflect on the eternal. As is known, in 1945, as a result of the storming by Soviet troops, Berlin was divided into four occupation zones. The eastern part of Berlin became the capital of the GDR, and the other three divided between the authorities of the United States, Britain and France. In August 1961, the GDR authorities began erecting a wall that separated West Berlin from the GDR, and later became a symbol of the Cold War. In November 1989, the wall was broken, and only a small part of it with a length of one and a half kilometers reminds about that time. Since then, the surviving part of the Berlin Wall has been covered with graffiti by artists from all over the world, many creative people come to see and draw inspiration from it. And of course, being in Berlin it's impossible not to visit the famous Berlin Zoo all over the world! A variety of fauna representatives comfortably settled on a large and well-groomed territory, where the Berliners with great pleasure come with their children. That's it, the city of Berlin! Striking at first sight and giving unforgettable impressions. In a word - different. We hope that you liked this story from the series "What to see in Berlin: tips for the tourist", and we will continue to introduce you to other countries and cities. But it will be a little later! We advise you to read: