stonehenge The island, proudly fenced off from the continentthe English Channel and the Pas-de-Calais, is small in area. But it's not for nothing that it is called "Great Britain": the history of the island is full of greatness. Few countries can compare with the United Kingdom on the impact on the development of European civilization. No wonder that the sights of Britain and the monuments of history and culture located here aspire to see millions of tourists. It is difficult to grasp the immensity. To be imbued with the spirit of Britain, one must live here. But even a brief acquaintance with the sights of Great Britain will give the curious traveler a lot of unforgettable impressions. The main thing is to choose from the long list of interesting places the most attractive and well-planned route. Westminster Abbey

Proud England, London and other cities

England is the most significant part of the areaUnited Kingdom. It is here that the capital of the state is located: populous London, the first of England's sights. Tourists adore wandering the streets of the historic part of the city, where every stone breathes the antiquity. The royal dungeon, the dismal Tower, still remembers its crowned prisoners. Walking along the Tower Bridge, it's so easy to imagine historical events familiar to you from school years. In Buckingham Palace and now lives a royal family. Tourists can see how the royal doggies are walking in the garden, how the brave guardsmen in the famous bear hats are replaced at the guard post. And to hear how the ancient clock will break through the magnificent tower of Big Ben, guarding the walls of Westminster Abbey ... Tourists are happy to visit the new quarters of London City, where you can see the real masterpieces of modern architecture. The list of London attractions includes:

  • St Paul's Cathedral;
  • Trafalgar Square;
  • The famous ferris wheel, called the London Eye;
  • Wembley Stadium.

Lovers of nature and animals will gain weightthe pleasure of visiting the London Zoo, one of the best in the world. Noteworthy are the gardens and parks of London, for centuries brought to perfection by the hands of masters of landscape art. The museums of London deserve special mention. This is the National Gallery and the British Museum, the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. The Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Tea and Coffee offers the most interesting expositions. And lovers of shopping must look into the Harrods store, which, according to Londoners, has almost everything. If, of course, the appearance of tourists will meet the strict rules of this unique trade institution. Outside of London, it is worth visiting the Windsor Castle with its magnificent parks - the summer residence of the royal family. A distance of one and a half hours by train, not far from Salisbury, stands a silent group of Paleolithic megaliths - the world-famous Stonehenge. In Lincoln, the attention of travelers is attracted by the majestic Gothic cathedral, and in the seaside Brighton it is impossible to escape the beautiful Royal Maritime Pavilion. In Stratford is worth visiting the Shakespeare Museum, and in Oxford and Cambridge - university complexes. In the county of Nottinghamshire, it is pleasant to wander along the paths of the most famous woodland in Europe: the Sherwood forest. However, the sights of England - this is only part of the cultural and natural wealth of Britain. Wembley Stadium

Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

The country of proud mountaineers and whiskey is quite differenta harsh climate. In Edinburgh, tourists are happy to visit the Whiskey Museum, the buildings of the ancient university, the royal residence Holyroodhouse, hovering over the city of Edinburgh Castle. In Glasgow, the cathedral Gothic cathedral, the Transport Museum and the magnificent Botanical Garden deserve attention. But this is where the sights of Great Britain end. In the northeastern part of Wales, travelers can marvel at the ancient, active and still navigable aqueduct of Pontkisillte. On the territory of Northern Ireland is worth visiting an amazing natural monument - the stone road of the Giants, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if you overcome the water space to the Orkney Islands, you can see the ancient and mysterious Tomb of the Eagles, discovered not so long ago by archaeologists. Ancient people lived in this unfriendly land, prayed to their harsh gods and sacrificed eagles for them. Such conclusions were made by scientists on the basis of the conducted researches. And on the island of Jersey operates a wonderful zoo, founded by the famous zoologist and writer Gerald Darrel. The zoo, which contains rare and endangered species of animals and birds, is rightly considered one of the most curious sights of Britain. Britain is rich in stunning beauty with ancient castles and palaces that make up most of its sights. But to see them, you usually have to deviate a little from the trampled tourist routes.